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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Prossergate: Day 6

Thursday night news round up

WI Citizens for Election Protection

We’ll soon feel impact of of governor's budget pen -- GazetteXtra

Softball with Paul Ryan - Home Page Videos - Video Player :: Local Vision TV

MPS Announces Most Layoffs In District's History

Alberta Darling and Scott Walker Fundraiser Protest at Milwaukee Athletic Club

Support the Recall of Gov. Scott Walker in Nov. 2012

State Sen. Darling & State Rep. Pasch ready for a heated summer campaign

Madison Moon Walker.MP4

Update on the Memorial Union and Disability Harassment!! « segwayjeremy

Stimulus funding sparks expansion at Waukesha Electric Systems - BizTimes

U.S. senators concerned by photo ID requirement to vote

Taking Back Wisconsin is having a Potluck and Status Update Meeting tomorrow at the picnic shelter in Brittingham Park. The meeting will cover plans moving FORWARD this summer. Pre-meeting potluck will start at 5:30pm and the meeting will start at 6:30pm. Sen. Mark Miller and Rep. Kelda Helen Roys will be in attendance.
For more information and to RSVP go to:

Senator Hansen’s General Election is just 19 days away! | Taking Back Wisconsin

Hold legislators accountable for their state budget votes

From UK

WEAC sues over law giving Walker power over DPI rules - JSOnline

From Senator Jon Erpenbach:
"Free ID Card to VOTE Starts Friday July 1st- The WI DOTwill begin to issue free state issued identification cards to any eligible voter that makes the request for the free ID “for purposes of voting”. If you are a regular voter that does not have a valid driver’s license or a current state issue identification you may want to take the opportunity to receive that free identification card soon."
Obtaining an ID card - Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Lawsuit, Teacher Layoffs Follow Wisconsin Budget Signing

Dear Local Official...  Read this:

Kim Simac's running from radical views - The Northwoods River News - Rhinelander, Wisconsin

The Political Environment: For Wisconsin Jobless, Is Alberta Darling The Bad Cop Again?

"I am here to represent your voice so you can all hear what you have to say"
Stephen Colbert Wins Super PAC At FEC (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert Wins PAC Approval—Without Destroying Political Cash Laws

Elected officials expressing opinions?  That would be setting a dangerous precedent!
Janesville City Council discusses code of ethics -- GazetteXtra

The Republican Plan

Time for repeal - JSOnline

Commentary: Why I voted against Walker's attack on the middle class

Recall Election Dates are Set! | Autonomous Solidarity Organization

UK Strikes: 750,000 Set to Down Tools in Biggest Day of Industrial Action Since the 1980s

Unions: We are not going to be silent | Defend Wisconsin

GOP candidate in Senate recall faces domestic violence allegations | Defend Wisconsin

Democratic Senators urge Justice Department to investigate photo ID requirements | Defend Wisconsin

Just so we're all clear...Chart: Republicans reject their own ideas

Speakout! Milwaukee

Daily Kos: Government Accountability Board...Accountable to Whom?

No Rest for the Wicked

Sly In The Morning: Phil Walzak of DPW: Why radicals like Alberta Darling have to go

State blocks plans to apply for federal health grants - JSOnline

Wisconsin Assembly 48th District primary candidate intro: Vicky Selkowe - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Why I am dropping the Wisconsin State Journal - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Daily Kos: WI Governor Walker's Policies Actually Failing To Produce Jobs

Sly In The Morning: John Nichols: The decline of Madison media and the recalls

Sly In The Morning: John Matthews: Why Madison teachers support Vicky Selkowe for Assembly

The Right to Collectively Bargain - Blogging Blue – Blogging Liberally in the Badger State

John Nichols: State poised to renew progressive legacy this summer

Wisconsin Redux: Clark, We Need You!

Carl Gibson vs. Glenn Grothman, 6.29.11.  Isn't it now considered standard operating procedure to hold a cell phone to your ear to avoid speaking to people?


We thought you might be interested in this important email from former representative David Obey.

Dear John,

What's happening in Madison is unlike anything I've seen in my career in politics.

Scott Walker and his allies embrace the cruel, selfish philosophy of Ayn Rand, which is devoid of any social responsibility.

