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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dear Kristi

Dear Kristi,

I love you, Kristi! I really, really do!

I love people without last names—such as Madonna, Prince, Beyonce, Canibus… Are you a musician? A rapper!?! Are you famous? I am so, so sorry, but I’ve never heard of you. Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings!

Wait a minute…wait a minute! You said you were a teacher in your pro-Governor Walker anti-recall advertisement which is the same thing as an anti-union anti-education anti-teacher advertisement!

You have me confused! Are you a teacher trapped inside a teacher-hating body? Or a teacher-hater trapped inside a teacher body. Are you a self-hating teacher? Or just a rapper? Now, I've confused myself!

Now, I may love musicians without last names, but sweetheart, I do not take political advice—or any advice, for that matter—from anyone with no last name, no address, no credibility, no credentials, and no initials.

We are now talking dollars and sense; and,you are not making any.

Dang. Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings again!

I do love teachers—and musicians. Especially rappers. Are you sure you’re not a rapper? Your grammar… shewweeeee! Send me your addy and I’ll send you a grammar book.

See, Kristi, my high school English teacher told me that I would get an “F” if I turned in a paper that did not have a thesis statement backed up by facts (I hate those pesky little things—and so do you!) that were supported by evidence.

I was also forbidden to use run-on sentences, personal opinion, or expressions such as “you know.” You know what I mean?

I graded your advertisement, Kristi, and you got an “F.” I hope you teach math? I am praying to the Almighty you don’t teach English or logic.

But, have no fear, I am going to help you! For free—out of the kindness of my heart because I am a liberal. That means “open and generous.” JIC you’re wondering. And, JIC you don’t have a dictionary as well as not having a grammar book.

OK. Here’s an example of a thesis statement: “The new Governor Walker advertisement featuring a teacher identified only as ‘Kristi’ is an excellent example of the use of testimonial, innuendo, derogatory language/name calling, and transfer as propaganda.”

And, here is an example of a fact: There is not a single statement of fact in your advertisement, Kristi. Not one! There certainly isn't any evidence to back up your non-existent facts.

And, the truth is that your opinions about recalls, your feelings about sour grapes, and your assessment of Scott Walker are completely irrelevant to everyone but yourself. You can ask my high school English teacher. Your opinions are like a@#h#$%^, Kristi—everyone has one. No one cares about yours.

However, you might still be a good propaganda tool for Governor Walker! Remember, though, you are only the tool. Hmmm… Is “tool” gender specific? Can a woman be a tool?

OK. I'm wandering. Back to methods of propaganda and why Governor Walker chose you to be his tool. This is the way a “transfer” is supposed to work: I love teachers. A teacher loves Scott Walker. I am therefore supposed to say, “Golllllyyyyy! A teacher supports Scott Walker! Holy kitty cats! Maybe I should support him, too!”

The “testimonial” from the teacher who has presumably just had her pay cut by said governor is supposed to be much more meaningful than just any old testimonial. Read the book: Propaganda for Idiots. It's in all the bookstores.

Honestly? Aren’t most people asking, “Who the hell is Kristi and who cares what she thinks?” Who even knows what she thinks because she didn't make a single meaningful statement?

Another excellent means of propaganda is derogatory language. Slip in a little ugliness about the enemy. Demean them a little. Belittle their concerns. Kristi, why not accuse them of “sour grapes!”

Oh, wait a minute! You didn’t write this advertisement. You are just the tool, but this is cool with the tool: “Why, yes! Let’s accuse people who have lost their bargaining rights over safety in the work place and have had their income cut $300/month of “sour grapes!”

I love propaganda, don’t you, Kristi? What else do we have? Oh, we have Kristi appealing to “plain folks.” That is when you talk like "down home people" so they will want to have a beer with you and overlook the fact that you might be a moron.

That is the only way that I can explain Kristi’s poor use of the English language—because if this isn’t an effort to make a “plain folks” appeal, then I would have to assume that she is almost illiterate. Next thing you know, Kristi will be having a beer with George W. down on the ranch!

What kind of teacher uses “you know” twice in three paragraphs and uses run-on sentences? A teacher who is now a propaganda tool!

You know, I feel like, maybe you’re not, quite possibly, this is just my feeling and I don’t know for sure, but possibly you are not the teacher you ought to be because basically, it’s just my opinion, and my feeling also, that Scott Walker did not promise the devastation that he has brought to Wisconsin.

