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Thursday, June 2, 2011

News Round Up is back!

As I wrote about a month ago, there were some things that needed to be done, which forced me to put this project on hold.  Now, as planned, I have my M.S. degree in Communication from UW - Whitewater, and I look forward to providing you with regular news round ups, bringing together news stories about the Wisconsin Protests.  Thanks to my many co-authors who kept the flame going in the meantime.

When I signed off on April 27, we were averaging 1000 visits per day.  I hope that this number can increase 100 times over, and we can help spread the word about what great people of Wisconsin are doing to make sure that the Laboratory of Democracy - Wisconsin - continues to thrive and show others what is possible in a Democracy.

Governors and politicians come and go, but people stay, and for as long as we the people feel that getting involved matters, the rest will take care of itself.  Thanks for your support in helping to reclaim Wisconsin's Progressive roots, and keep on reading, commenting and expressing yourself peacefully and creatively.

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