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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Voting, Money, Greed, and Where are the Jobs?

With all of the Recall and Recount talk I thought it was important to ask? WHERE ARE THOSE JOBS? It seemed to me Washington newbies claimed they were going to Washington to create jobs, lower taxes, and make sure government was going to work for us. I heard the same thing with those running for State Offices.

The new class in Washington and the State are running high on something but the high is not a priority on those things they said they would do for us. Is it because "we the people" are no longer WE THE PEOPLE? I think not. WE THE PEOPLE have risen and we are not taking garbage talk about our President and we are no longer going to take things from a Congressional 1 do nothing for his constituents(Thank You Rob Zerban for your announcement to run).

WE THE PEOPLE have demanded RECALLS of non Respondent Republicans who have taken heart with AYN RAND and the most selfish approaches to governing I can remember or have read about in my readings of history. Their vanity and snobbery toward their constituents is totally alarming. And now after attempting to take away First Amendment Rights of most of our government workers and blaming them for every economic woe this State has; they now want to take away more civil rights from the poor and less fortunate. They don't have a solution for multi-generational poverty so they take away the safety nets to allow them any dignity at all. Again...Selfish all about me attitudes.

They are now addressing Civil Rights. It is called Voting. They want to make it harder for those who do not have "credentials" to vote and specifically new voters, college voters, and seniors who may have surrendered their drivers licenses. The assumption is there is too much voter GORE V. BUSH. Yes, the votes in Florida did get counted eventually even though unofficially and guess what...? Gore won.

What really has been happening in Waukesha County for several elections? I hope we find out this time with a close look at the results of this recount. Still, Voting Prevention is the goal of the Republican Party because those who move around allot (renters), Seniors in Medical Facilities, students in college,and those who have found themselves out on the street (and not by choice) are no longer considered voters by Republicans.

I will be specifically reviewing Representative Knilans' vote because he is my current Representative. He went to the State to help Janesville get jobs and make sure we get an equitable share of apportionment. To date he has voted against Janesville every time. He must be a close friend of Paul Ryan's because like Ryan he has done nothing to assist Main Street, Middle Class, or those less fortunate.

WE THE PEOPLE need to stay the fight and make sure that our new representatives revise the tax code and assure an equitable tax code to support those things we value in a Progressive State. We do not want them to take away First Amendment Rights, Civil Rights, or Human Rights. It's time...It's here...And...It is time to GO FORWARD!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On Hiatus


When I started this blog in mid-February, I had no idea it was going to become as popular as it has.  Nearing 45,000 hits and hundreds of visitors each day - unbelievable!  I also didn't realize that putting together a nightly round up of news headlines was going to take as much time as it does.

These days I am working on finishing up my Master's degree in Mass Comm at UW - Whitewater and so a choice had to be made.  Therefore, I am putting Defend Wisconsin News Round Up on a temporary hiatus so I can write the papers and do the things I need to do to graduate.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and readership and let you know that I'll be back with the nightly round up of news about Wisconsin Protests in a few days.

I also very much appreciate your financial support - just click the "donate" button on the right - and let me know that you want to see this website keep on going.

Thanks also to all my co-authors and I'll see you in a few days,


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday night news round up (4.21.11)

Rick Ungar:  What Is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Not Telling Us About Financial Stress Test Legislation?

Thunda Around the Rotunda on WTDY

Fred Clarke for State Senate Announcement

Dategeddon has begun.  108 people crammed in DPW all checking recall signatures against the dems

350 Kenosha teachers get layoff notices

State budget rouses faith leaders

As union membership decreases, middle class income shrinks

Bill voiding sick leave law sent to Walker

Washington Post Greg Sargent:  Dems to file huge amount of signatures to recall a fifth Wisconsin GOPer

Democrats in Wisconsin Claim Illegal and Unethical Signature Gathering By Republicans in Recall Efforts

Recall Senator Sheila Harsdorf

Rep. Tammy Baldwin:  Preserving the Medicare contract

WisPolitics:  LFB releases list of non-fiscal policy in Walker budget proposal

Supreme Court Candidates Agree To Partial Hand Recount

AlterNet:  Did Scott Walker Make Another Nepotism Hire?