I’m not big on corporatism, Kristi. And, Kristi, I think that, at this point, in my opinion — and I’m only speaking from the ‘I’ — it feels a little like you ought to give up your union job and move to…oh…say a third world country and see what it feels like to live without our progressive values and workers’ rights.

In fact, why don’t you move to a state in which teachers are not unionized! Or, give up every benefit that unions have provided you.

It feels to me a little like you ought to give up every single benefit that you currently have because of unions—because the word on the street is that you don’t support your own union--and donate all of your excess benefits to someone who would appreciate my daughter! She's looking for a job. I'll send you her number! Awesome!

And, Kristi, this is a fact: Scott Walker said he'd bring jobs to Wisconsin and he didn't. We are hemorrhaging jobs.

Here's another fact: It is all about getting the votes. Recalls are about elections. Were you unaware of this? Do you read? No? TURN OFF FOX LIES. BUY A NEWSPAPER.

Hmmm...and elections are a little bit like popularity. Yes, I would say that they are about whose ideas are most popular with the voting public. But, that is just my opinion and my feeling and I am speaking with an "I" here.

You show me the evidence that Walker has been good for Wisconsin, and I'll buy you a beer.

Don’t be a tool, Kristi, for the Koch brothers. It’s an ugly job.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not Open For Business---Open To The Highest Bidder

CONSERVATIVES – believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values and a strong national defense. Believe the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals. Conservative policies generally emphasize empowerment of the individual to solve problems.

Many Wisconsin folks see themselves as fair minded fiscally responsible Conservatives. They like the sound of each of us having personal responsibility, limited government, and an opportunity to sell their goods or labor for a fair profit or wage. We like the thought of individual liberty and to make our own choices and associate with whom we want. These ideals make sense and we like to see ourselves as "The Deciders" of our own individual futures. Conservatives love what are considered traditional American values but not always seek a strong national defense. Historically, Wisconsinites find isolationism a better response to the world problems. None-the-less we believe we should support defense and gladly serve our nation as we can and in the military or other public service. We mostly believe the government role is to enable Wisconsinites an opportunity to pursue their own goals and have the freedom to pursue their own course. All things being equal we believe we should be empowered to choose our own way and solve our own problems.

In keeping with sound Conservative Values....This is what Wisconsin Legislation looks like under Scott Walker and the Fitzgeralds----

Walker and Extreme Radical Republican Legislation

ACT 10 eliminates collective bargaining for state workers and others. The alleged budget bill was addressing a non-existent budget shortfall. Walker and Republicans designate public sector employees as enemies of the State. How dare they want money for work? How dare they want benefits like private sector workers? This was a jobs bill?

Public Sector Education versus Private Sector Schools (hand selected Private Schools). The alleged tools given to Public Schools is taking away $1.6 Billion and then giving Corporate-Chartered Schools $35 Million. This is what the New Radical Republicans want…Privatize everything, Get short term savings with long term consequences.

Gut the University Wisconsin and Vocational Colleges funds so they can not attract students or continue the high standards our state has held for years. Why? This Radical Republican bunch wants to keep people out of school, without a chance of employment after graduation, and then dummy down the work force so the Koch Companies and others of their ilk can squeeze labor further in this state and push down wages into a new 21st Century Serfdom.

Gerrymandering in an extreme partisan and corrupt manner designed to confuse and take away legitimate representation from areas and corrupt elections to elect only Extreme Radical Republicans, move out moderates of both parties, and eliminate all Progressive Thought in the State and have the majority of the State Represented by less than 20% of the actual political thought.

To reinforce their Gerrymandering they created a Voter ID law that is considered the most disenfranchising of voters in the nation. And did so under the guise of non-existent voter fraud unless they were thinking of issues in Waukesha County.

They reinforce dummying down Wisconsin Students with Radical Republication's legislation of new education that may emphasize Creationism in lieu of sound Scientific Education. Reason...The Koch Brothers don't want Science available when they started F racking potential sources of minerals....Someone might object.

Created laws to take away health care rights of women and gays solely on Theocratic grounds.

Legislated a concealed carry law with provisions that are one of the most dangerous to the citizenry in the nation.

