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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Protest News Round Up

WISC-TV reports Capitol balloon netting will come down

Fire Destroys We Are Wisconsin PAC Offices in La Crosse; Recall Efforts Subdued

Daily Kos: We Are Wisconsin HQ destroyed in fire

Wisconsin Republican Party says more than half the nation's job growth in June came from Wisconsin Rated as "Fales" by PolitiFact

Biz Beat: AC on for Walker

Jon Stewart's Teacher Tribute For the Save Our Schools Rally

Damon: "There are millions of us behind you"

Are you a closeted lover of big government?
Maher creates ‘It Gets Better’ video for socialists | Raw Replay

Sam Frederick At the Save Our Schools Rally in Madison - Shame 7-30-11

Update: Building comes down in downtown fire

Fighting Bob Fest

Field the Heat with Bowzer from Sha Na Na @ Noon

Photos from the SOS education rally in Madison, Wisconsin |

One Wisconsin Now: It's You vs. the Koch Brothers in the Recall Fight

Sand mining surges in Wisconsin |

Get Out the Vote Kickoff and Volunteer Appreciation Potluck

Olsen - Anti-Public Participation?

Environmental Protection Agency tells Wisconsin DNR it doesn't meet federal water standards | Green.

America, we present Scott Walker's understudy

Wising up to ALEC: better late than never

Protesting Scott Walker, protesting sweatshop work and demanding rights for the disabled at Opportun

ALEC, Republicans Beat Up On Kids in Special Ed

Walker awards no-bid legal contract to big campaign donor who then bills the state nearly $100,000

Matt Damon Supports Recalling Scott Walker

EXCLUSIVE: Matt Damon Supports Recall Campaign Against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Winning Progressive » Blog Archive » ALEC’s Summer Camp For Kids! Fun and Politics, The Koch Way!

Tea Party Expess defending Wisconsin Senators - Tea Party Express

Republican Senator Wanggaard Pushes Jeremy Ryan!!! SHARE!!!

Daily Kos: WI State Senator Luther Olsen: Baby Daddy?

Recall Opportunities: July 30 and 31 - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog

Fred Clark, Luther Olsen meet for candidate forum | Appleton Post Crescent |

Priebus says RNC 'all in' on recalls - JSOnline

Q And A: Walker Offers Thoughts On Wisconsin Losing High Speed Rail Funds

Walker - failing by his own standard
Nearly $2 Billion in Walker Tax Breaks Won't Keep GE from Moving to China - One Wisconsin Now

Protest Video of the Day: Sam Frederick "Shame"

Congratulations, Wisconsin Protest movement now has a music star and his name is Sam Frederick.  13-year old kid, Sam broke on the scene on February 18, only four days after the protests began with a rough but driven "Walk".  In it, Sam showed incredible potential derived from combination of gifted voice and passionate performance.  These, coupled with substantial talent as a songwriter of powerful lyrics and catchy tune, made an instant statement.

Recorded seemingly almost on a moment's notice, it was clear that "Walk" was a slice of an ongoing creative process not a carefully rehearsed number.  And that makes Sam Frederick even more interesting.

‪Scott Walker Protest Song- Walk‬‏ - YouTube

In early March, Sam Frederick performed "Walk" at a huge rally in front of the Capitol.  Right away his poise, drive and enthusiasm charged up the crowd.  A showman performing rock Wisconsin-style - in the snow - Sam spoke to the crowd of tenths of thousands and then he began to sing.

‪Walk- Scott Walker Protest Song, Madison- Sam Frederick‬‏ - YouTube

While it is a challenge to rock on an acoustic guitar while it is snowing, the effect of Sam's performance was so electrifying, that in the end the crowd chanted "Thank you, Sam!"

And now we get to the Protest Video of the Day, which is a video of Sam Frederick performing on July 30, 2011 at Save Our Schools Rally in Madison.  Since February, Sam's voice and songwriting have both matured and his new song "Shame" just about signals the arrival of the Wisconsin Protests' first pop star.  All things considered, we were due.

This kid is going places.  Sam Frederick looks the part of a teen heartthrob, sounds great and writes tunes that pop so hard, Justin Bieber would love to have "Shame" if he was allowed to do this kind of material.  And that's just the music.  You got to hear the song but without giving anything away, at the end of "Shame", Sam delivers an unmistakable Michael Jackson reference, which is oh, so funny and appropriate.

And for that, Sam Frederick is Defend Wisconsin News Round Up Protest Video of the Day.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Protest Video of the Day: Walker Protest in Ft. Atkinson

Today's Defend Wisconsin News Round Up Protest Video Of The Day comes from Ft. Atkinson Walker protest that took place a couple of days ago.  No matter what the temperature index is, hundreds of people show up protesting whenever and wherever Scott Walker shows up.  This would seem to spell good things for chances of recall coming to path.  What do you think?

