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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday morning news round up

Five arrested at state Capitol on Monday

Capitol Updates, Wisconsin.  From Wisconsin Capitol Police

Walkerville Day Three: Protect Public Services | Defend Wisconsin

Jessica King’s Statement on RPW’s Coordinated Effort to put Fake Democrats in the Democratic Primary (1)

Know Your History:  Hooverville - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Get-together - Rock County Democrats Facebook event

Get to know the other side: Rep. Farrow: Letter to Capitol Police Chief Tubbs

Top Republican justifies running fake Democrats in recall races - JSOnline

Wis. Judge Extends Review For Anti-Dem Recalls -- But Keeps GOP Recalls On Track | TPMDC

Daily Kos: Letters Reveal Names of Wisconsin 'Fake' Dems

Important educational video:

GOP recall candidate Kim Simac says her 'spouse swap' just 'one of those quirky American stories' - JSOnline

Walkerville Tent City – We Shall Not be Moved | Defend Wisconsin - with updates

Statement of Democratic Senate Leader Mark Miller on Stunning GOP Dirty Tricks to Derail Democracy

Assistant attorney general says Legislature can block all but one person from its proceedings - JSOnline

Notorious Wisconsin Retailer Backs AFP-Linked Anti-Union Program | Tea Party and the Right | AlterNet

Daily Kos: The truth about voter fraud in Wisconsin

Walkerville Day Two: Respect K12 Teachers and Students | Defend Wisconsin

Wisconsin Budget Project

Picture of a billboard on I-94W just before Lake Mills, taken on 6.5.11

DEMOCRACY ROCKS - Janesville, Wisconsin - Facebook group

Justices split politically as court takes up collective bargaining law | Defend Wisconsin

Wisconsin Supreme Court weighs its role in collective bargaining case - JSOnline

Citizen Action of Wisconsin | Healthcare Day at Walkerville, Tuesday, June 7th | MyBlog

At least three protesters arrested - JSOnline

American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) presents:  Bail Bonds Reform:

Russ Feingold marching in Madison


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