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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Protest News Round Up

September 28th, SSWIDTMS Goes To #OccupyWallStreet

Investing in education is the path to prosperity | Defend Wisconsin

Proving Scott Walker is Not Telling the Truth in Less Than Ten Seconds

Teamster Nation: Whoa! MI lawmakers want to jail teachers for emails about unions

Madison police inform the public directly, and often amusingly, with online incident reports - Isthm

A Massive Union Just Voted To Side With The Wall Street Protesters

Breaking:GAB Rules “No Criminal Misconduct” against Kathy Nickolaus

Occupy Appleton

News :: Walker Administration Thwarts Federal Health Care Reform :: The Shepherd Express: Milwaukees

Rep. Barca: Democratic weekly radio address:

Sen. Fitzgerald: Announces Senate Committee on Mining Jobs

Naomi Wolf: When Protest is Effective and When it is Not

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen Announces Wisconsin Joining 25 States to Petition the U.S. Supreme.

MPS Teachers Choose Private Schools More Often than General Public : SchoolChoiceWI

After Claiming He "Never" Made Negative Comments About Teachers, Walker Scrubs His Website of Negati

Sly In The Morning: Arthur Kohl Riggs: Live From Wall Street Occupation

Sly In The Morning: John Nichols: Chris Christie, Leah Vukmir, Walker's Poker Face

The Middle Road to Nowhere

Dr. Cornel West On How Awesome Wisconsin Is #OccupyWallStreet

WisPolitics: Walker calls another jobs special session

Walker to attend a Wisconsin alumni event, reports say | Defend Wisconsin

Game On: Wisconsin Gearing Up Recall of Governor Scott Walker


Wisconsin Student Newspaper: ‘Can Students Vote?’ With Voter ID Law - Campus Progress

Whitewater OKs concealed carry rule -- GazetteXtra

Campus Connection: Tech college head asks elections panel to rethink voter ID ruling

Early August Unemployment Numbers show slight increase in Wisconsin; Decrease in National

Weekly Larson Report: Special Session Needed Because of Misplaced Priorities

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Protest News Round Up

Senate leaders battle over appointments to mining committee - JSOnline

Protesting Scott Walker's breakfast with Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce

Badgers Fight Back

GOP lawmakers likely to give Walker more power in recall process - JSOnline

Walker's letter to state employees

Why Tammy Baldwin Will Win

Democrat, advocates push for public financing


Walker may call special jobs session - JSOnline

Eye on Wisconsin: Scott Walker's "High Ethical Standards"

Three-judge panel to hear redistricting case - JSOnline

Transit needed for jobs - JSOnline

Lawmakers find extra money for private schools as public schools see cuts | Appleton Post Crescent |

Thanks and respect to Sen. Erpenbach for standing up for workers!

Daily Kos: Gov. Walker's dismantling of Wisconsin's Public Education System

Recall Walker Video

Legislative committee eyes changes to election rules

Legislative Detail: WI House Bill 219 - 2011-2012 Regular Session | eLobbyist

Probe rattles Wisconsin politics - Tim Mak

Governor to make 'important legislative announcement' in Sun Prairie on September 28 - Sun Prairie S

Postal service workers and community members rally to save agency | Defend Wisconsin

Walker Budget Works for More Local Governments, Saving Taxpayers More Money | Scott Walker for Wisco


Robin Vos Owes 1,529,560 People & Their Families an Apology! | Blogging Blue - Blogging Liberally in

Nebraska Gov. to watch football game with Walker

WEAC‎"Five Wisconsin school districts will share $30 million, as part of a settlement of federal charges over their purchase of risky investments."SEC rules for schools

Bold move: Kelda Helen Roys risks Assembly seat for shot at Congress

Sly In The Morning: Democrats For Mark Neumann

Democurmudgeon: Walker Embarrassed by Brian Williams and Sun Prairie's Heather Dubois Bournene

Sly In The Morning: What will Scott Walker be buried with?

