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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Protest News Round Up

"Choking Dissent" Report: Prosser and Process | Center for Media and Democracy

Does this ASShat make my BALD SPOT look big?

AFSCME | Fighting Back and Making History

Daily Kos: New Berlin, WI imposes punitive rules on teachers

Do Republicans Want to ‘Dumb Down’ Public School Students? The Answer May Surprise You


"Record" (Wisconsin)

Profile Pictures

The heirs of the SC Johnson fortune, the richest family in Wisconsin with four multi-billionaires according to Forbes, paid not a penny of Wisconsin corporate income tax on profits from their global household products business and two smaller companies from 2000 through 2008...

‎97% of Wisconsin libraries fall below the FCC's broadband benchmark.
For more information on the broadband landscape in Wisconsin, you can read the DPI's recently updated "School and Library Broadband & Internet Access in Wisconsin" paper. It's not a light read but tells a very accurate and enlightening story.

New Berlin teacher handbook

Aug 30, 2011 1:03am New Berlin school board meeting

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