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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday morning news round up

UW, Schools Voice Concerns About Budget Measure Affecting Internet - Technology News Story - WISC Madison

Excellent blog comment

Some protesters feel civil disobedience is the only way - WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports

GOP's move to create primary may cost taxpayers $10,000 | Fond du Lac Reporter |

Rally for Wisconsin Families Forward - Press Event

Forward Lookout | Why Did Soglin Call in the Cops on Union Protesters?

The story that won't go away: Scott Walker Replaces Painting Of Low-Income Children With Bald Eagle | ThinkProgress

Orrin Hatch: Wisconsin Gov. Walker "Did A Great Job" | TPMDC

Beloit Daily News - your source for news, entertainment, sports, opinion, events, community, shopping and more > Archives > Opinion > Letters > ‘Lincoln did it, so did Cullen’

Walkerville, Wisconsin. Day 3. Firefighters March, Reporters Arrested, GOP Fields Fake Candidates. « Dispatches from Fitzwalkerstan

4 Quarters, 10 Dimes: On Teabaggers and Elections: A Rant

Democrats planning for 2012 Gov. Scott Walker recall | Green Bay Press Gazette |

Walkerville Day Higher Education Day Schedule | Defend Wisconsin

Sly In The Morning: Recall Candidate Jess King (The Real Deal)

Wisconsin budget includes big policy issues | Defend Wisconsin

In the meantime in Michigan... Pontiac police dispatchers union contract can be voided by emergency manager | Michigan Radio

Day 3 of Walkerville: Reporters were granted entry, then arrested for filming the officer - blue cheddar blog

Feingold Joins Protesters Marching At Capitol Square | Defend Wisconsin

Land Rights Wisconsin: JFC Vote Threatens WI Landowner Rights

UW System broadband expansion plan in danger

Editorial by State Senator Tim Cullen: Beloit Daily News - your source for news, entertainment, sports, opinion, events, community, shopping and more > Archives > Opinion > Todays Opinion > Guest commentary

Wisconsin budget includes big policy issues - JSOnline

Get to know the other side: Press Releases from Wisconsin Club for Growth asking Wisconsin Judicial Commission to investigate possible misconduct on the part of Dance County Judge Maryann Sumi.

Wisconsin: Capitol Police Tackle, Arrest Members of the Press | FDL News Desk

VOLUNTEER: Help recall Wisconsin Republicans | Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Russ Feingold’s March With Workers Stirs Talk of a Political Comeback | The Nation

Big Money Blog: Skunky Plan Threatens Good Beer

We Are Back! - Facebook event

Fight the Power by Nick Nice

Kapanke target of campaign finance complaint | Defend Wisconsin

Wisconsin Workers in the Ring for Quality Care - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog

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