Know Who You Recall: State Senator Sheila Harsdorf

Week of Protest News Round Ups

Protest News Round Ups are put together every day to keep track of Wisconsin protest news.  Here are the Protest News Round Ups for the last week.  See if you missed anything and see how some of the stories developed over time.  Enjoy!

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Saturday Protest News Round Up

This week's Top 10 Original Posts

Balloongate 2011 or The Case of the Heart-Shaped Balloon

Recall Luther Olsen But Not For Babysitter Allegations

In Defense of the Recall Elections in Wisconsin

Walker okays up to $500,000 for private legal fees on controversial bill |

Liberal groups hold forum without Hopper's attendance | The Oshkosh Northwestern | thenorthwestern.

Write-In Votes Recommended for Upcoming Elections

State Senator Luther Olsen Scandal and How You Can Help the Recalls in WI

Opportunities Inc. 45th Anniversary Gala: Gov. Scott Walker Protest

Recall Fitzgerald

Two of state Sen. Cowles’ stocks have XXX rating - JSOnline

It's Koch time...
Koch-Backed Group Buys $150K in TV Time for Wisconsin Ad Blitz

WCEP Releases Report on First Round Recall Elections

WisDems Black Caucus: Darling must denounce race-baiting ads

Recall 101 - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog

Darling vs. BadgerCare

Governor, O.I. labor protested - Daily Jefferson County Union - Fort Atkinson, WI

Reverend J Cletus Kiley Invocation.wmv

Are Democrats to blame for Republican inaction?

After Promising To Drive Disenfranchised Voters To The DMV, Gov. Nikki Haley Won’t Give Ride To 76-Y

Right wing culture warriors march into Wisconsin recall battle

Nearly $2 Billion in Walker Tax Breaks Won't Keep GE from Moving to China - One Wisconsin Now

Newsmaker Luncheon Featuring Sandy Pasch | Sandy Pasch for State Senate

We Are Wisconsin Women for Wirch

What is ALEC's Role in Wisconsin Politics?

Krugman says...The Centrist Cop-Out

LETTER: I'm done buying all the excuses

Protesting Scott Walker, protesting sweatshop work and demanding rights for the disabled at Opportunity Inc.

RECALL WALKER Democracy Dive! Sign up SOON!

BREAKING NEWS: We Are Wisconsin Crosses the 1 Million Voter Contact Threshold

Connie C. Rasberry

The Maddow Blog - These people own the Green Bay Packers

Stuff Simac Says

Wisconsin state health website steers women toward faith-based pregnancy center - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Wisconsin’s Widening War on Renewable Energy :

Biz Beat: Firm lauded by Walker profits off needy, critics charge

Plain Talk: The real reasons the GOP shuns trains

Koch Brothers' Americans for Prosperity Begins Six-Figure Ad Buy for GOP Recall Candidate

“American Soldier Proud And Free” | Road Sassy

Sly In The Morning: Leslie Peterson: Pressing Charges For Balloon Stabbing

Scott Walker Watch | Keeping an Eye on This Radical Extremist

Help Elect Jessica King: Volunteer for Election Day Weekend Get Out the Vote August 6th-August 9th

Volunteer | Sandy Pasch for State Senate

Sly In The Morning: Phil Neuenfeldt: Fun With Walker In Fort Atkinson/Jefferson Co.

4 Quarters, 10 Dimes: In Defense of the Recall Elections in Wisconsin

Sly In The Morning: Stories From Walker's Visit To Opportunities Inc

Rented AC For Walker's visit to Opportunities Inc

Friday, July 29, 2011

This week's Top 10 Original Posts

Balloongate 2011 or The Case of the Heart-Shaped Balloon

By Naomi Houser

I think that the most ridiculous articles circulating the web and drawing the attention of Wisconsinites right now are the articles referring to knife wielding Department of Administration worker Ron Blair and heart-shaped balloon carrying citizen Leslie Amsterdam. It's a thrilling tale with knives, balloons, and mysterious blood on the stairs... or the most ridiculous thing you've read today in Wisconsin.

According to various articles and sources close to Leslie, she was enjoying a visit to the capitol while carrying a heart-shaped balloon when Ron Blair (in an attempt to pop her balloon) assaulted her and slashed her balloon with a knife he just happened to have lying around someplace. The mysterious blood on the stairs? Ron Blair insists that he injured himself on the stairs while others say he cut himself while wrestling with Leslie and her very dangerous balloon.