Woman accused of email threats to 15 GOP senators ordered to stay off Internet

Another Walker pick causes stir

Hidden Handouts to Corporations Found in Walker's Budget

Dan Kapanke Illegal Slush Fund Still Under Investigation

PolitiScoop:  Out of Control Governor - CEO - Puppet?

Governor Walker's Office Denies Private Prosser Meeting

Do you have a question about labor unions in Wisconsin?

Glenn Grothman: American Suicide

Jeremy Ryan:  Shenanigans at OUR HOUSE!! A Lovely Tour of Some Not So Public Areas!! Share!! - video

Why the recount request by Kloppenberg is not frivolous

John Nichols:  Wisconsin Recount:  This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Jennifer Shilling for State Senate

JoAnne Kloppenburg on the Supreme Court Race Recount - WisconsinEye video

Paul Ryan listening session in Janesville, WI

National Review:  Mr. Ryan Goes to Wisconsin

Democracy Now:  Thought Control:  Right-Wing Koch Brothers Caught Telling Thousands of Employees How to Vote

We the People are Demanding our Democracy Back

Felon collecting recall signatures pays fine

Wisconsin Recall Fight Heats up As Democrats Complain Of "Shots For Signatures"  Deals

Wisconsin's G.A.B.  intends to erase evidence in advance of statewide Kloppenburg/Prosser recount

WisPolitics:  Martin still fighting for UW-Madison split

Daily Kos:  Wisconsin GAB will file court case affecting recount

Capitulate or Resist?

America will never move forward and never work together for mutual betterment until we trust one another again; until justice is served to the scoundrels who have been deceiving and robbing it blind for decades. As the saying goes, justice delayed is justice denied and today the peril of delay is more dangerous than ever.

U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder has said we should all "move on" and let the past be the past.

What about the myriad of seeds of destruction that were planted so surreptitiously deep in America's heart by Karl Rove, Frank Luntz, the Koch brothers, and thousands more Republican operatives who are already now very busy trying to corrupt not just state governments but the 2012 elections as well?

Why do far too many Democratic leaders refuse to speak out - refuse to investigate and prosecute so much obvious fraud, war crimes, and corruption that is on a massive scale. Why implement the guise of "moving on" to somehow appease the Right in continual futility trying to "bring sides together" toward a "consensus" to get things done rather than expose continuing transgressions?

Has trying to work with villains ever brought about a good result? They'll smile to your face and then stab you in the back before accomplishing anything that would remotely be for the betterment of the general community good. Wolves in sheeps clothing are about themselves and no one else. Ever. So, for our progressive leaders representing the general good to ever consider compromise with the proven untrustworthy leaders of corruption is sheer lunacy.

The rise of the Right to unbridled power finally unleashed comes from revolutionary conservatives who invested huge amounts of money in a number of think tanks over the past thirty or more years. They were masterminds to brilliantly frame their mantras in simplistic ways that would reverberate with those who wouldn't question their motives.

Two decades ago, Paul Weyerich publicly and proudly proclaimed that the way they would succeed would be to disenfranchise traditional Democratic voters ( G. Gordon Liddy was just a precursor and amateur compared to the miscreants of today. Decades ago the GOP groomed a generation of young people brainwashed with the promise of unlimited wealth and power when university campus' fostered the Young Republicans during the early '70s.

Karl Rove admittedly orchestrated the plan last year to elect Republican governors in numerous states. How could anyone not realize he is still at work behind the scenes now also orchestrating the shredding of workers rights, education, the environment, and so much more? Now add the filthy money of the Koch brothers and those of dubious pasts are once again prevailing.

Thus, Wisconsin and Scott Walker, the Fitzgerald brothers, Prosser, and others.

Thus the governors of Michigan, Maine, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, and 25 more states.

Many no longer even try to hide their distain for the citizenry anymore; the goals they aspire to of forcing laws to ban unions, write legislation to restrict voting rights, make laws to take over municipalities and county governments by corporate profiteers, tax the poor, slash education, consolidate media, cut taxes for the rich, sell off state utilities to corporate pals that put Republicans in office (no-bid contracts, of course), and create such havoc that Obama would have no prayer for returning to the White House in 2012 and, even if he would legitimately win, arrange a special surprise so he wouldn't.