Wisconsin committee adjourns without taking action on student voter ID policy | The Republic

Ryan: Republicans Should Double Down On My Budget

Walker's Latest $1.5 Billion Promise: End Corporate Income Tax

Sly In The Morning: State Representative Andy Jorgensen: Campaign Fund Crooks

Karen Dahl: New law means this man can’t vote

Sly In The Morning: Oshkosh Truck Strike

Sly In The Morning: John Nichols: Walker's Bagmen

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Protest News Round Up

Jenna Pope Joint Legislative Hearing at 1pm tomorrow Tuesday 9/27 at WI Capital in Room 328NW - Urgent that any progressive citizens who can get to Madison be there and make their voices heard in person to protest a sudden attempt to further restrict the right of college students to vote using student IDs and the right of Wisconsinites to download their own petitions to recall elected officials - copy and repost!

Facebook!!! FLASH MOB TIME!!! SHARE!! We only have 1 HOUR to MOBILIZE!!
From Paul Ryan's FB page:

"LIVE at NOON CT today on this Facebook page, you can watch my health-care speech from Stanford’s Hoover Institution, titled: “The Optimist’s Guide to Repeal & Replace.” The President’s new health care law has made things worse. Going forward with real reform, the defining question in health care remains: Who is in charge? The government or the patient?"
For more information visit:

Jon Erpenbach
...I will not be running for Congress next year. Instead, I choose to stay here and fight. I will continue to meet every good intention on the part of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle with good faith of my own, because we can and must move forwward. We must bring back to our state the rights and respect Wisconsinites deserve. A better, stronger Wisconsin for our kids and their families is at stake, and that is a future worth fighting for.
Speak Out for Wisconsin Public Schools

2012 Elections: Diebold voting machines can be hacked by remote control

Walker’s ‘bipartisan’ as long as he gets his way

Chalkboard: MTI to accept national award for helping organize protests

Jobs Rally

Is Scott Walker Two-Timing His Political Cronies? |

Sly In The Morning: Walker Stalkers In Studio

Elizabeth Warren Endorsed By Russ Feingold

Sly In The Morning: Cheese Under Attack In Wisconsin?

Sly In The Morning: Drug Dogs Approved For Madison Public Schools

Jorgensen’s Journal: Republican Raid of Clean Campaign Fund Wronged Taxpayers, Political Underdogs

Wisconsin Wire: Cronyism Amok In WI, New Connections Revealed!

Required community service? - Eau Claire Speak Out [HQ]

Sun Prairie Liberal On Walker and Education

The State Of Education: The Governor’s Perspective

Heard in Wisconsin: 'Collective bargaining is alive and well'

Lawmaker pushes to restore public financing for elections

Advocates, Democrat Push For Public Financing

A call to restore public financing

Milwaukee mayor's budget cuts 12 firefighter jobs - JSOnline

Hallis D Mailen
Day 104, and only a week away from roadtrip to DC!!! First batch of Madison business supporters for the trip. Please thank them: Ian's Pizza, Michelangelo's Coffeehouse, 5 Guys Burgers, Esspresso Royale Cafe, Vic's Popcorn, and the Madison Downtown Merchant's Association!!! We aim to make them proud. Solidarity forever!!!
Concerned Chippewa Citizens 4

Reps. Pocan, Hulsey, Berceau and Taylor: Robbing workers to pay political cronies

Walker Backers Watching Walker Stalkers acknowledges that it's all about reaching the goal of defeating the recalls while attempting to vilify his opponents: "Yuri do you understand how politics work? I do not run this page to be "fair". I run it to achieve a goal. If I have to stoop to a do as I say not as I do attitude it is only because my adversaries have put me into position to do it."

