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Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Protest News Round Up

Recalls: It's About Walker, Stupid!

Know Who You Recall: State Senator Randy Hopper

Protest Video of the Day: Getting ID at Madison DMV

Wis. DMV says closure decisions aren't final - BusinessWeek

RE: An Open Letter to My Leftist Cats, and Scott Walker

Where's Walker?  Governor Walker to keynote OI's 45th anniversary gala on July 28 - Daily Jefferson County

Smart ALEC: Why Are Corporations Writing State Law? // Current

Rapid Response Action Alert

Three Days of Debate Between Fred Clark and Luther "The Radical" Olsen!

Walker Loses Touch with Reality

Democratic Wisconsin State Senate recall candidate Jessica King calls on Sen. Randy Hopper to ...

Day 39. Have YOU visited with Hallis (top of State St., Capitol Square, Madison) yet to listen, lend support, and THANK him? Please stop by. Let him know he should end his hunger strike when the recall elections bring a Dem majority of the State Senate for then there will be Senators who will listen, understand, and empathize with the People.Wall Photos

Paul Ryan's Wine Receipt

Senate Republicans Make Taxpayers Finance Corporate ALEC Group - One Wisconsin Now

Get to know the other side...Rhymes With Clown: Rep. Barca should remember "big interests" are a bipartisan affair

Donate to the SSWIDTMS Camera Upgrade Fund!!!

Wisconsin Sends Payday Loan Case to Supreme Court - from

Bob Wirch at Kenosha Rally for Working Families

The Woodlands Party With a Purpose

Be The Media

Bob Wirch Tells a Joke at the Rally for Working Families

Get to know the other side...Walker’s Vindication | The Weekly Standard

Van Hollen escapes backlash - JSOnline

Make Way for the Radical Center

ALEC in Wisconsin

ALEC: Turning Education into Profit at Taxpayer Expense | Veracity Stew

Join Us | Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice

Wisconsin Truth Tour in Oshkosh -- Fox 11 News

The Paul Ryan Watch: Ryan's tweets on budget show him up as a twit

Budget impact on schools fuel recall - JSOnline

WE ARE WISCONSIN rally - Elkhorn, WI

Web Extra: Pasch, Darling On Redistricting

Dear Governor Walker,

Indign├ęs dans le Wisconsin

‪And this is just funny...Michele Bachmann Song by Hockey Mama For Obama‬‏ - YouTube

Robocall Alert

John Nichols: GOP draws legislative ghost seats

The Union Edge Talk Radio Show

Darling, Pasch Face Off In Interview

Chalkboard: Budget cuts state aid to school milk, breakfast programs

Monologues of Dissent: Keep your brown bag full of tools away from our schools

Dear Governor Walker |

Save Our Schools Madison Rally

Walker, or feds, should lift Family Care cap - JSOnline

Teachers will not join Walker in education effort - BusinessWeek

ALEC Exposed: Milton Friedman's Little Shop of Horrors

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  1. My family had suffered the tyranny of a nut and his followers who thought it would be in the national interest the outlaw all unions, throw the union leaders in jail and take all the money. His name was Adolf Hitler. Now Gov Walker is walking in is foot steps. Get him and his cronies the hell out of office before we have a civil uprising. Gov Walker and those who support him are not patriots but traitors. By definition anyone who, alone or conspires with others, seriously injures his parent state or nation is guilty of treason! And political office, which affords protection against criminal prosicution, including murder, it does not protect them against treason.