Under the guise of protecting the “Job Creators” this Extreme Radical Republican group has voted against our Wisconsin Environment and paved the way for unabated pollution of the environment by any of the Walker cronies and especially the Koch Brothers investments that will destroy our rivers, lakes, clean water, clean air, fisheries and hunting laws.


It is obvious that they do not reflect true Conservatives but rather Plutocratic Authoritarians who are more interested in interfering in the lives of everyone in this State except the Wealthiest here and outside of Wisconsin....Their vision is clear...They are Not opening Wisconsin for Business but rather opening it up to the highest bidder. This is why Real Conservatives, Moderates, Independents, Progressives, and Liberals are getting signatures for the RECALL OF WALKER-KLEEFISCH....ARE YOU IN!

Wednesday Protest News Round Up

Yuri Rashkin: Political Free Speech Activity Information for Janesville, WI

"Liberal group offers petition destruction reward" by Latest News -- GazetteXtra

"Recall Walker petitioner removed from Hedberg Library entrance" by Latest News -- GazetteXtra

Common Cause in Wisconsin: Change in a time of beholdenism

Executive Residence / Governor's Mansion Holiday Tours

Walker to appear at Eau Claire rally

Bayside software company forms joint venture, to create 250 jobs - JSOnline

Working on recalls full time.

Students protest labor policies

Scott Walker petitions take center stage in Wisconsin - David Catanese

Sensing Walker recall inevitable, GOP focus becomes election control

BizTimes Daily for Tuesday, November 22, 2011 - BizTimes

Report: Wisconsin lost most jobs in nation last month

Citizen Action of Wisconsin | Thanksgiving, BadgerCare, and Walker

Recall Walker w/Sam Liebert -- WCLO

Recall Walker w/Sam Liebert (part 2) -- WCLO

Bill affects more than voter ID - JSOnline

Silly Scott Walker Defender is Silly

Reality Check: School Board Member Supports Walker In Ad

Recall efforts picking up - The Northwoods River News - Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Representative Mark Pocan: Department of Revenue Validates Income Equity Act

In Senile Rambling, Thompson Claims He's Not a Corporate Lobbyist, but a "Farmer"

Mahlon Mitchell On Walker Recall

Scott Walker's Ad to Recall Himself

Margaret Krome: It sure looks like rural Wisconsin’s for recall

Families can't afford Walker health cuts - JSOnline

Waukesha School District :: School Board Members

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tuesday Protest News Round Up

Beloit needs help with the Holiday Parade! Holiday Parade 212 West Grand Avenue, Beloit 5:00pm-8:00pm

Rock Co. Recall: UAW HALL TIMES HAVE CHANGED: M-TH 9AM-9PM; F&SA 9-7PM; SUN 12-7. Come in and sign the petition-with a dozen friends & family! Learn the legalities & take some petitions with you to get the signatures of your friends & family. Pick up a canvass packet & knock on some doors. Volunteer to help in the office. Make some phone calls. Sign up for a "Sign and Drive" with a couple of your best friends. One person, one signature, DOES make a difference to bring the change we need.

You don't have to have a particular "assignment" for collecting RECALL petitions. You can to to the UAW Hall, get petitions & instructions, and take them to your friends & family to sign. Walk around you own neighborhood. Get together with a friend, make sure you are on public property or have permission, and collect signatures in high visibility busy spots. You can collect signatures on the public sidewalk outside your child's school, your doctor's office, your favorite restaurant, etc. Be safe!

Defend Wisconsin Awesome Recall Opportunity _ Saturday Nov 26 Game Day. A United Wisconsin to recall Scott Walker's office is located at 1605 Monroe Street (enter from Oakland Avenue). They desperately need volunteers for Sat Nov 26 game day. Folks can work in the office collecting signatures or help canvass or hold signs just outside the office. We will be meeting there at 10 am. Join us and help collect signatures from 80,000 badger fans. Its a really easy way to make a huge difference!

Chris Larson
The dirty tricks continue. Tonight, Republicans are pushing to have their power grab secured by again trying to get their highly partisan redistricting map to take effect in any recall elections. Because a moderate Republican saw it for what it was and nixed it from moving forward legislatively, they are pushing it before the state's dysfunctional supreme court. It is otherwise set to be heard in federal court in February to see if it stands up constitutionally. It is unfortunate that instead of working on creating jobs, republicans are only interested in protecting their jobs. And again, they add fuel to the fire for the recalls. Let's keep fighting and take our Wisconsin back!