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Protest News Round Up

WI Sup. Court takes up Payday Lending case to decide if judges can order payday lenders to lower high interest rates

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week in Protest News Round Up: September 19 - September 25, 2011

 Protest News Round Ups are put together daily to keep track of Wisconsin Protest News.  Here are the Protest News Round Ups for the last week.  See what you missed, read and share liberally!

Sunday Protest News Round Up 9/25/11

Saturday Protest News Round Up  9/24/11

Friday Protest News Round Up 9/23/11

Thursday Protest News Round Up 9/22/11

Tuesday Protest News Round Up 9/20/11

Monday Protest News Round Up 9/19/11

Sunday Protest News Round Up

school choice

It is Time for All Good People to Come to the Aid of their Country Facebook sells our personal information to private companies and third parties for data mining and continually sell opportunities to hack our private accounts. Their new changes hinder the sharing of hot links, and the linking of important environmental, social justice and other protest movements. Facebooks new policies prevent the aggregation of materials, and mixes the posting timeline as a purposeful effort to prevent interpersonal communication and organizing. Haven't you felt the security captcha's change when sharing important topics? Do you think the Nazi's get banned or security captcha'd when sharing racist and offensive materials? hell to the no. Facebook also has instituted "roadblocks" for accounts that are cited for "spam" which could be even spamming your own profile. These roadblocks force users to "identify" friends in photos. And for activists, that would mean identifying faces produced by facial recognition software in protest photos. Also the algorythims that target activists, seem to miss a lot of illegal racist activities and child pornography, which we have screenshot evidence of. Facebook gladly hands over our personal information to law enforcement, but is silent and untouchable when we need the information on accounts that are violating the law. They have even gutted the reporting tools in response to people demanding that facebook delete racist profiles. While we occupy wall street, we can all send a message to facebook and corporate investor's that we are the media. We will use our accounts to promote social justice and we will use our social media time to share information with others and post prolifically regardless of their roadblocks.
Page: ‎100 people like this
In the meantime in Washington... Sacrafice My Ass Regatta #1`

"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil OBEDIENCE. Our problem is the numbers of people all over the world who have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their governments and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, {and} the grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem." - Howard Zinn

56,938 Wisconsin Jobs Lost to China - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog
David Tatarowicz
@ Governor Walker
I really like your Cindy Archer job program.
You started that program by eliminating civil service status for a number of high paying jobs in your administration, and changing them over to political appointments.
Cindy Archer who worked for you in Milwaukee County as your chief aide, was rewarded for her work in Milwaukee by you appointing her as the state deputy administration secretary, at a modest living wage of $124,000 per year.
Not bad work for a non union, non civil servant, political appointee.
Your program is a little puzzling however, since Archer transferred to another one of your politically appointed jobs, as Legislative Liaison at the Dept of Children and Families -- at a lower pay rate of only $99,449 per year. Although the previous person in that position, as a civil servant, was paid $39,128 less for the same job.
I wonder if the difference in pay is being made up by allowing Archer to get back dated on sick pay for 344 hrs and she hasn't even had to report to her new assignment, as she is cashing in that sick pay.
Hmmmmm does she need a doctor's note for being sick? I remember there was a big deal made over the Teachers who were demonstrating your slick Union Busing Program at the State Capitol, being threatened for using sick days, and having dubious doctors' notes!!
Maybe in your next address on jobs, you can tell us how to apply for the Cindy Archer Program -- it sure beats working for a living.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Saturday Protest News Round Up

The Maddow Blog - The Koch brothers graph

Representative Christine Sinicki and Scott Wittkopf

Woman interviewed for state job days after it was given to Archer - JSOnline

Rand Paul Thinks The Koch Brothers Should Go To Jail

Fancy Time Boat Protest - video

Two Rivers factory moving to Mexico

Krugman says...The Social Contract

Governor's spokesman granted immunity - JSOnline

Is it “all about the kids” (and what that might mean)? — Take One (in relation to ULGM and Madison

Walker Spokesman Given Immunity In Investigation -- Has No Comment

Secret Conservative Report Reveals Scott Walker as a Dire Fiscal Failure

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s spokesman and two others granted immunity in corruption investigation.