At a time when we need our leaders to work together to solve our serious problems, Walker and his allies have pushed an extreme agenda that slashes millions from education, makes it harder for seniors, students, and minorities to vote, and strips away collective bargaining rights from thousands of workers—all while handing massive tax breaks to corporate special interests.

It's critical that we support the recall of Gov. Walker in November 2012. That's why I created a petition to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, which says:

"By joining with people from across the political spectrum and signing this petition today, you can show your early support for this historic undertaking and send a message to Gov. Scott Walker that we won't stand idly by and tolerate his attack on Wisconsin values anymore."

Will you sign the petition? Click here to add your name, and then pass it along to your friends:


–David Obey

The text above was written by former representative David Obey, not by MoveOn staff, and MoveOn is not responsible for the content. This email was sent through MoveOn's secure system, and your information has been kept private. This email is part of a new effort to pass on critical updates from other progressive groups. David Obey didn't pay for this—we never rent or sell the list.

Round Up special: Songs of Wisconsin Protests (with UPDATES)

Wisconsin "Budget Repair Bill" Protest - Arcade Fire

‪Wisconsin "Budget Repair Bill" Protest Pt 2  - Mumford & Sons

‬‏‪Wisconsin Protests - Powerful Video - Coldplay

‪Dropkick Murphys - Take Em Down (Wisconsin Protests)
‬‏‬‏‪Ifihadahifi - Imperial Walker‬‏

‬‏‪Scott Walker (Agent of Satan)

‬‏‪Scott Walker Original Protest Song‬‏

‪Wisconsin protest We Shall Overcome‬‏

‪Big Bad Boy up in Mad City

‬‏‪Budget Repair Protest Song Kazoo Man Madison WI

‬‏‪Bon Iver - Wisconsin (Bonus Track)

‬‏‪Tom Morello - World Wide Rebel Songs Live in Madison, Wisconsin

‪Scott Walker Protest Song- Walk

‪Scott Walker Protest Song - Walk - Madison, Wisconsin Protest

‬‏‪Les Misérables protest song in Madison capital (Flash mob)

‬‏‪Hey, Governor Walker!


‬‏‪Wisconsin Protest Song (If You Can Sleep With Open Eyes)

‬‏‪Gov. Walker Rewrites Wisconsin Fight Song

‬‏‪Wisconsin Protest with Songs by David Rovics

‬‏‪"Born In Wisconsin" - Marianne

‬‏‪American Truthicide - original song

‬‏‪Governor Walker Protest Song‬‏
‬‏‪Wake Up Children

‬‏‪Wisconsin Protest Song

‬‏‪Kill This Bill (Hey Governor Scott Walker) Protest Song

‬‏‪Madison Protest Song by Craig Bruesewitz

‪Madison protesters sing "Soon and Very Soon...They Will All Be Recalled"‬‏
‬‏‪David Sewell - Mr. Walker (A Wisconsin Protest Song)

‬‏‪Fuck You (Scott Walker)

‬‏‪Hang On Wisconsin - Doug Kwartler

‬‏‪"Jump Start" Melissa Czarnik - A Song for Wisconsin & Worker's Rights

‬‏‪"Thank 'Em (Unions and Teachers) - Wisconsin Labor Movement, Feb. 2011

‬‏‪Firefighters - Amazing Grace - Inside Wisconsin State Capitol Feb 25

‬‏‪Solidarity Forever at the Wisconsin capitol

‬‏‪Tell me what democracy looks like! THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!

‬‏‪Wisconsin Protest Song against the Budget Repair Bill

‬‏‪14 Senators - a song by Ken Lonnquist (written 2-18-2011)

‬‏‪In America (Madison Outcry Version) - Wisconsin Union Protest Song

‪Day 7 Music pt 1‬‏
‪Day 7 Music pt 2‬‏

‪Day 7 Music pt 3

‬‏‪Day 7 Music pt 4‬‏

‪Day 7 Music pt 5

‬‏‪Day 7 Music pt 6

‬‏‪On Wisconsin AFSCME‬‏


Prossergate: Day 5

Justice Prosser's temper being questioned - TODAY'S TMJ4

Thursday morning news round up

Democracy is Coming to Ohio: 1.3 Million Voters Force Referendum to Restore Labor Rights | The Nation

Photo of the semi truck that delivered 1.3 million signatures to Ohio's Secretary of State.  They only needed 231,000 signatures to put Ohio's new collective bargaining ban to a referendum vote in November.