Walker Tools---More Lies

Walker's tools are killing municipalities and placing them into financial ruin. Contrary to the TV Ads there are no tools that are actually helping schools. $864,000 was lost in shared revenue in Janesville. In a word incompetence... These Extreme Radical Republicans obviously did not envision what this horrific plan would do unless that was their plan. And then they lie and say how great this plan is? Really?

How did your city do with Walker Tools?

Now is time to get those signatures. Now is the time to be part of this movement. Now is the time to RECALL those who would destroy and not empower local governments.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday - Monday Protest News Round Up

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: In Case You Forgot...

Recall Walker Rally November 19, 2011

2nd set Recall Walker Rally November 19, 2011

Solidarity Singers on RECALL WALKER DAY Nov 19 2011

105,000 Signatures in 4 Days - Recall Looms

At issue: Campaign money disclosure

Walker Recall Begins, November 19, 2011

Tens of thousands rally for Walker recall at the Capitol

Walker No Stranger to Recall

"Just Say No To Recall" Event 11/19/2011VTS_01_1.VOB

Wall Photos

State's redistricting fight widens - JSOnline

Wall Photos

Milwaukee Bridge March for Good Jobs 11.17.11

John Nichols: Wisconsin turns against Scott Walker

DHS should go back to the drawing board on Medicaid - JSOnline

Saying Goodbye to Scott Walker

Recall Walker Flash Mob 11/19/11

Watch now: Mike McCabe talks role of dollar in statewide recall | Here and Now | WPT Video

How municipalities used the tools

Fitzgerald addresses Jefferson Rotarians - Daily Jefferson County Union - Fort Atkinson, WI

This is your brain on Koch

Heather talks at Recall Walker Rally, Madison WI 11-19-11.

From local roots, Bradley Foundation builds conservative empire - JSOnline

Tom Krajewski
How to draw a crowd in Wisconsin:
1. Announce a tailgate at Camp Randall
2. Announce Aaron Rodgers will be at your house party.
3. Stand on a corner with a sign saying: Recall Walker, Sign Here.

Good idea via Mary Erpenbach "This is almost too easy. When I'm out doing errands, if I have a little extra time, I stand on the sidewalk next to the parking lot of whatever store I just went to and hold up my clipboard with the RECALL WALKER bumper sticker on it. That's all. People wave and pull in and sign the petition. Easy-peasy. Hahaha!"

Inspirational message about the importance of recalls delivered by... Scott Walker. Listen, get inspired, and sign a petition to recall Walker/Kleefisch. "I see a lot of hope in Wisconsin." Scott Walker

Scott Walker May Soon Be Gone:

In Case You Forgot...

ACT 10 eliminates collective bargaining for state workers and others. The alleged budget bill was addressing a non-existent budget shortfall. Walker and Republicans designate public sector employees as enemies of the State. How dare they want money for work? How dare they want benefits like private sector workers? This was a jobs bill?

Public Sector Education versus Private Sector Schools (hand selected Private Schools). The alleged tools given to Public Schools is taking away $1.6 Billion and then giving Corporate-Chartered Schools $35 Million. This is what the New Radical Republicans want…Privatize everything, Get short term savings with long term consequences.

Gut the University Wisconsin and Vocational Colleges funds so they can not attract students or continue the high standards our State has held for years. Why? This Radical Republican bunch wants to keep people out of school, without a chance of employment after graduation, and then dummy down the work force so the Koch Companies and others of their ilk can squeeze labor further in this state and push down wages into 21st Century Serfdom.

Gerrymandering in an extreme partisan and corrupt manner designed to confuse and take away legitimate representation from areas and corrupt elections to elect only Extreme Radical Republicans, move out moderates of both parties, and eliminate all Progressive Thought in the State and have the majority of the State Represented by less than 20% of the actual political thought.

Proposed and passed legislation that is the most restrictive ID Voting Law in the United States. Supposed to be a jobs bill but in lieu of jobs it is designed to disenfranchise target voters who are poor, minorities, senior citizens, students and anyone else that does not believe in extreme right social engineering and who might be considered Independent or Democratic. This law implies that only the landed aristocracy, perhaps, and those who own considerable wealth should be allowed the right to vote. This disguised as a move to eliminate voter fraud which has been proven to be extremely low in Wisconsin except, perhaps, in Waukesha.