WisPolitics: Guv's spokesman, two others granted immunity in ongoing John Doe probe

Protesting Scott Walker and The Croquet Ballers |

Gov. Walker holds state's first job creation forum in La Crosse

Plain Talk: Grothman, Nass again don’t have a clue

Filming one of Walker's 'undercover' thugs @ Tenney Park 9.22.11

‎"So yesterday Walker closed the PUBLIC locks at Tenney Park in an attempt to keep us off the lake (Leslie Amsterdam had pontoons rented from MSCR that had to go through the locks), he also sent at least 5 'undercover' thugs to monitor us in Tenney Park (plus 3 boats & countless others around the mansion). The guy in this video was literally found in the bushes by the bridge in Tenney filming us w/an earpiece in as well. Here's some video of documentary filmmaker Sam Mayfield filming him"--Nick Nice

New Battleground Wisconsin Podcast Episode, featuring Dana Schultz, New State Director, 9to5 Wisconsin.
Battle 1: Recession hits working women, Wisconsin wages plummet, more jobs leave, and Walker promotes out-of-state jobs.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin | Battleground Wisconsin Podcast | Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Friday Protest News Round Up

Selling out public schools: Millions of dollars are changing face of education

I Sense a Pattern!

Someone should tell Rick Esenberg there’s a difference between a crime and a non-crime

Wall Photos

Protesting Scott Walker and The Croquet Ballers |

Cognitive Dissidence: Van Hollen's Abdication Of Duties Continues

Gov. Scott Walker says Wisconsin is broke and $3 billion in debt

WHY? J.B. Van Hollen Jumps at Michael McGee, Declines to Help in Scott Walker Probe

Monologues of Dissent: Scott Walker vs the State of Education: An open letter to Brian Williams

boat protest of fancy-time croquet party

Revolution! (part 2)

Boat Protest on lake in front of Governor's mansion | nick nice's Playlists

The assembly hearing on the personal jurisdiction bill Event Detail

Wisconsin's median income plummets, census figures show - JSOnline

Wall Photos

Walker letter

The epic arrogance of Scott Walker

“Walkergate” Update: Archer Emails, and Van Hollen partisanship


Budget Blog: Darling, Grothman say Taylor should be removed from JFC

Lena C. Taylor
MILWAUKEE-Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Black Caucus Chair Stephanie Findley following news that Scott Walker ally J.B. Van Hollen declined to assist Milwaukee prosecutors in a corruption probe of Scott Walker, after jumping at the opportunity to help in investigating former Milwaukee Ald. Michael McGee. "J..B. Van Hollen owes citizens, African-Americans in particular, an answer to questions why he and his office leapt at the opportunity to help in the prosecution of former Ald. Michael McGee Jr., even while his hyper-partisan office declined the request for aid in the investigation of his close "Tea Party" ally Scott Walker. Time-and-again, Republicans have insisted that there need be no attention paid to discrimination in law enforcement activities, to the point that Walker signed away protections designed to track and detail so-called "racial profiling." Van Hollen, meanwhile, has been a willing accomplice in creating the fraudulent narrative of widespread "voter fraud," that lead to Jim Crow-style suppression legislation that is among the most severe in the country, and which affects African-Americans the most. In creating this phony narrative, Van Hollen offered up any and all resources of his office. But now, his office cannot lift a finger. So, we ask, why does Wisconsin's top cop jump to help prosecutors in the investigation of a black elected official, while declining the same help when the tables are turned on his political partner?"

