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Friday, July 15, 2011

Dear Mr. (certainly not representing me!) Ryan

Dear Mr. (certainly not representing me!) Ryan:

No surprise to me that you voted AGAINST your constituents ability to be ensured we have safe and clean drinking water. Something must be very wrong in your up-bringing or your daily life for the most basic common sense and simple wisdom seems to be something you sorely need.

As your constituent, I am yet once again extremely disappointed in your vote, this time to cripple the Clean Water Act, one of the nation's most successful environmental laws.

Is it beyond your understanding that clean water is essential to health, our economy and even Wisconsin recreation? For nearly 40 years, the Clean Water Act has been the leading tool to protect the quality of water in our lakes, rivers and coastal areas.

The bill you voted for, H.R. 2018, would undermine the ability of both federal and state governments to ensure clean water. Sadly, Wisconsin's Governor is already at work trying to remove environmental safeguards on his own and you certainly didn't have to speed along his reckless railroading of Wisconsin's environment along with its citizen's rights, health, and safety!

I will continue to hope that his bill will never become law even if it should somehow reach President Obama's desk for his signature.

Instead of weakening our health and environmental protections continually putting corporate and wealthy donor interests ahead of the interests of the people and our world, I urge you to use your position to strengthen protection of our water, air and land.


  1. You are DELUSIONAL (A delusion is a belief that is either mistaken or not substantiated and is held with very strong feelings or opinions and expressed forcefully) to think that ALL constituents feel the same as you. Scott Walker is a HERO and, as the constituency as a whole begin to see and reap the rewards of his policies, your opinion will represent an even smaller minority than it is today. You may want to check on the Donor list of the "Chosen" one that is ruining our economy. You will find many"Cooperate Millionaires and Billionaires" (to borrow his favorite quote) .

  2. Wow Anonymous. This in a response to Ryan voting against clean water? You obviously are either 1) horribly undereducated about the truth. I would suggest going to Sen Erpenbach's FB page and watching video from Feb onward to truly get informed 2) a paid troll 3) living in Utah 4) delusional yourself, or 5) One of the people who has made it their mission to write lies and crap on Jeremy's page. Well keep it up because your comments against what is happening in our state only demonstrates that the delusion is yours.