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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Round Up special: Songs of Wisconsin Protests (with UPDATES)

Wisconsin "Budget Repair Bill" Protest - Arcade Fire

‪Wisconsin "Budget Repair Bill" Protest Pt 2  - Mumford & Sons

‬‏‪Wisconsin Protests - Powerful Video - Coldplay

‪Dropkick Murphys - Take Em Down (Wisconsin Protests)
‬‏‬‏‪Ifihadahifi - Imperial Walker‬‏

‬‏‪Scott Walker (Agent of Satan)

‬‏‪Scott Walker Original Protest Song‬‏

‪Wisconsin protest We Shall Overcome‬‏

‪Big Bad Boy up in Mad City

‬‏‪Budget Repair Protest Song Kazoo Man Madison WI

‬‏‪Bon Iver - Wisconsin (Bonus Track)

‬‏‪Tom Morello - World Wide Rebel Songs Live in Madison, Wisconsin

‪Scott Walker Protest Song- Walk

‪Scott Walker Protest Song - Walk - Madison, Wisconsin Protest

‬‏‪Les Misérables protest song in Madison capital (Flash mob)

‬‏‪Hey, Governor Walker!


‬‏‪Wisconsin Protest Song (If You Can Sleep With Open Eyes)

‬‏‪Gov. Walker Rewrites Wisconsin Fight Song

‬‏‪Wisconsin Protest with Songs by David Rovics

‬‏‪"Born In Wisconsin" - Marianne

‬‏‪American Truthicide - original song

‬‏‪Governor Walker Protest Song‬‏
‬‏‪Wake Up Children

‬‏‪Wisconsin Protest Song

‬‏‪Kill This Bill (Hey Governor Scott Walker) Protest Song

‬‏‪Madison Protest Song by Craig Bruesewitz

‪Madison protesters sing "Soon and Very Soon...They Will All Be Recalled"‬‏
‬‏‪David Sewell - Mr. Walker (A Wisconsin Protest Song)

‬‏‪Fuck You (Scott Walker)

‬‏‪Hang On Wisconsin - Doug Kwartler

‬‏‪"Jump Start" Melissa Czarnik - A Song for Wisconsin & Worker's Rights

‬‏‪"Thank 'Em (Unions and Teachers) - Wisconsin Labor Movement, Feb. 2011

‬‏‪Firefighters - Amazing Grace - Inside Wisconsin State Capitol Feb 25

‬‏‪Solidarity Forever at the Wisconsin capitol

‬‏‪Tell me what democracy looks like! THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!

‬‏‪Wisconsin Protest Song against the Budget Repair Bill

‬‏‪14 Senators - a song by Ken Lonnquist (written 2-18-2011)

‬‏‪In America (Madison Outcry Version) - Wisconsin Union Protest Song

‪Day 7 Music pt 1‬‏
‪Day 7 Music pt 2‬‏

‪Day 7 Music pt 3

‬‏‪Day 7 Music pt 4‬‏

‪Day 7 Music pt 5

‬‏‪Day 7 Music pt 6

‬‏‪On Wisconsin AFSCME‬‏



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