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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Protest Page of the Day: Support Bill Cronon

Most people became aware of Bill (William) Cronon when he was attacked by the Republican machine for publishing his ground-breaking expose on ALEC - American Legislative Exchange Council - which until Bill Cronon dragged into spotlight, was somewhat quietly manufacturing legislation for mass-distribution and adoption in many states.  Never mind the fact that Professor Cronon was already a highly-respected historian at UW-Madison, it was his report on ALEC that brought Bill Cronon the widely deserved recognition from the masses and drew expression of support from many notables including New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize Laureate Paul Krugman.

Since the original report, which can be found here:, floodgates have opened and volumes of new information, including entire websites dedicated to nothing but revealing more sordid legislation created by ALEC, have joined the ranks of Wisconsin Pages of Protest.  You can also find Professor Cronon's main website here: William Cronon.

Support Bill CrononIn the meantime, Support Bill Cronon Facebook page, which is not run by Professor Cronon himself but is operated with his permission, continues to bring to light new information on ALEC and has become a clearing house for news stories, reports and leaked documents related to American Legislative Exchange Council.  Should the day come when ALEC is disbanded, renamed or just plain closed, we will have Professor Bill Cronon to thank for pointing the way and that is why Support Bill Cronon is our Protest Page of the Day.  

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