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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Protest News Round Up

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: It's About Walker, Stupid! Now what?

Voter Suppression in Wisconsin, Chapter Next

What's at Stake---Senator Bernie Sanders

Protest News Story of the Day: Stabbing at the Capitol

Bonus Protest Story of the Day: Walker, Voter Suppression and the DMV

Know Who You Recall: Alberta Darling

Protest Video of the Day: Shit Scott Walker Is Doing To My State

Beloit Daily News - Aid for Jobless Inaction is Wrong

Walker's Policies Put the Badger State on the Low Road

WTF has Walker done so far?

This is what “Wrangled Balloons” Look Like « Uncategorized «

Walker Visits Lac Du Flambeau - WJFW News

Get to know the other side...Wisconsin labor union reform: saving jobs, money, schools. | RedState

WisPolitics: Senate Dems, GOP continue spat over unemployment extension as vote scheduled

Koch Brothers Reward Senator Scott Brown for Putting Corporate Profits First |


Biz Beat: Walker rapped over alleged "sweatshop" visit

Tim’s official statement at his sentencing hearing

Truth Tour: Milwaukee

Teamster Nation: Scott Walker can't go ANYWHERE

Is a Walker recall next?

Porn King Senator Cowles

4 Million Lost: Here Are the Workers Consumers Can't Rescue

Monologues of Dissent: How to Survive Without Money Using Scott Walker's "Tools"

Why I Am Marching on July 30 - Bridging Differences - Education Week

FBI targets 12 ‘Anonymous’ hacktivists over Koch Industries cyber attack | The Raw Story

State launches probe into Capitol balloon incident

Peaceful Protest at U.S. Congressman Reid Ribble’s Appleton Office |

Krugman says: The Cult That Is Destroying America

Rally to Save Our Schools | Defend Wisconsin

Oh, “we’re broke,” huh? Nine GOP senators use Wisconsinites’ tax dollars to pay for their ALEC memberships

We Are Wisconsin » RELEASE: Walker May Veto Cowles-Backed Provision That Would Hide Ethics Data Show

Call Out The Vote - Volunteer to help Wisconsin!

Voter ID Law Passed, Scott Walker Moves to Close DMVs in Dem Districts

Tea Party Voter Suppression Plot - video

Walker protests... Lac du Flameau Wall Photos

Daily Kos: Wisconsin Recall: New polling shows Democratic lead in one race, two more races tight

Editorial: Hopper's whopper

Unions.Org Blog» Blog Archive » ‘Wisconsin Truth Tour’ Picks Up Speed Criss-Crossing State

Rock Against Walker 2!

Wisconsin under Siege

Maybe they should stop worrying about their building and start worrying about human beings.

Balanced Approach!

Medicaid/Medicare Funeral - in front of Alberta Darling's Gldendale Campaign Office

WI State DMV Locations in Full Color--PolitiScoop

Stuff Simac Says

Krugman says...Messing with Medicare

Walker’s war chest tops $2.5 million

Support Us - Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters

We Are Wisconsin » New Poll Spells Huge Potential Danger for Rob Cowles

JohnShafer-WI Family Farmer.mp4 - video

Outofstate but want to help?  Volunteer!

Vote Early Wisconsin

Wisconsin Election Protection

ALEC, Republicans Beat Up On Kids in Special Ed

Van Hollen Claims on Voter Fraud Are Out of This World - One Wisconsin Now

Right wing money pours into Wisconsin recall wars

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