Women’s health choices have been attacked in the name of a Theocratic notion that women apparently do not have the capability of making rational choices for themselves. This from a Republican Party that says there is too much government…”get them off our backs”! And then just to be even more mean spirited and nasty they legislated against Gay Rights and restrict their rights to Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness all in the name of another Theocratic Notion that again did nothing to create jobs.

Voted against embryonic research and again brought in Extreme Theocratic Philosophy into the discussion on this and other non-scientific focus that many within this narrow extreme can not understand even if such research can save lives.

Law enforcement did not seek a concealed carry law for Wisconsin. Polls indicated the Citizenry also did not seek such a law and the lack of responsibility in writing this law shows the contempt this Extremist Republican Party has for its Citizens. The law was not well thought out or written to focus on protection of the Citizenry and nearly passed without even a minimum of training required. Is this yet another tool to enable the likes of the Koch Brothers to arm themselves and repel workers when the workers decide they have had enough suppression and rise up to say no more? All this in the name of Public Safety, you say? We already have Public Safety. I guess that is the other “tool” to save the “Job Benefactors” from getting help from the Police. The “Job Benefactors” want no Public Police because they may join the Citizens. They want to Privatize the Police so they have the arms and the Citizens only have pop-guns.

The “Job Creators” will not be “Benefactors” unless all the rules are on their side. Having all the money is not enough. They also want the Power to suppress the Serfs they wish to empress into their new vision of work. To do this they must eliminate or reduce anti-pollution regulations designed to safeguard our fisheries, mines, waterways, and underground water sources. This Radical Republican government created new anti-environmental laws under the guise of being another “Job Creation” bill.

The worse think about these law changes is the selfish nature of them and under the guise of "tools" to help local governments and small business. And people don't understand what the costs of keeping this Radical Bunch in power? We don't have any other recourse in our State. We do not have laws to allow "Initiatives" like Ohio or "Propositions" like California. Thank God we had Progressives who saw into the future and saw that we could, someday, have a situation such as this who would take so many rights away from Citizens as this man Walker and his Cronies.

RECALL RECALL RECALL...STAY THE COURSE AND RECALL those who would take away our rights and stomp on the poor with words claiming they are Christian...Are they not aware that there is other Theological Beliefs? Do they not realize that those 15%-20% who put them in will now be their downfall.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Tuesday - Friday Protest News Round Up

Walker Team Launches Ads Claiming Teachers and Kids Matter Most | Center for Media and Democracy

via Citizen Action of Wisconsin: It's "total recall" this week on the Battleground Wisconsin podcast as we welcome Tanya Atkinson back to our panel after her brief hiatus from the show. In addition, we have a special bonus podcast this week on the jobs crisis, featuring a news maker interview with Milwaukee Alderman Ashanti Hamilton. Alderman Hamilton's leadership on the jobs crisis contrasts sharply with the fake jobs agenda of Governor Walker.
Citizen Action of Wisconsin | Battleground Wisconsin Podcast | Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

New commercial: Scott Walker is not working for us. Watch it, share it!
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

The Recall Integrity
The Recall Integrity Center is the central location for documenting and investigating any cases of fraud, intimidation, or shady tactics as the left attempts to recall Governor Walker.

‎"We've eliminated our middle class..." says State Superintendent Tony Evers. At the Kenosha Speak Out, he connected the dots between strong public schools and economically-healthy communities.
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Recall Walker on Livestream. Recall Walker Info News Source - Watch live streaming Internet TV. Broadcast your own live streaming videos, like Recall Walker in Widescreen HD. Livestream, Be There.

“You… know the folks that were angry about this started a recall and they were told they needed to collect 73,000 signatures in sixty days,” said Walker. “Well, not hundreds, not thousands, but tens of thousands of ordinary people did an extraordinary thing. They stood up and took their government back. In less than thirty days they collected more than 150,000 signatures. It was at that moment I realized the real emotion on display in my county wasn’t just about anger. You see, if it had been about anger, it would have been about people checking out and moving out or giving up. But instead what happened was really amazing. You saw people standing up shoulder to shoulder, neighbor to neighbor and saying we want our government back. And in doing so the real emotion on display was about hope. Today I see a lot of the same emotions on display here in Wisconsin and all across our great country. Obviously, there are a lot of reasons to be angry.”