Monologues of Dissent - blog's Facebook page

New twist, the Voter ID law eliminated the ability of the GAB to appoint people to register voters statewide, the good news is you can still be appointed by your local municipality to register voters in your municipality for free! In Madison it's as easy as watching a 10 min video and mailing in a short form with three questions. Check out for details and join the fight for democracy today!

Wisconsin Public Radio - Display Audio Archives - Mary Bell talks on WPR about anti-rights law and moving forward

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Editorial: Eight myths to chill an old-school Republican soul

By the Editorial Board (St. Louis Post Dispatch)| Posted: Sunday, June 26, 2011 12:00 am

When Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., quit the (no longer) bipartisan deficit-reduction talks last week, it was not exactly a "Profiles in Courage" moment.

Serious deficit reduction can't be — and shouldn't be — accomplished without taxincreases and broad elimination of tax expenditures, which would have the effect of raising taxes. The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform last year acknowledged that.

But taxincreases, in whatever guise, fail the current Republican purity laws. Mr. Cantor, who will be running for reelection next year, understands that very well. So does Mr. Kyl, who won't seek reelection in 2012 — though he's generously offered himself as a vice presidential nominee.

It's sad to see what has happened to the Party of Lincoln, and for that matter, the party of lesser mortals like George H.W. Bush of Texas, Bob Dole of Kansas and Jack Danforth of Missouri. No one ever would mistake them for liberals, but they were statesmen who put country before party.

Today we have the spectacle of smart, patriotic men and women putting their brains and integrity on ice to please a party dominated by anti-intellectual social Darwinists and the plutocrats who finance and mislead them.

Consider the mythology that makes up GOP orthodoxy today. Imagine the contortions that cramp the brains and souls of men and women of intelligence and compassion who seek state and national office under the Republican banner.

• They must believe, despite the evidence of the 2008 financial collapse, that unregulated — or at most, lightly regulated —financial markets are good for America and the world.

• They must believe in the brilliantly cast conceit known as the "pro-growth agenda," in which economic growth can be attained only by reducing corporate and individual tax rates, especially among the investor class, and by freeing business from environmental rules that have cleaned up America's air and water and labor regulations that helped create America's middle class.

• Though rising health care costs are pillaging the economy, and even though health care in America is now a matter of what you can afford, Republican candidates for office must deny that health care is a basic right and resist a real attempt to change and improve the system.

• GOP candidates must scoff at scientific consensus about global warming. Blame it on human activity? Bad. Cite Noah's Ark as evidence? Good. They must express at least some doubt about the science of evolution.

• They must insist, statistics and evidence to the contrary, that most of the nation's energy needs can be met safely with more domestic oil drilling, "clean-coal" technology and greater reliance on perfectly safe nuclear power plants.

• They must believe that all 11.2 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States can be rounded up, detained, tried, repatriated and kept from returning at a reasonable cost.

• Even though there are more than four unemployed persons for every available job, GOP candidates should at least hint that unemployment benefits keep people from seeking jobs.

• They must believe that the Founding Fathers wanted to guarantee individuals the absolute right to own high-capacity, rapid fire weapons that did not exist in the late 18th century.

By no means is this list complete. It almost makes you feel sorry for the people who pretend to believe this stuff. Almost.

Wednesday morning news round up

Bewley, Ringhand To Introduce Craft Brewery Legislation | Ashland Current

Indiana's bumpy road to privatization

March to Defend Tenants' Rights and Local Control

Walker Protest In New York

UPDATE: Wisconsin Assembly Passes Concealed Carry Bill

Daily Kos: WI Recall: New Daily Kos polling shows path to victory

The News From Eau Claire: ..And Then They Came for our Beer

Total Recall: Redistricting and Republican Primaries

This is What Public Education Looks Like! A Zine Call for Submissions

Dear Governor Walker,

A Very Special Evening with Arlo Guthrie

Protests a mixed bag for Madison-area businesses

Wisconsin Wants to Repeal Child Labor Laws, Too | Care2 Causes

Letter to the Wisconsin solidarity movement: Where we go from here - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Pasch wants debates with Darling - JSOnline

