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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday afternoon news round up

Do you agree with the Supreme Court's decision to reinstate the collective bargaining law?

Ed to people of Wisconsin: ‘Keep hope alive’

Marc Pocan's First Blog for The Progressive: Wisconsin Republicans latest tricks exposed

Robert Reich (Why the Republican War on Workers' Rights Undermines the American Economy)

Russ Feingold Lets Scott Walker Have It With Both Barrels! // Current

Wis. GOP's Fake 'Democrats' To Cost Taxpayers More Than $400K

Senator Jon Erpenbach on voter confusion

Doug La Follette: ‘I will publish’ the law on June 28 | Defend Wisconsin

A United Wisconsin to recall Scott Walker - Facebook group

The Budget’s Impact on Wisconsin’s Working Class Families | Defend Wisconsin

Wisconsin Supreme Court overturns Open Meetings ruling, upholds Act 10

The Dishonesty Strategy

The News From Eau Claire: Our Laws Do Not Apply In Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Representative Mark Pocan: Pocan defends the environment

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce says protesters “attacked” their headquarters with “graffiti on the sidewalk" and more.  Rated Barely True by PolitiFact.

Rally for a People's Rights Agenda! (And REJECT Walker's Corporate Agenda) - Facebook event

Call Pizza di Roma at 608-268-0900 and buy a pizza for Walkerville.  SEIU | Pizza

A letter from UW Extension Chancellor's office explaining how things changed overnight.

Senate votes to legalize concealed carry  Senator Tim Cullen:  ‎"If this bill helps make Wisconsin safer, then why are there any exceptions?" said Sen. Tim Cullen, D-Janesville. "Are some citizens of Wisconsin protected by this bill and others aren't?  

No Checks, No Balances in Lawless Fitzwalkerstan | The Nation

Gov. Walker's approval rating down to 43% in new statewide survey - JSOnline

Destroying Ourselves : Jeremi Suri

John Nichols: GOP should be shamed for primary plot

PolitiFact | All statements involving Scott Walker

Wisconsin's Polarizing Union Law To Take Effect : NPR

Wisconsin's union law that cuts bargaining powers to take effect following Supreme Court ruling | Ap

Protesters Come To Capitol For Budget Debate

June 14 Rally - photos

What's next??? Maybe this?? wouldn't it be wonderful???

Plan to cut funding for WiscNet is axed from budget

Capitol Report: 'Extraordinary' session never before used to pass budget

Protesters decry Supreme Court decision, turn to recall elections - JSOnline

Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling Affront to Democracy, Sets Dangerous Precedent - Wisconsin State AFL- CIO

WisPolitics Budget Blog: Abrahamson accuses majority of giving case 'short shrift'

Wisconsin Supreme Court: Union Rights Law Can Go Into Effect : The Two-Way : NPR

Workers’ share of national income plummets to record low

TV Station Demands GOP Rep. Sean Duffy Take Down Footage His Staff 'Doctored' (VIDEO)

Republican legislators should stand with Wisconsin, not Walker

Tough start for first lady Tonette Walker

Guns in Restaurants. Really? from Jess King for State Senate

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