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Thursday, January 5, 2012

December 27 - January 6 Protest News Round Up

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Stephanie Leigh needs our help!

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: We Did It! Fundraiser for Stephanie Leigh reached it's goal of $1,000

Yuri Rashkin: Christmas Day Attack by Janesville Gazette

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Dear God's Fan Club

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Dear Janesville Gazette

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Janesville Gazette, partisan politics and local elected offices

Two Ex-Scott Walker Staffers Arrested In Ongoing Investigation

Can Paul Ryan be beat? - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Daily Kos: Wisconsin's Overpass Light Brigade: Visible Resistance and Bridges

Peter Barca: Year of Secrecy and Power Grabs Puts Wisconsin Democracy at Risk

Voters can request Wisconsin ID cards online

Senator Erpenbach: We Want You to Run for Governor.

Scott Walker’s War on Poverty | Blogging Blue - Blogging Liberally in the Badger State

Madison, Wisconsin ranked as best educated city in U.S.

Judge: GAB must verify signatures on recall petitions against Gov. Walker - TODAY'S TMJ4

Revelations on Walkergate: 3 former Scott Walker aides charged for theft, fraud, child enticement

Michael Best & Friedrich is too cozy with Gov. Walker and the Wisconsin Supreme Court - Isthmus | Th

» Waukesha-recall with Kathleen Falk! » A United Wisconsin

Mary Williams has no idea what “Treaty Rights” are … Ashland County Demands Public Hearing on Mining

On Campus: Who paid for Gov. Walker's trip to the Rose Bowl?

Gov. Scott Walker: Must Get Past the Recall Election to Move the State Forward

Scott Walker: Big unions will pick my rival - Mackenzie Weinger

Scott Walker Gives Long-Time Crony Huge Pay Raise « Milwaukee County First

Wisconsin's a welfare state where poor families are showered with money: Ron Johnson

Capitol Report: Walker tells conservative D.C. group he "doesn't plan to lose"

Scott Walker Slams Out-Of-State Money In Wisconsin Recall While In Washington For Fundraiser

Walker discusses recall at D.C. think tank - JSOnline

From Monologues of Dissent
*WARNING* This document contains extremely explicit details of the child enticement case against Brian Pierick - heaviliy implicating his partner Timothy Russell (the Walker aide arrested today on felony embezzelment charges). This is very graphic. And absolutely revolting. And they campaign on "values."
Three charged in John Doe investigation of Walker aides - JSOnline

News :: Scott Walker's Other Big Problem :: The Shepherd Express: Milwaukee's best guide to events,.

Ex-Walker aide arrested; charges to be announced - JSOnline

Breaking News - Ex Walker Aide Arrested - John Doe Investigation Rolling

How a Wisconsin High School Marching Band Became a Political Hot Potato - Forbes

Jorgensen Bill to Help Vets Qualify for State Work Advances

Security Guards Harass us and Flip us off While Collecting Signatures

The Political Environment: Get Ready For New Wisconsin Road Taxes, Fees, And/Or Tolls

Political Heat: Walker ad full of lies, distortions -- and he's hoping you fall for it

While states roll ahead with high-speed rail plans, Wisconsin idles

 State should plan for health care reform - JSOnline

Miller: Has hopes for 'professional way' of coping with 'extreme politics'

Court orders Wisconsin GOP to come clean on redistricting documents

Results - Scott Walker ad

Daily Kos: Pulaski WI Marching Band 'Sticking to the Union' in Rose Bowl Parade (Update)

Walker makes safety council appointment; panel to meet soon - The Lakeland Times - Minocqua, WI

Barrett Files Re-Election Papers

Wisconsin Governor puts a stop to the state’s progress on establishing a health insurance exchange «

On Politics: Rep. Grigsby moves out of intensive care

Citizens' referendum to repeal Emergency Manager law has enough signatures | Eclectablog

More Mass Layoffs, Plant Closings In 2011

Reddit, Still Attacking Paul Ryan, Raises $15,000 For Challenger

Hulsey Campaign: Rep. Brett Hulsey to Gov. Walker: Your new ad is based on broken promises

Federal judges say GOP lawmakers trying to hide redistricting details from public - JSOnline

Fellow Republican Governor Deems Scott Walker and John Kasich Failures

Scott Walker Health Program - Governor Walker Is Not Actually a Good Person

Signature Gathering at El Rey Supermercado

Michelle Obama’s backside is your business how?