Why was the balloon dangerous? Not only do balloons tend to amuse small children, send sentiments of love and appreciation to people everywhere, but Ron Blair and the Department of Administration insist that balloons that are allowed to float to the capitol's dome also damage paintings by brushing up against them. I don't claim to be an art expert, but that seems a bit far-fetched. Annoying? Maybe. An eyesore? Probably. Damaging to paintings? Ummm...

According to eye witness, Jenna, "I was standing with Leslie when Ron approached out of nowhere. Ron rushed at the balloon and popped it and then darted down a back stairway. He did not say anything I could clearly hear, though he may have been mumbling. Leslie and I were on the 2nd floor of the Capitol and he ran down to the 1st floor. We followed close behind yelling at him and asking him why he popped the balloon." Jenna goes one to say, "He stopped at the 1st floor and turned. At this point we were very close, only a couple of feet away from Ron. Ron lunged at Leslie grabbing her wrists and throwing her into a bathroom door. The force of the lunge was enough to push Leslie into the bathroom and he also came in the room with her. At this point Leslie started to scream and call 'Help!'" (See the original, unabridged article here.)

So why is it my opinion that the whole thing is ridiculous when Leslie is more than likely very shaken up about the whole ordeal?

All that the media is focusing on is the balloon and the popping of the balloon. No one wants to talk about the fact that Leslie was not only assaulted by a man who popped her balloon with a knife he just so happened to have on him, but she was then physically assaulted by that same man. The media would like to focus on the silliness of it, when really it is very serious. No matter the extreme polarization of politics right now, we should not fear being assaulted when entering our capitol building. No matter which side of the issue you're on you should be able to feel safe in public facilities, and you should feel safe around public employees.

Do I understand that Ron Blair is probably stressed out due to the volume of people coming in and out of the capitol with what he probably thinks is blatant disregard for the upkeep? Sure. Does that warrant an attack on someone? No. That warrants taking a vacation before you snap and attack someone carrying a balloon... which is just what he'll be doing. According to "The state Department of Administration, which runs the Capitol and oversees the Capitol Police, issued a statement saying the worker was arrested on suspicion of endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon on Thursday. District Attorney Ismael Ozanne says he has to review the case before making a charging decision."

A net has been installed just above the fourth floor in the capitol to stop balloons floating to the dome and was fully in place when the capitol opened this morning.

Here's yet another dilemma for me.... the state had to pay to install this net just to stop people from releasing balloons inside the capitol. While I understand the need for reform in our state of bills just passed, it doesn't help to act like petulant children out for a giggle on the Department of Administration. I understand that the people who have been occupying the capitol are there to make a stand. Sing songs like you have been, carry signs like you have been, but try not to be a nuisance in ways that are not core to the cause. I am sure that some of the releasing was out of respect and solidarity with Leslie, but you only damage the cause making everyone else out to be spoiled brats. Just my two cents.

My best to Leslie. I am floating my imaginary heart shaped balloon for you today.

Recall Luther Olsen But Not For Babysitter Allegations

It is extremely important that all eligible voters make every attempt to go, vote and recall Luther Olsen from his Senate seat.  Putting breaks on the Walker regime is the responsibility of every reasonable person in Wisconsin and recalling Luther Olsen means just that.  Senator Olsen has marched in lock step with the Governor, and in doing so he is causing serious damage to our State and for that he needs to be recalled on August 9.

‪Luther Olsen = Scott Walker‬‏ - YouTube

However, Senator Luther Olsen should not be recalled for what he is being accused of doing in his personal life.  To recap: in a story yesterday, reported that Senator Luther Olsen was involved with a teenage babysitter some years ago.  Though no official complaints appear to have been filed, all sorts of sordid details were hinted at.

Let's make it very clear: These are unsubstantiated accusations for something that may or may not have happened and until real evidence emerges that illegal actions took place, this is nothing more than politics of personal destruction and Defend Wisconsin News Round Up will not support that.

Luther "Baby Daddy" Olsen? | PolitiScoop

There is no question that this is a hot time in Wisconsin politics.  These are historic times and passions are running high.  But when we accuse people on the other side of unethical behavior, we become no better than those who accuse us of the same behavior when an opportunity emerges.  One of the best things about Wisconsin Protests is that people of Wisconsin have become engaged, energized and passionate about the impact that politics and politicians can have on our lives.  This is happening because we see those rights and privileges some of us took for granted become endangered and disappear.  We see leaders of our Senate and Assembly irresponsibly violate public meeting laws and re-write laws they do not like in order to help those who stand behind the scenes get a good bang for that buck they put in a politician's pocket.

Because of it, going forward, we need good people to want to become involved in public service.  This New Guard needs to rise up because of the opportunity to make difference, to defend that which we hold dear.  Digging up allegations of past indiscretion, while may further our opinion of someone we may already not like, does nothing to help engage people in wanting to become involved in public service and that is wrong.