Twas the night before recall, and all through the state,
Everyone but the Koch brothers were feeling great,
The petitions were stacked, the pens writing well,
Things set in order to free our state from this hell,
Extremists are plotting, though we should hear a wail,
... When those fascist Teapublicans are placed in jail,
They have the money, from two old sad coots,
But our movement is pure, untainted grass roots,
The trials have not finished, but listen and hear,
Our ideals are too righteous to NOT persevere,
We will do what it takes, we WILL win this fight,
Bid farewell to Scott Walker, then party that night!

-A Nick Sachs original, hope it gets a laugh or two! ;)

PodOmatic | Best Free Podcasts
Eric discusses the results of the recent elections around the country, as well as the specifics on the recall efforts against Scott Walker in Wisconsin. In the second segment, Eric talks with Yuri Rashkin and his run for State Assembly.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Recall Begins Tuesday!

Janesville, WI - Urban knit graffiti (aka yarn bombing) now permanently lashed to the tree for the duration to 1 million names (or until it mysteriously disappears) with just over 6 hours to go now until the signatures begin! Pens ready???

Friday - Monday Protest News Round Up

Online push for fake Walker recall petitions - TODAY'S TMJ4

Democratic Party of Rock County


Dig Into These Maps of Wisconsin Recall Offices and Recall Events

Students Concerned About Voter ID

Recall Sabotage Plot - Ties to GOP and Militia


Trillion Dollar Debt: Big Banks Stole Our Future Through Student Loans

P.O.W.E.R. People Organizing Wisconsin for Education and workers' Rights People Organizing Wisconsin for Education and workers' Rights (P.O.W.E.R.) are Wisconsinites who support public education and collective bargaining rights for all workers. Inspired by the ideals of “Fighting Bob” La Follette, we are walking from Milwaukee to Madison to support the Wisconsin Idea. The century old Wisconsin Idea promotes equality by: Building our collective economy Advancing healthcare and medicine Educating young and old and Enhancing quality of life for all.

Kenosha County Democratic Party
Football, Petition Training, Signing of Petitions. The fun begins at 6pm Nov. 14 at the Kenosha Office of Recall Walker. The football game begins at 7:30 at the office. The petitions will be signed at midnight, Nov. 15th. Come on down and enjoy the game and petitions with us!

Get to know the other side...Recall Walker Worker Infobase

Monday One Wisconsin Now is launching launch #OccupyWalker -- an online movement to expose the disastrous agenda of the pro-corporate, anti-middle class Scott Walker administration. Anyone up for a revolution while the boss isn't looking?
Let's #OccupyWalker

The GAB on circulating petitions in public buildings...

Governor Walker WILL be in Sturtevant to participate in a groundbreaking ceremony at Ruud Lighting, 9201 Washington Avenue, at 9:30 a.m on Tuesday, November 15th.

To *warmly* greet him, we are planning a rally on the front lawn area of the Community Corrections facility (a state-owned facility, therefore public property), 9531 Rayne Road (corner of 96th and Rayne, just south of WashingtonAve/Highway 20), at 9:00 a.m. The Community Corrections facility faces the back side of Ruud Lighting, where the actual groundbreaking ceremony will be taking place. We will have recall petitions available for signature.

Thank You ! - Representative-elect Jill Billings

Recent survey of Wisconsin Schools reveals that there are now 1655 fewer teachers after the Walker agenda began. 1,655 * 8 = 13,240 hours lost daily.....180 school days in a year. 13,240 * 180 = 2,383.200 fewer hours devoted to the education of WI students in just the first year! If teachers really can make a difference in the lives of their students as I believe they can and do. I find myself wondering how many difference making opportunities are represented within that loss of over 2 million hours. Just thinking out loud...Its really not about the money...Its about the future!

PodOmatic | Best Free
Eric discusses the results of the recent elections around the country, as well as the specifics on the recall efforts against Scott Walker in Wisconsin. In the second segment, Eric talks with Yuri Rashkin and his run for State Assembly.

Now that you are done suffering through Sunday morning talk shows, listen to this weekend's Battleground Wisconsin podcast. We have a newsmaker interview with Rep. Jon Richards discussing the latest on the Walker Administration's attack on BadgerCare, the GOP's sham Jobs session and Conceal & Carry.

Share widely!

