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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday night news round up

State leads U.S. with 90.7% graduation rate | Herald Times Reporter |

Russ Feingold Speaking at Walkerville: "This game is not over until we win"

Jorgensen's Journal: Latest Changes Make Budget Plan Even Harder to Swallow

"Wis. Dems say plan will thwart GOP manipulation" by Latest News -- GazetteXtra

State business lobby hypes mining bill that doesn't exist - JSOnline

Resurrecting the Left – Part One of a Possibly Endless Series

The Progressive Identity Crisis – Part 2 of Resurrecting the Left

Wis. Dems Won't Run Fake GOP Candidates -- Will Run Extra Dems Instead

State Budget to be Rushed Through Extraordinary Session | Defend Wisconsin

Wisconsin, A State Of Emergency - A Call To Re-Mobilize - Facebook event

The Assembly Organization Committee has placed the state budget into an "Extraordinary Session" scheduled 11 a.m. Tuesday

Extraordinary Measures for Extraordinary Sessions - Facebook event

Does AT&T Really Own the Wisconsin Legislature? Battle Over WiscNet Continues | community broadband

Attention Fox viewers, this week Walker will manufacture a Wisconsin riot especially for you - blue.

Hansen Kicks Off Campaign

Statement from Jessica King on recall election primaries

Corporate Agenda to be Hidden by Faux News Riot?

March from Walkerville to Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) Monday | Defend Wisconsin

Total Recall: The Donors


Wis. governor, GOP roll back environment standards

ISTHMUS | The Daily Page | 2010 Madison's Favorites Poll

Will the state budget being crafted in Madison do more to hurt Wisconsin residents or to help them?.

Wisconsin State Representative Mark Pocan: Pocan talks about Clean Government and Consumer Protection

Unions (Fox News Special, Sunday 8pm ET) - Stossel's Take Blog -

A nationwide assault on voting rights

WisPolitics DC Wrap: Thompson says he'll talk 2012 Senate race after summer recall election

In the meantime...Walmart Allows Its Workers To Unionize In Other Countries, Just Not In The United States

La Crosse Tribune: Our view: Openness is always the best policy

Senator faces ethics complaint

Get to know the other side: Northwoods Patriots: CALENDAR UPDATE

Wisconsin highway bill riles Sheboygan county officials | Sheboygan Press |

Felons' helpful kin get a pass - JSOnline

Bob Menamin: Roots of Walker’s ideology go way back

State official defends freeze on family care - JSOnline

Key Question For Wis. Dems: To Run Fake Candidates, Or Not?

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