Yes, there are times when bringing up someone's personal life to point out hypocrisy in their politics is fitting and relevant.  Republican politicians engaged in gay bashing who later turn out to be gay themselves is relevant because it points out the flaws of their argument and highlights their dishonesty.

Top 10 Anti-Gay Politicians Caught Being Gay: Anti-Gay Activists Out of The Closet

Or take a recent story of a lawmaker accusing President Obama of financial mismanagement while himself owing over $100,000 in back child support.  Congressman Joe Walsh (R) calls the report a "hit piece" but there is nothing wrong with reporting that a public official is being sued, especially when it highlights the inconsistency between his politics and personal life.

Ill. Congressman responds to child support report -

However, unless someone can point to specific and documented violations of the law by Senator Luther Olsen, what he did or did not do in his personal life is between him, his family and the higher power.  Defend Wisconsin believes strongly that State Senator Luther Olsen should be recalled on August 9 but not for the babysitter accusations.  

In Defense of the Recall Elections in Wisconsin

"The Teabaggers of the FitzWalker junta have mounted a sustained assault on the legal, constitutional and democratic limits placed in the way of their path toward absolute power. They have attempted to subvert the very fabric of proper government in Wisconsin with their actions. They have violated the social compact that binds together the citizens of this state with their leaders, and as such they have no legitimate place in power. They still cling to power regardless – power is the only language they understand – but their possession of that power has been rendered unjust and unwarranted by their actions. They therefore must stand before the sovereign people of Wisconsin for judgment.

This is what recalls are for."


To read the whole post, see:

Friday Protest News Round Up

Karoline Arrested at Walker protest outside of Opportunities Inc in Fort Atkinson 7-28-11 - video

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Wisconsin Republican Party says more than half the nation's job growth in June came from Wisconsin

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Luther 'Baby Daddy' Olsen?  -

Opportunities Inc. RallyJuly 28, 2011

Tea Party Express, Joe the Plumber Enter Wisconsin's Recall Fray

Walker Sneaks Into Nopportunities Inc

Alberta Darling's Medicaid and Medicare Funeral

Kim Simac Releases Statement on Unpaid Taxes

Shilling leads in poll but Kapanke not flustered - JSOnline

Help We Are Wisconsin GET OUT THE VOTE for Jim Holperin!

Why recall?

We Are Wisconsin » BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – One million, fifty-two thousand, four hundred and seventy-six!

Walker's Plan Working Out - - really?

WMTV - NBC15 - Video - Representative Jorgensen

Fort Atkinson Opportunities Gala Protest

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A reminder of why you should work on the recalls

Fred Clark For Wisconsin

Tea Party Expess defending Wisconsin Senators - Tea Party Express

Shilling for State Senate Wall Photos

Alberta Darling Has A Secret

Citizen Action of WisconsinWall Photos

Unemployment up in Wisconsin's largest cities in June 2011

Jobs (updated monthly) | BadgerStat

Hallis Mailen's hunger strike, day 42, Madison, Wisconsin

Milwaukee judges dismiss redistricting challenge

Lawmaker puts positive spin on campaign cash |

blue cheddar - Walker school plan.

Can unions reboot for the 21st century? - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Picnic to Kickoff Get Out the Vote!

Have I Been Duped Over Wisconsin Recall Elections? « CAFFEINATED POLITICS

Walker/Olsen Fundraiser Protest!

Chris Rickert: Capitol balloon controversy pumps new life into Solidarity Singalong

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hallis Update

Hallis Mailen's Hunger Strike
Day 42
Madison, WI

Thursday Protest News Round Up

Democracy: It's in Your Hands

Protest Video of the Day: Voter Suppression Plot

It's tomorrow! Greet Governor Scott Walker in Fort Atkinson

Undermining the Right to Vote

WCEP Poll Watchers-Please volunteer or share!

Robo Poll -- 7/27/2011 -- 8:17 PM

RealClearPolitics - Politics - Jul 27, 2011 - Excerpts from recent Wisconsin editorials

Recall Walker Signs Showing Up In Yards

The Long Exception: An Interview With Jefferson Cowie | The Activist

Sly In The Morning: Exclusive: Opportunities Inc Whistleblower Robert Huessner

Boston Review — Warren Rudman: Fair Elections

Democurmudgeon: Walker Denies Tying Wisconsin Job Numbers to National Job Number!

Wall Photos

Morgan Freeman soundalike Wisconsin attack ad!

