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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday morning news round up

Meanwhile in Michigan...Detroit activists join statewide effort to overturn emergency manager law

And across the nation...Oct 6 Wash D.C. Bloombergvilles of the Future

Daily Kos: Tea Partier Punches WI Solidarity Singer in the Face

The 10 Best Cities for Families on Shine - Madison #6

Wisconsin's Most Anti-Woman Budget

What If Everyone Understood Today What Roseanne Understood Then?

Two Madison brewpubs stop selling MillerCoors beers in protest of budget provision

Democrats add another proposal to venture mix - JSOnline

Home - Tim Cullen speaks during debate on the state budget

Republicans in Legislature may try to make recalls harder - JSOnline

‘Walkerville’ served its purpose well

Wisconsin Protests Pt. 4 - video

This is what lawmaking in Wisconsin has come to

Hallis - video of a man on hunger strike outside the Capitol

The Battle Continues in Wisconsin - video - Wisconsin budget allows for return of bail bondsmen and bounty hunters

Stop Ryan's plan to end Medicare - page by Rep. Cory Mason

Scott Walker’s Wisconsin: Open For Business Or Turning Away Jobs? - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog

What about the poorest public workers? - The Sconz, an Isthmus|The Daily Page blog

Walkerville Leaves Behind Souvenirs of the Pizza Revolution

Penalizing Milwaukee - JSOnline

Scott Walker finds making bumper stickers is easier than creating jobs

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