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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Don't Let Walker Steal This Recall

Don't Let Walker Steal This Recall----

Start with the students and make sure grandma and grandpa realize this is not the Republican Party they used to support. Scott Walker is not a small government conservative....He is an Authoritarian Corporatist who is enabling the very rich to reduce everyone to serfdom except those wealthy enough and nasty enough to take away rights from WE THE PEOPLE. We have marched and canvassed and we must persist. Do not stop now! He is using every dirty trick in the book and those of you still on the fence...Get out there and drive the votes into the voting booths. Everyone needs to participate this time. Don't cry about who is not in the race....Don't cry about how the DNC did not do their part....Get out the vote and make sure you remember why and how we got here! Now get moving!!!!!!  FORWARD  

The Karl Rove Playbook as executed by the Walker Campaign

Tactic #1:   Take the Offensive
Tactic #2:   Attack Your Opponent’s Strengths
Tactic #3:   Accuse Your Opponent of what they will Accuse You Of and then keep attacking. Example: Walker is covering up the reason for his legal defense fund with the aid of poorly researched Wisconsin Journal Sentinel Milwaukee Crime Statistics….
Tactic #4:   Go Negative, and then Cry foul….This has been an everyday event in “Walkerville”.
Tactic #5:   The “Big Lie”---The Need to quickly pass AB 11 because we were broke.
Tactic #6:   Appeal to Moral Values: Walker---Son of a Preacher Man…Really?
Tactic #7    Sell your candidates persona even if it is not true…Walker the Family Man that cares about the poor and middle class….
Tactic # 8:  Sell an Adolescent Worldview so it appears big problems is really small even though they are very complex….The whole budget mess was due to greedy teachers, librarians, and state workers according to Walker. Authoritarians need to have someone to hate. These folks were convenient and happened to be Union Workers.
Tactic #9:   Exploit the Media…Especially those who support your worldview (Fox News…Wisconsin Journal Sentinel…Janesville Gazette) Fox News proved that news no longer has to be true and that is why they are not welcome in Canada.

Tactic #10: Create Straw Issues: Choose from many he and the Fitzgerald’s put forth. Wedge issues and Divide and Conquer…Lie to Congress and then spin it as being picked on. “One of the Republican Party's major successes over the last few decades has been to persuade many of the working poor to vote for tax breaks for billionaires.” And… “Republicans sell values. Consider the four G's: God, guns, gays and grizzlies.” They now have added…Attack Women’s Rights and take away fair pay and the right to choose medical procedures without interference by the state. Don’t forget Senator Glenn Grothman’s bills trying to arrest single parents or at least try to demonize single parents….

Tactic #11:  Employ Surrogates to do the dirty work: Americans For Prosperity for one and as we have been finding out through the John Doe probe….Others on Taxpayer’s time and doing things that are totally against the law and then claiming you are cooperating when you are stonewalling.

Tactic #12:  Use Emotional Appeals: Unions are to blame for everything wrong within the state and job creators need to be worshipped.

Tactic #13:  Rely on Expert Testimonials from those supported by your donors (Follow the Walker Money…and other biased think tanks) Bush Examples: “Often, these people have a financial stake in their positions (e.g., working for a tobacco company or as a lobbyist) or hold a like-minded ideological position (e.g., a member of a think tank, former member of an administration, or ex-government official). To illustrate, Bush has argued that global warming is a phenomenon that has not been proven by the scientific community. To support his point, he points to several scientists who hold this position. However, the overwhelming consensus of the scientific community points to scientific evidence of dramatic climatic shifts, in large measure as a result of human pollutants in the air.” Walker gets support from the Koch Brothers and Diane Hendricks.

Tactic #14:  Rhetorical Devices: “….campaign strategy taps into a wide range of fears and insecurities within the public that in turn controls their attitudes and—more importantly—their voting behavior.”
·         “Misrepresenting a person's position and presenting it in a form that people will reject”
·         “Take your opponent’s words out of context”
·         “Three Card Monte”---…” makes a false statement. He then qualifies it by admitting its falsehood, but then reiterates the first statement, reinforcing the idea in the mind of the public.”
·          “Calls for privatization invariably begin with ominous warnings about Social Security’s financial future. When pressed, administration officials admit that private accounts would do nothing to improve that financial future. Yet in the next sentence, they once again link privatization to the problems posed by an aging population.”  Now substitute with Walker claims: ‘We are broke and we are forced to make these changes….’ Take away rights of workers, poor, suffrage, and seniors’ so we can give the tools necessary for local governments to destroy teachers, county, and municipal workers’.
·         Ignore/Downplay the Evidence ….It worked for George Bush…Why not Scott Walker: “When faced with incriminating evidence, one approach is to ignore it.” Example…His pending possible indictment…..
·         Substitute isolated facts and disguise them as truth to confuse the public. This is the Big Lie of Kleefisch’s Fat Wallet job creation in Beloit…The owner bought a home in Beloit and is renting a facility in Beloit subsidized by the citizens of Beloit…The workers mostly commute from Illinois…There was no job creation here because the income taxes except for possibly the owner have stayed in Illinois.

Tactic 15:    Use of Language: Read the rest of the cited work for more stuff:

 Quotes paraphrased from the above source.

Friday, May 11, 2012

When Rock Co. business, bankers and Walker are behind the scenes working against YOUR rights, it's time YOU stand up to them!

Hendricks: - "...some issues we're just going to avoid a little bit ... so what we're going to do and talk about right now is just concerns that Mary (Willmer-Sheedy) and I have that we probably, are a little controversial to bring up upstairs. OK? I don't want to - because there's press up there."