Ron Johnson's Big Business Tax Loopholes

Pocan, Vos friendship rare in today's polarized Wisconsin legislature - Isthmus | The Daily Page

A "Warm" New York Welcome for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

John Nygren files complaint against Government Accountability Board

On pay for fired Milwaukee police officers, Darling does full reversal

'Bring Back Wisconsin to Me'

Solidarity Sing Along June 28, 2011

A Day At Devils Lake With Scott Walker 6-25-11

Dueling sing-a-longs in the Capital City

Green Bay School Board members apologize to teachers | Green Bay Press Gazette | 

Walker fundraising email

Fighting for Wisconsin

March to Defend Tenants' Rights and Local Control

Appleton Board of Education approves contract extension | Appleton Post Crescent |

Wisconsin Teachers React To Gov. Scott Walker's Newly-Signed Budget

What Leadership is all about: New York State of Mind – Rights not Rites

John Nichols: Mark Pocan stands for Wisconsin values — and against Walker’s unbalanced budget

Ron Johnson Ducks TPM Questions On His $10 Million Payday: 'It's A Private Company'

Collective bargaining

From the Wisconsin Brewers Guild:

In The Know: Coal Lobby Warns Wind Farms May Blow Earth Off Orbit

CHART: States That Cut The Most Spending Have Lost The Most Jobs

Madison - Liam Gerner - (Official Music Video)

Recall candidate paid off back child support last month - JSOnline

Angry Redneck Liberal

Walker still pushing for a public authority model of the UW system | Defend Wisconsin

Governor Walker Discusses Balanced Budget on MSNBC's Morning Joe

The Maddow Blog - This is what unpopular looks like (#Florida and #Wisconsin edition)

Scott Walker's Self-Serving Revisionism

Report wants quality jobs over quantity

America Votes

Johnson Has Yet To Produce Written $10M Compensation Agreement

Recall candidate has long court record - JSOnline

ALEC Letter to Scott Walker Exposes Influence, Denial « Badger Democracy

Excellent Letter to Kwik-Trip re Kwik-Trip's owner's Recent Contributions to Kapanke.

Dave Blaska’s dud sing-a-long

Prossergate: Day 4

More Details Emerge in Wisconsin’s ‘Chokegate’ - National Review

Van Susteren Attacks Victim Of Alleged Attack By Conservative WI Justice Prosser

Dane sheriff removes himself from Bradley investigation

2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court True Vote Analysis « Richard Charnin's Blog

Waukesha County – Prosser, Jensen, Nickolaus in Corruption, Inc. « Badger Democracy

Sly In The Morning: John Nichols talks Supreme Court "reform"

Sly In The Morning: Talking Prosser with Dane County Sups. Dianne Hesselbein and Melissa Sargent

Sly In The Morning: David Prosser is the problem, not democracy

Alleged Wisconsin Supreme Court 'Chokehold' Incident Could Be Decided By...Wisconsin Supreme Court

Prosser Should Resign

WI state Sen. Lena Taylor: Justice Prosser should 'consider resigning'

Court watchers say high court has hit new low

Call for Prosser Step Aside - SHARE --> copy--> paste --> print --> sign --> mail to Justice Prosser

Justice Ann Walsh Bradley-We support you 100% press charges against Prosser

Prosser releases statement on Dane County investigation - TODAY'S TMJ4

Janesville - Rock County: Justice Suggested To Prosser "Get Help" After Incident

Justice Prosser was asked to get help for anger, sources say -

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday morning news round up

"Without Unions America Would Red, White, & Blow!" - MOC#54

Get Well Soon Wisconsin Unions - Facebook event

Walker says he should have prepared public earlier for his sweeping changes - JSOnline

Recall candidate has long court record - JSOnline

8 Signs Your Governor Has a Koch Problem | AFL-CIO NOW BLOG

Defending Wisconsin PAC

Support the Solidarity Hunger Strikers

A trip to Kramer's office and Battle of the Sing Along!!!