J Eric Cobb
To the protestors: Seriously you guys, you all really need to grow up. Grow up, cut your hair, get a real job after dropping out of college, run for office, become a shady politician, sell out your humanity, behave as a "good citizen should" by telling everyone else what to do, do everything your telling others not to, stab others in the back, lie to everyone, pretend everything is OK, don't fight for anything right, don't stand up for anything that matters, sell your soul for $1, laugh at others in pain, burn the constitution while wrapped in the American flag, pretend it's OK to take away other's rights, beat your kids, cheat on your spouse, drive while drunk, condone the abuse of animals, the environment, the poor, people of color and gays, force your religion on everyone, shoot down anyone different than you or that has a different opinion than yours, kill the innocent, praise the guilty, and while you're at it, ignore any other fellow human being who even tries to ask for your help. Now you're all grown up... Welcome to adulthood.

Weekly Larson Report: New Obstacles to Getting to Work and the Fight to Save Milwaukee County Public Transit

Chris Larson
Just finished with "Governor Walker's Commission on Fraud, Waste, and Abuse". They ignored the fact that one commission member, Cynthia Archer, resigned without explanation while her transfer to a new political position that gave her a 60% salary increase from the previous person. And she has yet to show up for it. Nothing discussed today had to do with fraud, waste, or abuse. Instead, Sen. Lasee wanted to talk about where the DOT puts flower beds. The level of absurdity for these Republicans continues to amaze me.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dear Friends, The Pleasure of Your Company Is Requested!

Dear, Dear Friends,

The pleasure of your company is requested tomorrow evening!

Please join hosts:

Vivian Creekmore & Michael Kaye
Julie & David Feingold
James & Jenifer Keach
Sam Liebert
Roger Merry & Cathy Aubrecht
County Clerk of Courts Eldred Mielke & Jan Mielke
Guy & Bev Shiltz

Sponsors & Co-Sponsors:

Rep. Chuck Benedict~Sen. Judy Robson
Rep. Mike Sheridan~Sheriff Bob Spoden
Nancy & Marty Stabb~Rep. Janis Ringhand
County Clerk Lori Stottler
Milton Alderperson Anissa Welch
DPRC Chair David Vaughn & Judy Vaughn
Wanda Sonnentag~Ted Kinnaman
Doug Lueck~Mark Fuller & Janet LaBrie
Roger & Cindy Anclam~Bill Breidenstein

for a reception honoring


Candidate for Congress against Paul Ryan

Friday, September 23rd, 2011
5 – 7 p.m.

at the
Janesville Woman’s Club
108 South Jackson Street
Janesville, WI 53548

Suggested Contribution Levels

Sponsor $250 Co-Sponsor $100
Supporter $25 Friend $15

PLEASE attend regardless of ability to donate!

To donate on-line:

To donate by mail:
Teri Jacobson, Treasurer
P.O. Box 2286 Kenosha, WI 53141-2286

RSVP to Lindsay at or (262) 564-6920

For more information about the campaign please visit


I love you! I really, really do. And, I hope to see you tomorrow!

Your friend,


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thursday Protest News Round Up

You may ask where is Wednesday Protest News Round Up but alas with all the Facebook changes, I'm not able to access links going back that far...If there were any good stories that were missed, please leave a comment with a link.  Thank you.

Brett Hulsey Demobilizing A Movement - YouTube

One Billion Americans For Clay Matthews Sacking WI Governor Scott Walker

Bad River Reservation of Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians Press Confer...

John Nichols: Legislature should reverse Walker’s cronyism

Segway Jeremy Ryan
So Nass puts out a press release today saying that Chief Tubbs deserves a review and possible termination for being too soft on protesters... I just issued a press release agreeing he needs a review and possibly termination but not for being too soft, for violating our rights time and time again...

Mark Pocan
I don't know which troubling story about Scott Walker today I like more. The fact that he is trying to stop his staff member who was raided by the FBI from testifying in court in case she could speak the truth OR the fact that 6000 of the jobs he claims he created actually were created in other states. Give me an R, give me a E, give me a C......

