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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Update on United Wisconsin recall efforts

Last night, Vivian Creekmore and I attended the organizational meeting for United Wisconsin. This group started out as a Facebook page and has grown overwhelmingly in a few weeks. Here is a recap of the meeting.

There were about 120 of us there last night. Michael Brown, Founder, gave his Bio, where the pledges were that point, and then we broke into groups to brainstorm on how to effectively create and implement a ground game. Great ideas flowed.

A Steering Committee was formed, along with a few other groups. Volunteers/Events, Marketing/PR, Legal, Financial and IT.

United Wisconsin is a not-for-profit group, and a registered PAC. It is one of 3 groups that is in the process of collecting "pledges" to recall Gov. Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch. As of last night, United Wisconsin alone have collected over 158,000 online pledges. Now for the ground game.

Wisconsin's Constitution requires an elected official hold office for 1 year before any recall can be filed. When signing a pledge you are not actually signing/online the official recall petitions. United Wisconsin and the other groups are coordinating efforts to collect these pledges to form a database of names that we can contact once the official petitions can be signed. This way we can qualify each of the pledges between now and then to make sure they are valid voters. On or around November 3rd, which is 60 days from the 1 year anniversary of Walker's innauguration, those that signed will be contacted about where, when and how to sign the official recall petitions.

I am the state volunteer coordinator, so if you or anyone else wants to volunteer to help with the ground game, please contact me. I am in the process of scheduling 2 meetings for next week, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. This will be to explain the process, and what needs to be done for United Wisconsin and to secure volunteers!

Stay tuned for more details. You can also email me at

Thanks! In Solidarity!

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