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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday afternoon news round up

Senate District 10 - Shelly Moore | Wisconsin Senate Democrats

Senate District 12 - Senator Jim Holperin | Wisconsin Senate Democrats

Senate District 14 - Representative Fred Clark | Wisconsin Senate Democrats

Senate District 22: Senator Bob Wirch | Wisconsin Senate Democrats

Senate District 30 - Senator Dave Hansen | Wisconsin Senate Democrats

Wisconsin State Representative Mark Pocan: Debunking the dishonest GOP balanced budget, surplus clai

Wisconsin State Representative Mark Pocan: Representative Pocan summarizes the Republican Budget

The Wisconsin Supreme Court Crisis - Far More Serious Than The Ruling On Walker's Anti-Collective Bargaining Law

When We Win They Will Have To Let Me In

Health Care Reform Champion Tommy Thompson Lies to GOP Donors

Senate District 8 - Representative Sandy Pasch | Wisconsin Senate Democrats

Senate District 2 - Nancy Nusbaum | Wisconsin Senate Democrats

Senate District 32 - Representative Jennifer Shilling | Wisconsin Senate Democrats

Senate District 18 - Jessica King | Wisconsin Senate Democrats

"Send 'Em Packing Rally" -- June 16 at 5:30 pm - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog

Younger People Have The Most Favorable View Of Labor Unions, Older People The Least

Selkowe Endorsed by Wisconsin Professional Police Association

Where's Walker?  Stop Scott Walker

WisPolitics Budget Blog: All eight entrances of Capitol to be open June 27 in settlement of suit over access to building

Meanwhile in Chicago... Stand Up! Chicago: Thousands Rally Against Corporate Greed, 24 People Arrested (PHOTOS)

10pm June 14, 2011: Capitol Wall of Shame

Wisconsin Democrats insist senate recall petition fraud deserves more scrutiny | Defend Wisconsin

Vmix : RAW VIDEO: Mason to Assembly - 'Don't pull the same farce that you pulled in Milwaukee'

Late night passage of Wisconsin budget offers no changes | ThirdCoast Digest

When We Win Wisconsin - First Draft

5:30 pm rally vs. the Budget - photos

Rings true to me: If Fitzwalkerstan were truly conservative

John Nichols: No checks, no balances — kangaroo court upsets rule of law in Fitzwalkerstan

Isthmus live blog: Wisconsin budget moves on to Senate - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Seven Ways Scott Walker and the GOP Are Still Trying to Screw Wisconsin's Poor, Working Class

Wis. worker groups file suit to block budget bill « WRJC Radio – Mauston, Juneau County, Wisconsin

Order | Autonomous Solidarity Organization

Death of Democracy in Wisconsin

WI Lawmakers Attempt at Legitimizing Eminent Domain Abuse Must Be Stopped! | Condemnation Law 

Share the space, Madison Visit Saturday June 18th - Conservatives get together

Wisconsin Absentee Voter Guide | Long Distance Voter - Absentee Ballots

My Countdown to Start Scott Walker Recall day

Loudenbeck votes on state budget -- WCLO

Assembly Passes Budget Overnight

ALEC is even involved in this: NPR: Bail Burden Keeps U.S. Jails Stuffed With Inmates - Democratic U

American Bail Coalition - Dedicated to the long term growth and continuation of the surety bail bond

How the Bail Bond Lobby Keeps Our Jails Packed | News

A goody for cops - JSOnline

WisPolitics Budget Blog: Bogged down on abortion

WisPolitics Budget Blog: "Sheboygan, we have a problem"

Vos takes criticism for budget

Lena Taylor says guns are works of art, votes to put more of them on the streets

WisPolitics Election Blog: DPW to appeal GAB certification of recalls against Dem senators

Amendment Information on Wiscnet

Tommy Thompson rips health care law in talk to GOP donors - JSOnline

Thousands Rally in Response to Supreme Court Decision - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog

The Party of Lincoln Needs To Look In The Mirror | Coffee Party

Assembly GOP Drops Green Bay Private School Scheme After One Wisconsin Now Open Records 

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