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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Why Defend Wisconsin News Round Up?

1. Because someone had to.

Putting together links to news stories about what has been taking place in Wisconsin since mid-February 2011 was something that had to be done.  My favorite news website is which brings together best political stories nationwide.  Having been an avid, regular reader of Political Wire, when Wisconsin Protests began, I knew that a website bringing together relevant news about the situation in Wisconsin had to exist yet it was missing.  I am glad that DWNRU can plug that "hole".    

2. History

Facebook provides an unbelievable, never seen before opportunity to share information.  But once the story is "shared" on Facebook it goes away.  Additionally, considering the furious pace with which new stories were coming out in February and March, I knew that sharing each of these stories would be an overload, an overkill of sorts for my Facebook friends.  Therefore it seemed that putting together all of these headlines together in one place and releasing them in chunks made the most sense.

Additionally, the Archivist in me feels that it is important to preserve these news stories as resource for future readers, researchers and historians, who will look at what is happening in these, by no measure ordinary times, and will see how the events unfolded, how they were covered, who said what and in what order.  

3. Communication

To my great satisfaction, DWNRU is being read nationwide, which means there are people in Virginia, California and everywhere in-between, who are paying attention to what is going on in Wisconsin.  That part of the puzzle is vital.  After all, if you did something and nobody knew about it, the impact of your action will not be as significant.  DWNRU brings together news about Wisconsin Protests that is relevant, timely and regular.

4. To bring together local voices

Rock County and more specifically, Janesville area where this blog originates, has its share of talented, passionate people who are excellent writers.  Bringing local voices together and giving them a bigger stage has been a wonderful opportunity for me to share opinions of real people with the rest of the state and the world.  Whether it is Vivian Creekmore's Love Letters or John Jenks' musings about the relationship between Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand, these are thoughts worth reading and I'm glad to be able to help share these with a wider audience.

Thank you for continuing to count on Defend Wisconsin News Round Up to provide you with the regular round up of news relevant to Wisconsin Protests and thank you for helping us spread the word about this site.  For our part we will continue to work hard to make sure Wisconsin remains as Bob LaFollette called it: "Laboratory of Democracy"! 

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