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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Protest Page of the Day: The Heroic Wisconsin 14

Though not the official page of Wisconsin Democratic Senators, The Heroic Wisconsin 14 boasts more than 9 times the followers of the official Facebook page of the Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee. This is important because the recalls of Democratic State Senators are built on the premise that Democratic Senators deserve to be recalled for leaving the state. The Heroic Wisconsin 14 and its passionate fans remind us every day that leaving Wisconsin was not just the right thing to do for the 14 Senate Democrats, but that many in Wisconsin and beyond support their decision.

The Heroic 14 describes itself this way: "We are people, just like you, who support the 14 Wisconsin Senators who are against the stripping of Wisconsin Workers Rights. The heroic 14 Democratic senators from Wisconsin, who against all odds, are stopping the systematic stripping of worker's rights in Wisconsin." The selection of stories featured on The Heroic 14 strongly backs up the page's mission statement by featuring a vast array of current political news from around Wisconsin and beyond, wherever workers' rights are involved.

Success is not without its challenges and the curious wonder what will happen to the page, now that there are 16 Wisconsin Democratic Senators. Math aside, for its passion and dedication to promoting issues important to Wisconsin voters, The Heroic Wisconsin 14 is Defend Wisconsin News Round Up Protest Page of the Day  

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