Thieves are about stealing to benefit themselves, not serving. Killers are about destroying, not kindness. Do most Americans have a completely naive misconception of our adversaries? Does it leave us all at the risk of being overwhelmed by malevolence? You can't leave the doors unlocked at night and not expect things missing the next day...

Remember how Karl Rove left the Democratic governor of Alabama hanging? Don Siegelman went to prison unjustly because of Rove's sly trickery and his case is still in the courts now over a decade later. (;photovideo)

The story behind almost all these stories? Karl Rove. Rove's still free to do the same dirty tricks all across the nation. It's rather evident that Scott Walker anticipated being one of Rove's trophies.

If Rove was prosecuted and brought to justice (like he should have been many times over), would we be facing these disasters that will take even more decades to reverse?

Who's at fault? Those who would literally do anything to "get along" rather than do what's necessary for the common good?

We should all be Americans first and it's long past due the time when all Americans must wake up to those who would literally steal our nations power, resources, will, and more importantly, integrity and honor.

While the challenges we have now been presented with are seemingly insurmountable we must take action and be ready when the public opinion once again realizes the folly and returns to our direction. In the first few short months of 2011, we are watching Americans come forward on their own behalf and wake up.

We cannot be caught unprepared and in our all too familiar reactive mode lacking the energy, will, and information necessary to move forward. The Right planned for an on-going war that would last decades and they believed any means justified the ends. Their schemes and proteges were in place and assembled in lock-step for the political reversals of the 2010 elections.

As more and more Americans everyday realize the crimes of the past 30 years - as they realize how they have been so personally and adversely harmed - the tide will once again turn. Until then, it IS within our ability to get to work and hold those who would shred our nation and our very Constitution responsible for the corruption and devastation they have wrought and still aim to provoke.

New "Moron Club!"

Dear Moron Club:

Morons, I love you. I really, really do. All of you—from the expert moron to the neophyte. But, if you do want to work your way out of the Moron Club, the world of the informed, rational, and reasonable will welcome you with open arms.

So, Birthers, you thought you were special, didn’t you? You thought you were the only morons on the scene, didn’t you?

But, you are not the only morons who are being laughed. Oh no, not by far.

Now, sit down. Breathe deeply. Not only are you stupid… Not only are you being laughed at…But, you aren’t all that special. It is time to start the very first Moron Club!

The Moron Club is going to be inclusive, because that’s how I roll. It really, really is.

The first members of the Moron Club, after Birthers, are...ta da: Racists!

Racists, I love you, because it is my mission in life to love everyone. You make me bleed from the eyes and you are the reason my husband tells people we are from Canada when we travel. (You don't get out much, do you?) But, maybe, with a little unconditional love, you could join the human race? Fingers crossed!

I know, I know. You don’t think you are a racist. Already heard it. If you are one of those people who makes derogatory comments or sends derogatory emails about races other than your own—or heck, let's throw in ethnic groups!—you are a racist and a moron.

But, people aren’t laughing with you or at you. They are disgusted by you. Most people won’t confront you—they will quietly pity your children. You look like a dumb jerk and you do a lot of harm. You are a social leper.

If you laugh at racist comments or jokes, you are a moron by association and a moral wimp. You are not a lady or a gentleman.

If you are one of those un-evolved Cro-Magnons who attends rallies with or carries signs of our president as an ape or an Aborigine or some other appalling non-sense, you don’t deserve the title moron—it’s too good for you. If your mother were living, she would spank you and cry herself to sleep. People look at you with revulsion. They aren't laughing. You are not making a political statement. You are the political statement. People look at you and say, “What has the world come to?”

The third members of the Moron Club are the Paranoiac Morons. If you believe that President Obama is Moslem, you are a moron and people are befuddled by how you could be so stupid.

I am not entirely sure they are laughing at you so much as amazed by you--I know I am amazed. No, your friends won’t tell you this. Most of your friends are morons, too. But, notice how some of your friends get very quiet when you talk? Then, their eyes dart around the room a little? They smile as if you’re making a joke and then frown? Then, they change the subject? Yep. They are first puzzled and then amazed by how you could be so stupid.