Scott Walker will be in La Crosse on Thursday 9/22 at 2340 Enterprise Avenue which in Main Street Ingredients. We are meeting at 12:15PM for his 12:45PM arrival. Please spread the word!!

Wall Photos.  Just in case anyone has any questions...

Milwaukee Ironworkers
Tomorrow there will be a rally in Milwaukee in Solidarity with President Obama's speech in Ohio about investment in infrastructure to create jobs.

If you are interested in being part of this Rally for Jobs we will be meeting at the McDonalds: 920 W. North Ave, Milwaukee. at 10:45am. We will walk to the North Avenue - Hwy. 43 overpass.

Carpool / Caravan:
From Kenosha: UAW - 3615 Washington Road - Meet at 10am
From Racine: Shopko - Hwy 20/Washington Ave. - Meet at 10am

For those who drive with "carpoolers" you will be reimbursed gas mileage.

Please share this information with whomever you think may be interested in joining us and who will help us spread the word.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Protest News Round Up

Fighting Bob Fest attendees say it's up to the people to recall Scott Walker

Scott Walker, Wisconsin Governor, Eyed In Corruption Probe After FBI Raid On Cynthia Archer's Home

Joe Burns: Reviving the Strike!

Voters Want State Government Reform

Nice… WI Leftists Say Activist Should Have Pi$$ed On GOP Lawmakers – Defend His Assault on Republica

Fighting Bob Fest #2: A post by micwazoo |

Paul Ryan: Class warfare = bad economics. Let's work together to promote growth.

Is Thompson too centrist for GOP? - JSOnline

Paul Ryan Insults Our Intelligence Yet Again

Support the Rotunda 13

Why Labor is Weak - and What We Can Do About It - Rice Lake

Republicans Accuse Obama of Waging 'Class Warfare' With Millionaire Tax Plan

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Fighting Racism on the UW Campus!

Ariens Co,. of Brillion, to add 100 workers | Appleton Post Crescent |

Study: U.S. Has Weakest Labor Protections Among Rich Nations

Sly In The Morning: Does beer-soaking Woody Woodpecker really stain labor too much?

Sly In The Morning: Media Saying Bobfest Too Radical

Support the Solidarity Hunger Strikers

County Board Conservatives Gone Wild – Wasting $100,000 or more?!

Sly In The Morning: Cynthia Archer: Being neighbors isn't political.

Lawmakers Say Time Is Right For Bipartisanship

Thom Hartmann is loved by many, especially at Fighting Bob Fest

Why I Will Be There - Jenna Pope | October 2011

Wisconsin's photo ID law has big image problem - JSOnline

Sly In The Morning: Neil Rainford: AFSCME 40's members costs increasing

Sly In The Morning: John Nichols: Cynthia Archer's Clever Disguise

Grading Our Teachers: Job evaluation reform gains traction | Wausau Daily Herald | wausaudailyherald

Maple Leaf Parade ! Walk with Jill Billings

Scotty Fitz calls the aluminum kettle black

Legislature returns with little on agenda | Green Bay Press Gazette |

16 Democratic state senators; Do I hear 17? Going once, going twice ...

Wisconsin Capitol Police Arrest Citizens for Filming State Assembly Meeting | The Dissenter

More about Archer FBI raid

Freshman congressman hasn't voted this year - JSOnline

Why do the Poor Continue to Defend tax Breaks for the Rich

Sly In The Morning: Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca

Madison360: Once a source of pride, Dane County's safety net is in peril

Speak Out for Wisconsin Public Schools

Walker To Hold Jobs Summit At Lambeau Field

Wineke: Why Is The Left So Anguished?

The Inevitability of the Rise of Liberal Christianity |

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Right-wing attack on workers’ rights is unprecedented and unabashed « Amer

Jacque focuses on extreme social agenda as Wisc. loses jobs - One Wisconsin Now

In The News : Milwaukee Area Labor Council AFL-CIO

Statewide Film Screening: “Broadcast Blues” - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog

Reach Out Wisconsin | Fostering respect and understanding in Wisconsin politics.