United Wisconsin Event suggestions

Governor signs budget at Ashwaubenon manufacturer

A 3-year-old's opinion of Governor Scott Walker

U.S. accuses New Berlin of racial bias in housing decision - JSOnline

The day conservatives came to sing. June 27, 2011

For Union Members, Public or Private, It’s Work

Guest post: Thoughts on Being Part of the Wisconsin Movement | This is What Democracy Looks Like 

Janesville - Rock County: Drunkest State About to Get Two Hours Drunker

Capitol sing-alongs: Conservatives take over Rotunda, more join Solidarity singers outside - Isthmus

GOP's secret redistricting map: Think They Will Draw Joe Knilans Home Into District

GAB Won't Allow Republican On Recall Ballot

Protest Alberta Darling and Scott Walker

Will You Be Packing Heat? - Home Page Videos - Video Player :: Local Vision TV

Terrible Tale: Governor Scott Walker Writes Lies | Politics Report

Wisconsin - video

Onion calls it: Deficit-Wracked Maryland Calls It Quits

Walker: Should have spent more time selling collective-bargaining law - JSOnline

Top Ten Worst Items in Scott Walker's Radical Budget

Walker Ignores Voters, Signs Radical Budget - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog

Wineke: Wisconsin Would Likely Reject Gay Marriage Ban Today

Just because its fun: Actual News Headlines Vs. Fox News Headlines

John Nichols: Walker’s pay-to-play state budget

The Political Environment: GOP Budget Cuts Energy Conservation Program

Defaming Wisconsin, Desecrating Democracy

Judge Milwaukee educational outcomes on the facts - JSOnline

Letters: Stand up for state workers, not CEOs | Appleton Post Crescent |

Trapping program proposed for county park lands

Sly In The Morning: Walker: Time To Turn The Page

WI Governor Scott Walker Budget Signing Protest Green Bay 6.26.11 # 2

International Unions Choose Wisconsin to begin work on Global Campaign - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog

Republicans Use Budget to Decrease Accountability, Transparency - Senator Chris Larson

Walker, Taylor Discuss Budget On 12 News

Walker veto will allow Pres House to remain tax-exempt

Fitzgerald brothers a powerful force in Wisconsin politics - JSOnline

Prossergate: Day 3 Video Player - Senator Taylor on the Ed Show tonight speaking on Prossergate

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lies, Historical Revisionism, and What to Watch Out For

I have been blogging recently about Ayn Rand and Objectivism. When you engage Karl Rove Techniques, Christian Historical Revisionism and then get ammo from ALEC and other Koch Industry Think Tanks….Wisconsin has some serious problems. The Extreme Right has some serious issues that eliminate the Progressive State we have enjoyed for generations and reveal how they lied to get into office and then followed up with a completely new agenda that is not job creation and it will penalize further the workers, middle class, seniors, and those less fortunate throughout the state.

If you review the basic of Objectivism you can see why it is important for them to revise history and make Joe McCarthy a Hero and teachers, government workers, and Fighting Bob La Follette are now treated as bad guys….and the cause of all your economic woes. ( SourceWatch provides the following link which will take you to the various “grassroot” organizations supported by the Koch Family Foundation. This is important as you continue RECALL work to know who may be in your area while you gather support for your Democratic "New" Senator's campaign.

Among the various funded groups The Cato Institute is often cited by Paul Ryan and other Extreme Right Republicans as truth. In a recent conversation with a fellow Political Junkie I was surprised to hear that he only was reading Progressive and Liberal News and Blogs. He was not familiar with CATO or ALEC and I explained to him that to understand an Extremist view one needs to read what they say and then seek truth with facts to disarm their often fact less opinions. The PublicEye cites informational links to various Conservative Viewpoints so Progressives might evaluate the viewpoints of various issues of the "right" side of the political spectrum. (

Why the Christian Right Distorts History and Why it Matters

Frederick Clarkson writes in part:

...."History is powerful. That's why it is important for the rest of society not only to recognize the role of creeping Christian historical revisionism, but our need to craft a compelling and shared story of American history, particularly as it relates to the role of religion and society. We need it in order to know not how the religious Right is wrong, but to know where we ourselves stand in the light of history, in relation to each other, and how we can better envision a future together free of religious prejudice, and ultimately, religious warfare"…..