House Dems Join Senate In Urging DOJ To Fight Voter ID Laws

Emergency Team Of 8th-Grade Civics Teachers Dispatched To Washington

Poll Shows Russ Feingold Could Make a Comeback if He Ran for Wisconsin’s Open Senate Seat « 

GOP lawmaker circulates bill to ease regulations on dog breeders

Poll: Russ Feingold Ties Gov. Scott Walker In Hypothetical Wisconsin Recall

Simac’s failure to Debate – Pleading Fifth

Peter Barca-GOP doesn't care about unemployed people 7.20.11

Speakers at Democracy Convention | Democracy Convention - To be held at Madison Concourse Hotel.

Daily Kos: Wisconsin, the Debt Ceiling, and the War on Working Families


Tea party rally on Capitol Hill draws thin crowd - Marin Cogan

Wisconsin: A Turning Point for Democracy

Countdown with Keith Olbermann 07-26-2011 4 - Politics at Play, with John Nichols

Republicans Continue Their War Against The People Of Wisconsin

Daily Kos: Think you know the Koch story? Not if you don't know ALEC.

Do recalls threaten GOP? Clearly

Why Do Conservatives Hate High-Speed Rail? 5 Reasons Right-Wingers Are Sabotaging Public Transportation

CANDIDATE FORUM Holperin vs. Simac

Kim Simac on Taxes: Pay Your Own

Review sees little gain from voucher programs - JSOnline Video Player - Ed Schultz is coming back to Wisconsin

Scott Walker Accused of Seeking to Rig 2012 Election |

The Koch Brothers Are Beaming

Koch Brothers Outed as Wind Energy Haters

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Rob Zerban's long-shot bid challenges Paul Ryan - Alex Isenstadt

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Wisconsin Gov. Walker making it harder to vote

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Sly In The Morning: Wauwatosa Window Signs

Investigation Demanded about Wis. Capitol Incident

Medicare Enemy Paul Ryan Shakes Down Campaign Cash for Alberta Darling

The Paul Ryan Watch: Ryan voted for $3.4-trillion in debt he blames on Obama

Wisconsin Truth Tour: Recall elections heating up - TODAY'S TMJ4

Morgan Freeman pissed off about Wisconsin GOP ad stealing his voice - As Seen In Wisconsin

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Democracy: It's in Your Hands

Judith Detert-Moriarty

July 25, 2011

The foundation of Wisconsin, it's people, awoke democracy from it's brief slumber this year. In past years, many had dismissed their personal responsibility. Some had placed blame for state troubles upon others exonerating their own inattentiveness.

Many are inclined to look at elected representatives saying, "It's their fault" rather than turn to the mirror and realize, "Hey! It's my fault!" Elections are consistently treated like popularity contests with attention to attractiveness in the media and an unquestioning belief in what is sold to us rather than taking the time to examine difficult issues, challenge what is presented, ask the right questions, and openly share with others. Widespread apathy and denial of personal responsibility may explain the present disfunction of government at all levels because, we the people, are the democracy we crave.

Democracy is a political system that begins and is nourished at the individual. It requires us to be individually responsible for being informed about public policy at all levels. It stipulates participation in the civic process. It demands we be tolerant and selfless for the common good.

Democracy calls us all to work toward mutual benefits; to work for unity while respecting differing values and opinions, and preserving the fundamental rights of individuals under our state and federal Constitutions while we practicing tolerance on an unprecedented, unlimited scale.

Democracy dictates nonviolent conflict resolution in a secular sphere where each and everyone is respected. It invites civility in exchanges on public issues where uncompromising fanaticism only discredits and debases intent. Personal responsibility is at the heart of long and stable democratic societies.

I first volunteered for political campaigns before I was eligible to vote. For nearly 40 years while my family relocated through 5 different counties within 2 neighboring states, I served consecutively as an elected political party officer in 4 different positions. My most recent office in Rock County was held for over 20 years. Resigning once, I came out of retirement for yet another 11 years when no one else stepped forward to do the necessary tasks. For far too long, too many have shirked their own role in keeping our democracy a vibrant, living philosophy always expecting "someone else" would just "do it".

In 2010, Wisconsin fell to an omniscient situation; a singularly bought-and-paid-for political ideology that culminated with those in power telling us they knew all that was needed to justify themselves and their actions no matter how it was destroying everything that defined the Wisconsin we love. The people of Wisconsin witnessed the integrity of our state damaged beyond recognition through unlimited corruption, and many political leaders lost all credibility. Legislation is now shaped by the highest bidder rather than by social need, accountability is compromised and totally ineffective, the justice system has been sold and politically manipulated, and most dire, in spite of all their numbers the citizenry remained too weak and ineffectual to check those causing the devastation.

The people know this is NOT what democracy looks like.

In our hearts, we know the political, religious, and economic freedoms provided to American citizens coexist with our promise to be responsible with active civic participation to safeguard those rights for ourselves as well as future generations. When the electorate is not paying attention, not participating, and not making informed choices, they reap the consequences. It took the demise of so much Wisconsin had always valued losing all we held near and dear, for the devastating consequences of inaction to stir many into personal involvement.