BIG EVENT!!! Thurs., Nov. 17, 800 W. Main St. UW-Whitewater (in front of Anderson Memorial Library and Hyer/Old Main Hall). Full schedule of events starting at 2 p.m. including overnight OCCUPY WHITEWATER (contact James Hartwick, 3 pm teach-ins; 5:15 pm outdoor rally featuring Reps. Peter Barca and Andy Jorgensen followed by FAB 14 spokesperson, Sen. Jon Erpenbach; 6:30 pm mar...See More


If you're in Madison Friday night looking for something to get you ready for Saturday, here you go...
Lee Camp will have you rolling.
Home |

Senator Tim Cullen talks about what the legislature should focus on.

Tim Cullen, Wisconsin State Senator: District 15

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Saturday - Thursday Protest News Round Up

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Dear Trolls

Milwaukee North Side Walker Recall Training

Sun Prairie Recall Kickoff Party!

Message sounds across the state: Recall!

GAB reverses decision, allows technical college IDs to be used for voting

Wisconsin GOP pissed at GAB: Tuesday Rules Hearing Called by Vukmir to Reverse Decision on Voter ID

Save BadgerCare & Medicaid Day of Action at the Capitol

Get deputized TODAY!! (so you, too, can register voters!)

Arthur Kohl-Riggs and Jenna Pope on cameras ban at the Capitol

Potential recall candidate says Walker gave companies two years of no taxes

Walker Administration Retreats on Health Care for Wisconsin Families

National General Strike!


Monologues of Dissent
1. Walker tells...

Protection costs for Walker, Kleefisch more than double - JSOnline

Contribute now to I support restoring respect for education!

Recall Walker office in Portage /Recall Walker training Sunday Nov 13th, 5PM-6 PM, followed by Grand Opening Party at 6PM-8 PM

Walker Recall office address is 214 W. Wisconsin Ave, Portage

Amanda Hall, Contact info: cell #319-331-9052,
Amanda Hall is the field manager for the Recall Walker Portage office.
Amanda gave an overview of how she intends to manage the office and
administer petition collection/return. Amanda also gave us a brief
training for petition collection. Amanda intends to be as flexible and
open as possible in running the recall office with grassroots groups and
other organizations. WASCW will be placing our sign in the office!
The Portage Recall Walker office will be open 9 to 9 most days and will
serve as the field office for a four-county area: Columbia, Marquette,
Green Lake, and Waushara Counties.

Walker Recall Alphabet by Steven P. Senski


Main Street Stands Up in Ohio and Defeats Anti-Worker Bill

Janesville Teachers Meet & Greet Yuri Rashkin

Wisconsin Gears up to Recall Gov. Scott Walker & Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch |

Atheists Angry After Wis. Gov. Changes ‘Holiday’ Tree Back to ‘Christmas’ Tree

Weight of evidence argues for a recall - JSOnline


CAN WALKER Food Drive & Petition Signature Collection

Can Walker/Kleefisch-Feed WI Families Recall Petition Signing & Food Drive

Upper Peninsula pits offer perspective on Wisconsin mine proposal - JSOnline

Battleground: Wisconsin: Why Must He Go? (Part 1 of 4) 11-5-11

Recall Walker Party

There are 10 days until we being collecting signature for the Recall effort. We need to get as many people as possible trained in the petition circulation process by that date. To make it easier on you we are hosting several training sessions over the next week, the full schedule is below All trainings will be held at 116 5th Ave South, La Crosse.

Thursday November 10th
6pm - 7:30pm

... Saturday November 12th
10:00am - 11:30am
2:00am - 3:30am

Sunday November 13th
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

DOOR COUNTY RECALL INFORMATION: If you want to take Wisconsin back, reclaim our beautiful State and tell Walker he should never have brought his ALEC playbook to Wisconsin - here's your chance. THURSDAY November 10th - 4:30-6:30 Sturgeon Bay Public Library. Please join us, bring a friend. RECALL WALKER

This morning I sat down for a conversation with Janesville's WCLO Tim Bremel. We talked about this year's Janesville budget and the fact that the reason why City Council is looking for new revenue has to do with Scott Walker not allowing local communities control our own taxes and because Scott Walker took away $864,000 in state shared revenue from Janesville alone. In Fitzwalkerstan you take money and control away from local communities and then have them be the bad guys for trying to preserve services.

photo of new Capitol security