Scott Walker Tries to Take Credit for Removing Family Care Caps He Instituted and Was Forced to Remo

Jeana Brown Throws Down on Scott Walker

Overpass Light Brigade in Madison

Cheap Shots 2011 - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Scott Walker — Wisconsin Reporters

Scott Walker . . . Buh-Bye

Gableman defending latest ethics scandal with Patriot Act author, (Fox) News Corp. director

Wisconsin petition coordinator: “We’re over 600,000 (signatures statewide)” to recall Gov. Scott Wal

The llatest episode from Civil Discourse entitled "Is the GOP telling us the whole story?"PodOmatic | Best Free Podcasts

Recall Walker! Car Magnet 10 x 3> Recall Walker!> Union Thug Threads: Labor Union t-shirts & gifts

Conversion of county to state jobs upends 209 workers - JSOnline

Walker agenda has been destructive for Wisconsin - BizTimes

State's decision to halt health exchanges worries insurers - JSOnline

People & Power - The Koch Brothers

U.S. News - Rose Parade disrupters face fines, jail time

Walker recall effort enters final weeks - The Northwoods River News - Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Performance Bonus to Wisconsin for Covering Uninsured Kids

Romney Worships 2011’s False Idol: Paul Ryan

Walker Reaches for Trust Funds

Value of Gableman's legal services disputed - JSOnline

Recalls Dominate Patch's Most Popular Stories of 2011

ASTOP may see loss of funding

2011: the year Wisconsin fought back. SSWIDTMS’s most viewed videos of the year

Daily Kos: Life In the Age of Scott Walker: "You *Are* Being Harassed, And Pretty Soon You're Gonna.

Governor Recall Effort Gains Steam in Wisconsin

Recall Petitioners Continue to Collect Signatures

Viewpoint: Wisconsin's sandstorm

10 Reasons Why Labor Unions Are Going to Win | Dissident Voice

As John Doe Probe Heats Up - Past Misdeeds Plague Walker

Ryan's Shrewd Budget Payday

From Wisconsin’s Department of Unmitigated Gall

Tensions over Walker recall effort lead to rise in complaints to police

Wisconsin Workers: Hope for the Holidays

Cognitive Dissidence: Walker Adds Insult To Injury For State Correction Officers


Observations and Realizations of 2011

Recall groups seek stay in GOP's lawsuit - JSOnline

Ann Jacobs, an Attorney in Milwaukee posted "IMPORTANT - here is a formal complaint against Justice Gableman filed by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and Mike McCabe. Share widely."
Walker: Punking & Punk'd

Wisconsin Supreme Court Asked By Prosecutor To Reopen Collective Bargaining Lawsuit

Scott Walker: "I Don't Even Know Where Cali Is"

Root River Siren: Scott Walker Named "Governor of the Year" By Fakey Journal

Interview with Dean Pagani, Editor of Governor's Journal

Scott Walker Went to Cali. Out-of-state protesters were ready to meet ‘n’ greet!

DA Asks Wis. Supreme Court to Reopen Union Lawsuit

State DOJ officials wanted to stay out of John Doe probe - JSOnline

Wisconsin Unemployed Could Lose a Check

Effort to Recall Scott Walker Heads to Rose Bowl

Barrett "seriously considering" recall bid - JSOnline

The Wreck of the Brothers Fitzgerald - 250th Solidarity Sing Along

Volunteer Receives Commendation from Senate Senate

Protesters Follow Scott Walker to California

Mike Tate column: Dreams of Wisconsin's next governor

The Wisconsin left made a spectacle of itself in 2011 - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Monologues of Dissent: Walker's "update" doesn't add up

Daily Kos: Report From Wisconsin: Songs, Lights and Signatures

Governor Of The Year – Scott Walker

Governor supports bill making non-strikers eligible for unemployment benefits - JSOnline

John Nichols at Recall Walker pac Barrymore Rally

Wisconsin’s spending is greater than national average, even as Walker slashes education and public s

Judge to Scott Walker recall groups: ‘No intervention’ | The State Column

Gov. Walker: We're standing up for middle class in Wis.