If we shy away from public discourse about "touchy" political topics, how will we really know one another to build a strong commonality? If we're fearful of creating controversy, how can we move forward with the truly good and unique ideas that would otherwise die from neglect and want of champions. If we retreat from action, how will future leaders be discovered and ascend?

The call has now gone out for individual responsibility where different ideas, different approaches, and different preferences replace all the apathy. Wisconsin is still a place where we all have a voice that is not just heard but welcomed by the people even if those currently seated in power still refuse to listen.

Labels of liberal or conservative are inclusive but certainly not exclusive when it comes to participation for the collective good. Do not let the cognitive dissonance of those in positions of power reign unchallenged as they tell you what you should think, believe and do. One person CAN change the world but it's far easier and much more fun when there are more sharing the many tasks. Everything you do affects our mutual world, and you, yourself, are responsible. You cannot say it wasn't your fault if you weren't participating. If you weren't paying attention, your languor was a factor.

We will only be able to restore and revive legitimate Wisconsin governance through shared participation developing relationships of common understanding, trust and collective commitment. These are not just "wants" but prerequisites to a functional democracy.

We have seen unbelievable and even miraculous citizen heroism in recent months but preemptive involvement by more people may have prevented our current challenges. Democracy has never been self-sustaining. Your participation is required to restore the best of Wisconsin's honest, transparent, and much revered heritage. It is our duty to make sure the vibrancy and vitality of democracy continues unrestricted and celebrated joyously.

Your choices today will have consequences tomorrow for democracy is, and always has been, a work in progress. In spite of whatever your level of involvement, you are a most important person in our world and how you act either reinforces or diminishes how we are all governed in Wisconsin. It either assists those who are already active or it places your share of duties upon them. Whether it be through philanthropic service, through civic development projects, by social enrichment endeavors, or even simply by staying informed and educating others, choose your task and engage it.

Do not let the Wisconsin’s forward momentum drift and die by neglect. Democracy is in our hands. It’s future and vigor is depending upon you.

Protest Video of the Day: Voter Suppression Plot

It's nice when they'll break it down so clearly.  This is a story that first surfaced before last year's elections but with all the voter suppression efforts we see now, pay attention because higher turn-outs help Democrats, lower turn-out help Republicans.  That's a fact.

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We Are Wisconsin » RELEASE: Walker May Veto Cowles-Backed Provision That Would Hide Ethics Data Show

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Voter ID Law Passed, Scott Walker Moves to Close DMVs in Dem Districts

Tea Party Voter Suppression Plot - video

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Maybe they should stop worrying about their building and start worrying about human beings.

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Outofstate but want to help?  Volunteer!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's About Walker, Stupid! Now what?

In "Recalls: It's About Walker, Stupid!" it was established that Republican State Senators up for recall, should not be contested as if this was a regular election.  It's not.  These Senators were popular enough in their home districts, yet are considered to be now in trouble because they support Scott Walker agenda and therefore should be recalled.  It is not about their individual records but about the fact that they march in lock step to the Governor's tune and therefore deserve to essentially be fired.

Now, what's next?

The elections on August 9 are around the corner.  Considering that the Democratic base is more fired up than ever, any efforts to persuade Democrats to vote against the Senators up for recall is basically preaching to the choir.  The Dems have voted against all these Senators in the past and they are likely to turn out in even greater numbers.  Wait!  Are they?  August 9 is in the middle of the summer so many teachers who have suffered so substantially from Scott Walker War on Public Employees are as likely to be out of town as at any time during the year.

Those of us who are frustrated and angry with Scott Walker and his tactics want the recalls to happen yesterday but seriously, who holds an election in the middle of summer?  Only someone who wants as few people voting as possible.  Even the spring elections are constantly in danger of being uprooted in Wisconsin because frequently they fall on Spring Break and many voters say "Good bye democracy, hello Florida!"

Therefore, making sure that all the people protesting in February and March, are at their polling stations on August 9.  That is not going to be easy because Walker and his bunch do not want it to be easy.  The new Voter ID law, called by Senator Cullen  "voter confusion bill" will undoubtedly result in people making a conscious choice to not go and vote or being turned away at polling stations.  That means that its crucial to get the message out that voter IDs are not required for voting on August 9 no matter what poll workers say.

So let's say for the sake of argument that every Democrat who voted in the last election turned out again this time and cast their vote.  Will that be enough?  No.  Alberta Darling, Rob Cowles and the rest won their last elections but are in danger now because of their own supporters turning on them.  That's the key. This means that between now and August 9, reaching out to disillusioned Republicans and Independents, and making sure that they vote on August 9 is crucial.

