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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday morning news round up

Democracy is Coming to Ohio: 1.3 Million Voters Force Referendum to Restore Labor Rights | The Nation

Photo of the semi truck that delivered 1.3 million signatures to Ohio's Secretary of State.  They only needed 231,000 signatures to put Ohio's new collective bargaining ban to a referendum vote in November.

Monologues of Dissent - blog's Facebook page

New twist, the Voter ID law eliminated the ability of the GAB to appoint people to register voters statewide, the good news is you can still be appointed by your local municipality to register voters in your municipality for free! In Madison it's as easy as watching a 10 min video and mailing in a short form with three questions. Check out for details and join the fight for democracy today!

Wisconsin Public Radio - Display Audio Archives - Mary Bell talks on WPR about anti-rights law and moving forward

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