A New – and Biblical – Understanding of History

By: Colin Harris

“Quite beyond the short-term historical amnesia that is affecting much public reflection and discourse on a range of issues, especially the condition of the economy, there are good indications that a deeper understanding of our historical foundations is lacking in that conversation.

Our tradition has always been susceptible to a "message in search of a text." If not found, one can impose a current idea on an available one, be it a 19th-century defense of slavery or a 20th-century prohibition of women speaking in church.

And we call what we do both "biblical" and "historical."

Recent efforts to connect contemporary agendas with our nation's founding events and principles have illustrated a practice of historical "proof-texting" that seems somewhat parallel to biblical proof-texting.”

And that becomes the problem dealing with many members of the New Republican Party...They believe "their" revisionist history is correct and accurate.

The following link is available to review on how Propaganda has been used to distort truth. If one knows what to “sniff out” then you will not become another “believer of truth” when what you are being told is not true. Being careful of the Historiography associated with the history one reads is also important. Be wary because the History you read may be revisionist and may even be propaganda.

The following Ming.Tv article discusses the three steps to use the Media as a conduit to push through something that is not true.

Karl Rove media technique consists of 3 steps:
1. Keep the message simple
2. Keep the details secret
3. Never admit you are wrong

The Governor Scott Walker/Fitzgerald/New Republican method used this strategy to implement their “Budget Repair Bill” and tried to convince people it was necessary. Their message:

  1. We're Broke and We Need An Emergency Session
  2. Walker's Team builds a Budget with ALEC for Wisconsin and keeps it secret
  3. Never admit to any errors and keep the process moving quickly
About ALEC’s Tax and Fiscal Policy
The mission of ALEC’s Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force is
to explore policy solutions that reduce excessive government
spending, lower the overall tax burden, enhance
transparency of government operations, and promote
free-market fiscal policies.
Public Sector Chairman: Indiana Sen. Jim Buck

In the Games of the Rich, the Poor Lose

Where are the Christians in economics and finance who dare to think "outside the box" and write the kind of books that Susan George writes, explaining to "ordinary" folk how not to be hoodwinked by the games the rich play?

Here is George's apt summing up of the reigning economic orthodoxy that is playing havoc with God's earth and human lives:

"Every cultivated field must produce a maximum without fallow or rest; every worker must be infinitely flexible; every factory must produce at lowest cost or perish; every bank must out-risk its rivals. Hundreds of millions are excluded because they are 'not productive enough' or 'cost too much.' Hundreds of millions more produce and consume so little that they serve little or no purpose in a capitalist marketplace. They are dispensable or worse; their perceived uselessness is nothing but another drag on the system. As far as the rich are concerned, so long as they accept to do so quietly, they can rot. If they protest, they will be dealt with. The rich can do without them. Our societies are stretched financially, economically, socially, ecologically to the breaking point and we have no shock absorbers."

This is especially true with the Scott Walker team as well as the guiding principal of Paul Ryan. Assure people that you are doing things for their best interests and then try to get it done before they understand it. The speed attempt did not work because the Senate 14 used a filibuster method to slow the process so people could read and understand it and then take appropriate action. One such action was RECALL Senators and organize voters to attempt to unseat a Judicial Renegade…Justice Prosser.

Crossroads GPS a purported “grassroots” advocacy group, have launched a $20 million ad campaign with a focus on Obama's failed policies, overspending, debt and high unemployment. Now some will ask what the following Townhall citing has to do with Wisconsin’s situation. It shows what the Republican side is willing to do once they have distorted the record, create economic theories to support an agenda intended to divert everyday people from the truth. They will launch all sorts of Media Blitzes to tie up the air waves and scuttle elections to keep their seats any way possible. They will gain help from the ALEC think tank as well as the Cato Institute and those listed on Source Watch earlier cited. Watch those ads and see who is sponsoring them and then check them out on Source Watch and you will understand how Revisionist History, Karl Rove Techniques, and coupling it with an often ill-informed Christian Right to attempt to steal the RECALLS with only 20-30% of the vote.$20_million_ad_campaign_launched_against_obama

Now---If you like this review the sources and see if this seems to be the path of the Walker Republicans in Wisconsin.