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Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday morning news round up

NYC Protest Walker at RNC fundraiser Tuesday June 28 4-8pm, 781 5th Ave between 58th & 60th ST

Fighting Bob - How low can we go?

Michael Feldman's daughter lets Walker know how we all feel about him. This is real, not photoshop.

A Day At Devils Lake With Scott Walker 6-25-11 - video

Solidarity Sing Along says: Help Needed!

Prosser Domino 1 – Who is next?

Wisconsin Jobs Now - Facebook page demanding Governor Walker to invest in good jobs for Wisconsin now.

OpEdNews - Article: ALEC: One Stop Shopping For Legislation Meant To Be Shared By Each And Every State

The gall of recalls

General Strike Posters Dealing With On-going Unrest in Wisconsin and the Middle East |

Politifact: Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca says two-thirds of Wisconsinites strongly opposed Governor Scott Walker rated as "False"

The last straw: A letter to the Wisconsin State Journal

Cenk Uygur - Republicans Declare War On The Middle Class // Current

Corporate Report Wisconsin

In the meantime Governor Kasich tells AFP-Ohio members they've made a real difference - video

The Daily Page | Madison, Wisconsin • View topic - Blaska orchestrating a confrontation at the Capital Tomorrow

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Reince Preibus To Raise For RNC At Manhattan House Party

Rally to Demand Extension of Unemployment Benefits

Mining company says project on hold until Legislature changes law - JSOnline

Fighting Bob LaFollette Film 1924

Get to know the other side: Kim Perreau-Maillette-Simac running against Jim Holperin

Shug Avery - God Is Trying To Tell You Something

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