Save the Wisconsin Retirement System

Bill would outlaw paying for recall signatures -- GazetteXtra

"Janesville school-union talks halted" by Latest News -- GazetteXtra

Walker Tells Low-Income Wisconsinites to Take a Hike - A Tax Hike


Gableman attorney steps down from judicial selection panel - JSOnline

Walker Stalker harassing Jenna

What a $pectacular year it was! |

Walker hides behind nonsensical lawsuit to “escape from the electorate” | Blogging Blue - Blogging L

Republicans Require No Photo ID to Vote in Republican Iowa Caucus

Dan Dieterich: Walker aims to make UW a second-tier system

Are Wisconsin public employees over-compensated? | Economic Policy Institute

New work rules set in as contracts lapse

Judge Rules Against Wis Dems Intervention In GOP Recall Lawsuit

Can Paul Ryan—and His Agenda—Be Beat? It's Possible | The Nation

Are You Registered?


Wisconsin one of few states that will raise taxes on poor

400 Club Reception With Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker - Republican Party of Orange County

Walker’s Republican Party Worked in Conjunction With Big Party Bosses

Sly In The Morning: Really little things you can do to really piss off Scott Walker

WSJ: Waukesha County clerk 'likely broke state law' during April Supreme Court race | Wisconsin Wave

'Governor Of the Year' Lies to State about Family Care

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on MSNBC's Morning Joe

Gov. Walker: Political courage could see set back with his loss in recall

Daily Kos: Feds Order Lifting of Long-Term Care Caps in WI; Walker Tries to Take Credit

Beyond the polls…Moderate Wisconsin Republican voters are ditching Walker as radical right panics

Survey: How would you grade Scott Walker’s first year as governor? - Milwaukee - The Business Journa

Wisconsin awarded $23 million performance bonus for BadgerCare Plus

Spencer Black: Walker and environment: ‘That dog don’t hunt’

Recall Supporters Are Wisconsinites, Too

Al Sharpton Blasts Governor Scott Walker For 'Bogus Claims' (VIDEO)

America’s secret political power

New testimony released on GOP redistricting - JSOnline

Sly In The Morning: Scott Walker Named Governor Of The Year by GoJo

Illegal Voter Intimidation in Conover Wisconsin

Partisan politics in non-partisan elected positions -- WCLO

Governor Walker Announces Plan to Lift Family Care Enrollment Cap, Expand to New Counties

2011, the year of the recall

Your new photo IDs will arrive via mail - JSOnline

Wisconsin Renters Face New Rules

Blue cheddar: a Progressive blog in Wisconsin

Campus Connection: Walker plans to phase out Wisconsin Covenant

The Year the Protester Took Center Stage


2011 in pictures: This is what Democracy looks like | Blogging Blue - Blogging Liberally in the Badg

Scott Walker Wins Joe McCarthy Renaissance Award

Scott Walker: Wisconsin Recall Process 'Pretty Unusual'

Keeping College Students From the Polls

The Political Environment: Walker Ending 2011 With 70% Of PolitiFact Conclusions Saying "False"

Justice Who Upheld Gov. Walker’s Anti-Union Law Received Over $10k Worth Of Free Services From Walke

Wisconsin Recall Opponents: Barking Up the Wrong Fruit

Walker says he could have sold his changes better

Wis. Dems set up own public hearing on mining bill - CBS News

Walker On The ‘Koch’ Call: ‘It Was Stupid’

Fact-Checking The Fact-Checkers: The AP Releases Misleading Analysis Of Tax Plan

The Political Environment: Assembly Mining Bill Undermines Transparency Claims

Wisconsin Supreme Court Ethics Issues May Lead D.A. to Re-Open Collective Bargaining Suit | Center f

Wisconsin Losing Jobs | Lez Get Real

Wineke: Reflecting On How History Will Treat 2011

Political Heat: Why Walker's association with Grover Norquist matters

Solidarity Sing Along - December 26, 2011

Grigsby regains conscious, well-wishers pray for her health - JSOnline

Walker admits to meeting man jailed in John Doe investigation | Defend Wisconsin

2011–Dec12 FYI: JMI to Host Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker for Naples Luncheon « James Madison Ins

Scott Walker’s Shocking Year-End Revelations

Letter: Wants Walker recalled | Hudson Star-Observer | Hudson, Wisconsin

Plain Talk: If Justice Gableman had any scruples, he’d resign

To win, Democrats have to change - JSOnline


93-Year-Old Tennessee Woman Who Cleaned State Capitol For 30 Years Denied Voter ID

Illinois couple gift 3,200 acres for recreational use in Minocqua

Worley Dervish: Wisconsin Set to Throw the Republicans Out

The Progressive Honor Roll of 2011 | The Nation

Songs Sung By Working People : Our Carols and Songs

A Light Up Recall Holiday Photo Album

Scott Walker... Executive Orders
2011- Scott Walker

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