The importance of Listening cannot be overemphasized.  When reaching out to people, it is plain ineffective to recite facts and repeat opinions.  Ask questions.  Listen.  Given enough time, people will see themselves that Walker is bad for Wisconsin (problem is we do not have much time) but once the propaganda falls away after the first few seconds, the reality which has a clearly liberal bias sets in.  Everyone has a kid in college, grandma in a nursing home or spouse who is a teacher.  Given an opportunity to express opinion, most will admit that Walker is making things worse.

Now as far as Randy Hopper, Dan Kapanke (all right, it may be too late for him) and the rest go, the best thing they can do is to scream as loud as they can that they are not Scott Walker, but reality is, for all intents and purposes they are Scott Walker.  The record shows that they did not stop this train running down their constituents and the rest of the State, but let the Governor take away people's rights and in fact, were it not for Sheila Harsdorf and Luther Olsen, Walker's agenda would not had a chance!  Remember the sign at the Capitol in February saying that we were looking for "3 courageous Senators"?  That was their time to shine!  Did they?  Well, we know the answer to that question.

Based on everything said above, here are
Defend Wisconsin News Round Up 3 Keys to Victory on August 9:

1. Making sure that every Democrat who voted in 2010 election votes.  Even that is not an easy task in today's Wisconsin.
2. Making sure that every Democrat who did not come out to vote in 2010, votes on August 9.
3. Making sure that Republicans and Independents who supported or even gave Walker a chance in November 2010, remember that if they do not like Walker (and so many do not), they support the recall.

Few days ago, Defend Wisconsin News Round Up released 6 advertisements, one for each Republican Senator up for recall on August 9.  Watch them, share them.

Here is the advertisement for Senator Sheila Harsdorf

And here are the links to the rest of the ads:

‪Randy Hopper = Scott Walker‬‏ - YouTube

‪Luther Olsen = Scott Walker‬‏ - YouTube

‪Rob Cowles = Scott Walker‬‏ - YouTube

‪Dan Kapanke = Scott Walker‬‏ - YouTube

‪Alberta Darling = Scott Walker‬‏ - YouTube

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We are not alone!

Defend Wisconsin news round up is always seeking new sources for information. I found this site and thought....Wow! We are not alone in our fight to win back a Progressive and Pragmatic Government! Check it out.

Voter Suppression in Wisconsin, Chapter Next

Reposted by request to the author, from "4 Quarters, 10 Dimes" (


And so we enter the next phase of Governor Teabagger’s (a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries) plan to make sure that only The Right Sort Of People actually get to vote here in Wisconsin.

Follow along – it’s fun for the whole family.

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention to politics here in Wisconsin this year (and why haven’t you been? For pure train-wreck horrified fascination you can’t find a better entertainment value for your soon-to-be-valueless dollar, really), the rogue junta currently running the state has been making every effort to ensure that nobody gets to vote except Teabaggers and – should any non-Teabaggers actually make it to the polls – that nobody’s vote gets counted except those of Teabaggers, whose votes will get counted even when they were never cast at all if that is what it takes to ensure a Teabagger victory.

Here’s looking at you, “Justice” Prosser!

First came the Voter Suppression Act of 2011, a nifty piece of legislation rammed through the legislature without even bothering to allow opposition legislators to vote on it or give the public any real say in it – because after all, it is the job of the public to bend over and take what the Teabaggers are doing to them without complaint. Thanks to this act Wisconsin residents now have to provide a state ID when they cast their ballot, one that they are required to pay for – either a drivers license or an equivalent obtainable at the DMV. For various reasons I have already explored on my own site (, this essentially amounts to a poll tax.

Yes, poll taxes are unconstitutional – a clear violation of the 24th Amendment of the US Constitution – but Teabaggers have amply demonstrated that they have no interest in anything that interferes with their quest for dictatorial power, Constitutions be damned, and anyone who says otherwise is clearly an Islamo-Fascist-Communist-Kenyan-Keynesian-terrorist-elitist (did I miss anything there? Probably). Why should this be any different?

The stated reason for this was to crack down on voter fraud. This is an outright lie.

According to figures from a study conducted by Wisconsin State Attorney General JB Van Holland, a Teabagger and perhaps the most nakedly partisan AG in the entire nation, there were more cases of UFO sightings in Wisconsin in 2008 (forty) than fraudulent votes cast (fourteen, out of three million cast). If even ol' JB can’t be bothered to make up anything to back up his political ambitions, you may rest assured it isn’t there. So we can dispense with that argument.

That the real reason was to disenfranchise Wisconsin voters not likely to vote for Teabaggers is all the more clear from subsequent acts by Governor Teabagger (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Industries) and his minions, cronies and lackeys in the once-proud state legislature.

