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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yesterday's "Welfare Queen" is replaced today with "teacher"

Americans for Prosperity launches a bus tour across Wisconsin in support of Governor Walker

First Amendment under attack in Wisconsin

Badgering the Republican Right in Wisconsin

Dane County Sheriff Mahoney: won't be palace guards - video

The Nation: Why Wisconsin sheriff refuses to serve as Governor Walker's palace guard

The unbreakable culture of occupied Capitol

UW Milwaukee students to take part in National Day of Action

Governor's budget item by item

Video of Senator Grothman encounter with protesters - video

Republican Senator Grothman not scared by confrontation with protesters

Missing Senators to be fined $100 per day

Resolution highlights: fines senators absent 2 consecutive days w/o leave $100 per day, ends direct deposit, empties office expense accounts, and cancels parking for their staff for the rest of the biennium.

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