How to deal with an internet troll

Lawmakers Propose Court Changes

Candidate emerges for local county board seat - The Waunakee Tribune - Waunakee, WI

NEW Proof of Wukesha Election Fraud

Paul Ryan DIY Town Hall

Dan Cody for Milwaukee County Supervisor kickoff party

Paul Ryan Protest in Racine!!

Tommy Thompson files fundraising paperwork in Wis. Senate race

A United Wisconsin to recall Scott Walker Fund-rasier

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Hires Lawyer As FBI Searches Home Of Former Aide

Important Update

Phil Neuenfeldt, AFL-CIO, at Fighting Bob Fest 2011 | Frequency

Concealed carry law prompts Marquette to revise weapon policy - JSOnline

Rep. Tammy Baldwin is a favorite among many at Fighting Bob Fest

Citizen Dave: Rep. Steve Nass looks to exploit Madison brewhaha - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Mahlon Mitchell of Wisconsin Firefighters, Madison, WI

Governor Walker's adversaries emboldened by Wisconsin FBI probe

Paul Ryan Endorses ‘Unemployment Reform’ That Asks The Jobless To Work More For Less

WI Prison Spending Increase Top in Nation in 1990s

ALEC Exposed: Starving Public Schools

“Walkergate” Player’s Link to Privatization point to Scott Walker agenda as County Exec, Governor

Mark Cuban: 'The Most Patriotic Thing' Wealthy Americans Can Do Is Pay 'Lots Of Taxes'

Emerge Wisconsin

Legislative Assistant Position Open in Rep. Mason’s office

Greg Palast on Vos Beer Shower New York Style

Monday, September 19, 2011

Week in Protest News Round Up: September 11 - September 18

Protest News Round Ups are put together every day to keep track of Wisconsin Protest news.  Here are the Protest News Round Ups for the last week.  See what you missed, read and share liberally!

Saturday / Sunday Protest News Round Up Part 1  9/17 - 9/18/2011

Saturday / Sunday Protest News Round Up Part 2

Friday Protest News Round Up 9/16/2011

Thursday Protest News Round Up 9/15/2011

Wednesday Protest News Round Up 9/14/2011

Tuesday Protest News Round Up 9/13/2011

Sunday / Monday Protest News Round Up  9/11 - 9/12/2011

Monday Protest News Round Up

At Issue: Should state government have fewer 'unclassified' employees?

Some county commissioners say furlough days are for union workers, not them - Chicago Sun-Times

Fighting Bob Fest - September 17, 20

Do New Voting Laws Suppress Fraud? Or Democrats? : NPR

A Reception for Rob Zerban - Janesville

Business? How about JOBS!? Paul Ryan in Racine

Photos from Fighting Bob Fest, Madison Wisconsin, September 17, 2011 |

Brown County Executive Troy Streckenbach, Brown County supervisors in power struggle | Green Bay Pre

Rep. Ryan Accuses Obama of Waging 'Class Warfare' With Millionaire Tax Plan

Ryan: Obama's 'Buffett Rule' is class warfare

Fighting Bob Fest - September 17, 2011

Wisc. Official Tells Staff to Keep Quiet About Free Voter IDs

Hillbilly Report

Thompson bid for Senate will tell us a lot about the GOP - JSOnline

Wisconsin private schools' state funding up $17M as public school funding is slashed | Green Bay Pre

Corps of Engineers questions Wisconsin rewriting mining laws - JSOnline

September 18, 2011

Cognitive Dissidence: An Introduction To Walkergate

Fighting Bob Fest attendees say it's up to the people to recall Scott Walker

Dispatch from Michigan: Urgent. “All hell is breaking out here.”

John Nichols: After FBI raid, why is Walker stonewalling?