For one thing, now that Wisconsin voters need to go to the DMV to pay their poll tax in order to vote, Governor Teabagger (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Industries) has begun closing DMV offices in heavily Democratic areas while at the same time lengthening hours for DMV offices in heavily Republican areas.

This is essentially the same strategy retailers use with rebates – make the process sufficiently difficult and nobody will bother seeing it through to the end. When Teabaggers insist they want to run the government like a business, THIS is what they mean.

They certainly don’t mean growing revenue, which is what most businesses try to do.

And for another, the Wisconsin Republican Party, its puppetmasters over at Americans For Prosperity (a Koch Industries front group) and the various Teabagger organizations currently treating this state as their personal latrine have now been caught on tape planning a “vote caging” effort targeting potential Democratic voters.

According to DailyKos, the principals involved include Tim Dake, the spokesman for Wisconsin’s Teabaggers and generally considered to be the leader of that particular faction, Reince Preibus, chair of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, and Mark Block, director of Americans For Prosperity – Wisconsin. So you know it’s not just something that the junior staff are kicking around over a few beers – this is something planned at the highest levels of Teabaggery.

“Vote caging” is an illegal tactic used to suppress voter turnout. Basically they send mail to addresses on voter lists and then at the polling place they challenge the right to vote for anyone whose letter gets returned as undeliverable. Those people either have to prove they can vote or cast a provisional ballot, both of which take time. In the end, historically, roughly 35% of those challenged don’t bother to jump through all the hoops (regardless of their legal right to vote, which is almost never at fault), while the delays caused by the tactic at the polling place discourage those in line from staying, thus suppressing voter turnout still further.

This is a direct violation of the National Voter Rights Act of 1993, not that they care about laws.

Those in charge of this scheme should be prosecuted, jailed, and held in the contempt they so richly deserve. I don’t think that will happen, given the manipulation of the legal system that the Teabaggers have proven themselves so adept at and the blind willingness of so many so-called Americans to let them get away with such things, but I can dream.

When you elect clowns, you get a circus.

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Is This Wisconsin Republican Running From Her ‘Nazi’ Name-Calling Past?

"What do you do when you're a tea party organizer with a history of inflammatory comments comparing America's public schools to Nazi Germany? If you're Wisconsin state Senate candidate Kim Simac, the answer may be liberally apply the delete key to your online past."

What's at Stake---Senator Bernie Sanders

How interested are you in taking in your parents when they take a huge Social Security pay cut and a huge increase in their Medicare premiums. How about your children and grandchildren if your child loses his/her job and they try to keep some sort of healthcare coverage along with unemployment and a foreclosed home. Are you ready to take in these folks and find even more economic burdens that could force your collapse? If so, vote Republican.

Bernie Sanders is an Independent Senator from Vermont and usually caucuses with Democrats but is known as a champion of the poor and middle class. Many see him as an Economic Populist and others as a Socialist. I see him as an idealist and not an idea log. His take on Entitlements and the desire for the Republicans to destroy the safety net for the majority of Americans is spot on.

So---Are you ready for this Entitlement purge or are you ready to fight harder for Economic Populism and a Progressive and not a Regressive Wisconsin and America? Are you really ready to RECALL and ELECT responsible people who do not sell their souls to the money interests at the expense of the majority of constituents?

Fiscally Responsible does not mean stealing from the poor and the middle class to give to the rich. It means making pragmatic decisions of fairness with a tax code that does not penalize the middle class, poor, and seniors. Understand what this debt ceiling is really about...Class Warfare and Speaker Boehner along with Paul Ryan has eyes on putting grandma on an ice float and sending her off to die along with the entire Middle Class!

Just in----Maddow Charts----This relates to what the Republicans do not want you to see!

Protest Video of the Day: Shit Scott Walker Is Doing To My State

Shit Scott Walker Is Doing To My State is a Facebook page run by Arthur Kohl-Riggs.

Mr. Kohl-Riggs is the man behind many iconic videos of Wisconsin Protests and has an uncanny ability to be at the right place at the right time.  Currently Mr. Kohl-Riggs is looking for some support to help him raise money to buy an better camera.  If you are at all able to, please contribute to Mr. Kohl-Riggs towards the purchase of a new camera.  I have a feeling that all of us will benefit from what he will do with it.  Just in case you were wondering about what videos Mr. Kohl-Riggs captured, check out some of the most classic examples below.  In fact, you may want to subscribe to his YouTube channel altogether and be kept abreast whenever the next video comes out!

Arthur Kohl-Riggs YouTube channel:

Here is Mr. Kohl-Riggs testifying to the Joint Finance Committee in Madison.