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Friday, July 8, 2011

Prossergate: Day 13

3-prong crisis of Prossergate continues:

#1. More pressure on Prosser to step aside

First story comes cited, ironically enough, by Greta Van Susteren of Fox News
It just got weirder: WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT « Gretawire

The full story from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
25-foot tall inflatable Prosser balloon spotted outside the Capitol

Letters: Justice shifts blame toward others | Appleton Post Crescent |

Prosszilla assaults Capitol Square

Prosszilla - The Giant Inflatable Honorable David "Chokemaster" Prosser - video

Miles vs The Strangler - video

Teamster Nation: Prosser balloon chokes passers-by in WI

Floppy fists of justice - Maddowblog

Feminist Wire at Ms. Magazine lets its readers know that WI Justice Encouraged to Resign After Choking Colleague

#2. Counterattack on other Justices and Democrats

This story fits into both categories 2 and 3 because it states that Republicans may use Prossergate as a way to change the way Supreme Court justices are chosen in order to remove Supreme Court Chief Justice Abrahamson from her position as the Chief Justice.
Crime and Courts: GOP looks to end liberal lock on chief justice job

And here is a constitutional amendment authored by Representative Tyler August (R-Walworth) that would change how Wisconsin's Supreme Court chief justice is determined.  The bill, would modify the state's constitution to require a peer election among the seven justices to select the Chief Justice, rather than being based on seniority.  That would mean chief justice Abrahamson - out.

#3. Using Prossergate to change how Supreme Court Justices are chosen

Let's end Supreme Court elections in Wisconsin argues Isthmus

The Journal Sentinel's Craig Gilbert explores political trends, gives good historical and contextual perspective of the situation, the likelihood of change and who advocates for each side.
Should the state Supreme Court be appointed? Would it "fix" the court? Will it ever happen? - JSOnline

Journalist who broke the Prossergate story dares to suggest that the real problem may be the way Supreme Court elections are financed.
Bill Lueders: Is money to blame for Supreme Court dysfunction?

Third Coast Patti Wenzel looks in detail at the constitutional amendment proposed by State Senators Cullen (D) and Schultz (R).
Elected or appointed judges: Will it stop the fighting? | ThirdCoast Digest


Interesting editorial from the urging Wisconsin Supreme Court to apologize to the State of Wisconsin and suggesting that whoever is found guilty as result of the investigation, should resign.
Editorial: Court should issue unanimous apology to state | The Oshkosh Northwestern |

Janesville's Jim Lyke reveals that from now on Justices will solve their disputes like Mexican wrestlers.
Lykeminded: Episode 8 - Home Page Videos - Video Player :: Local Vision TV

1 comment:

  1. The cool thing is that, as the Wisconsin judiciary looks worse and worse, because it is dominated with Republicans, it is likely that more moderate and Democratic justices will be appointed and re-elected. In California, where I am from, the Republicans have packed our supreme court with "tough on crime" former prosecutors, and found that these are the same guys that protect big business and screw the little guy. Watching that scheme fall apart in Wisconsin warms my heart. We all need judges who are not corrupt.