Get Your Free American Dream Sticker Today

The Center for Media and Democracy and The Nation Win September Sidney for “ALEC:Exposed,” A Look I

Thousands Cheer Bernie Sanders's Appeal to Obama, Super-Committee: Make the Rich Pay for Deficits |.

At Fighting Bob Fest, Progressives Vow to Push Back

Media Mob Makes A HUGE Deal Out Of Spilled Beer, Gets A Lesson On What Is Actually Violence - YouTube

Wisconsin to DC: Why I am going.

The Political Environment: Shenanigans With State Jobs Again Undermining Walker

FightingBobFest - September 17, 2011

Dane County Board conservatives seek influence by threatening borrowing resolution

Madison Board of Education to host public meeting about Madison Prep proposal

Fighting Bob Fest: Stand up! Fight back! | Defend Wisconsin

Holloway, County Board question Walker’s records disposal - JSOnline

bernie sanders at Fighting Bob Fest 2011

dennis kucinich at Fighting Bob Fest 2011

 The Sara Schulz Show
This is another tax break for the wealthy put in by my Senator....Neal Kedzie. Thanks Neal.

‎" Another top aide, Thomas Nardelli, who had also followed Walker from county government as Walker’s chief of staff to a job at the State Capitol, quit his latest post in the administration just three days after accepting it.
These curious actions tend to suggest that they are coming under severe pressure from legal authorities to testify about the practices of Walker’s campaign for governor."
W.P.I.N.: FBI raid on Walker aide spells major trouble for Koch’s man in Madison :: News From Underg

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday / Sunday Protest News Round Up Part 2

Superintendent Evers: “This is not the Wisconsin I know” | Defend Wisconsin

Walker says he knows nothing about what prompted raid on former aide's home - JSOnline

Mason Fundraiser with Special Guest

Protest Scott Walker at Williamson County GOP Reagan Day Dinner

The Water's Edge : Northern Wisconsin Environment Issues Politics

Scott Walker, Wisconsin Governor, Eyed In Corruption Probe After FBI Raid On Cynthia Archer's Home

Anthony Hardie Resigns from Wisconsin Veterans Agency | Veterans News Now

Inside the Koch Brothers 2011 Summer Seminar: Part 1 of 2 | Scoop News

Walker Administration Rakes in $22 Million in Obama Stimulus Funds | Defend Wisconsin

Jorgensen eyes run in 43rd Assembly District - Daily Jefferson County Union - Fort Atkinson, WI

Citizen Dave: Reimburse Madison for Capitol protest costs, audit Wisconsin Republicans - Isthmus | T

Teamster Nation: Teamsters protest Scott Walker in KY

Analyzing the Brew-Ha-Ha at the Madison Capitol

- Citizen Dave, an Isthmus|The Daily Page blog

Wall Photos

Feds approve Wisconsin request for stimulus for small businesses - BizTimes

Scott Walker Has Failed Wisconsin…part 4 “The Wisconsin Idea” – Fighting Bob Edition

How Can You Tell When Scott Walker's Lying?

'John Doe': How Blog Comments Have Launched Probe Of Walker

John Nichols, Sen. Bernie Sanders on unions and the middle class

Listen to this week's new Battleground Wisconsin Podcast, featuring Stephanie Bloomingdale, Secretary Treasurer, Wisconsin AFL-CIO.

Topics covered - new sobering poverty numbers, President Obama Jobs plan, Voter ID DOT memo and employee firing and Walker Healthcare Deform.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin | Battleground Wisconsin Podcast | Battleground Wisconsin Podcast
Media Mob Makes A HUGE Deal Out Of Spilled Beer, Gets A Lesson On What's Actually Important

dennis kucinich at Fighting Bob Fest 2011

Cognitive Dissidence: An Introduction To Walkergate

Probe surrounding Wis. governor apparently growing

Holding up the sky: A brief reflection

Walkergate Commences

Teach-in Schedule for Take The Square, Madison, Sun, Sept 18, noon on -