There are three elements to being a Paranoiac Moron. First, so what! Yeah, you heard me! I am going to change my FB religious status to Moslem. Second. The president isn’t Moslem and you are a paranoid lunatic and a moron if you think so. Paranoid lunatic is even worse than moron.

Third, what is your religion? Do you presume to be Christian? In my household, we certainly would not have been allowed to accuse a professed Christian of not being so. Honestly, God spoke to me and told me to tell you to stop judging people! It isn’t your job. JK :>)

Hmmm…there is indeed a long list of morons and you can all be in the Moron Club! And, you all need love and a lot of it. You have failed to do research, gather facts, and come to rational conclusions.

If you believe that President Obama grew up in Kenya , you are a moron. If you believe that President Obama attended an Islamic madrassah in Indonesia , you are a moron. If you believe that all, most, or even many of the world’s Moslems are terrorists, you are a moron. If you believe that all terrorists look alike, you are a moron. If you believe that all terrorists are Arabs, that all Arabs are terrorists, that all Middle-Easterners are Arabs…you are a moron.

Simply put: Politicians know that President Obama was born in the USA & is a citizen; They know he is a Christian; They may be racists but they would never be seen carrying a disgusting poster at a silly rally—it would be too lacking in dignity; They know the president grew up in Hawaii and was reared by his mother and grandparents; They might be confused about who is and isn’t Arab.

They lie to you. Plain and simple. What they say on conservative talk shows and on liberal talk shows isn’t even the same. They want the "moron vote."

But, I still love you. I really, really do. Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings.

Your friend,


P.S. Turn off the TV!

Rock County Clerk and Janesville School Board Commissioner Lori Stottler interview

Lori Stottler on Kathy Nikolaus, Waukesha County Clerk, validity of elections and what it takes to remove a County Clerk

Lori Stottler on the school district crisis, role of the school board and role of the superintendent

Lori Stottler on Janesville teacher layoffs, high school sports, school board choices over the last few years and closing a high school

5 Questions with Lori Stottler

Wednesday night news round up (4.20.11)

Biennial Budget listening session in Beloit, WI featuring Representatives Loudenbeck, Knilans and Wynn, and Senator Cullen - video

Photographs from Paul Ryan listening session at the Janesville City Hall

ThinkProgress:  Paul Ryan Booed At Town Hall For Defending Tax Breaks For The Wealthy

TPM: Wisconsin Dems To File Recall Signatures Against A Fifth Republican State Senator

Senator Hopper newsletter mistakenly notes adult chat line|topnews|img|FRONTPAGE

Data Entry Strike Force RSVP

PolitiScoop:  Walker Preparing Financial Martial Law As We Speak

NEA Member Assistance Program info

Lawsuit claims ex-legislator didn't get job because she's Republican

21 nonfiscal policy items removed from Walker's budget

Keith Olbermann with The First Guess:  Lotto Nation - video

Join us for a Wisconsin May Day Rally and Solidarity March for Immigrant and Worker Rights. Union and community members will meet at 1:30 pm at 5th and Washington St. in Milwaukee. We will then march to Veteran’s Park (1010 N. Memorial Dr.) for a 3:00 pm rally with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera Christine Neumann-Ortiz, and student leaders. Print and share this poster.

State Bar of Wisconsin:  Recounts:  Balancing the finality of an election against the will of the electorate

Remarks by JoAnne Kloppenburg asking Government Accountability Board to conduct a statewide recount

The Secret 12-Point Plan To sell Pro-Wealth Policies To The Middle Class

Doctors' Notes From Protests Draw State Scrutiny

Paul Ryan Collected Social Security Entitlements Until Age 18

Vicki McKenna To Madison Firefighters:  You're Not Heroes, No Longer

Madison360:  Why can't we just get along?  Don't make me laugh

The Nation:  Big Brothers:  Thought Control at Koch

Rachel Maddow:  What Governor Rick Snyder is doing in Michigan

Two-thirds of Wisconsin corporation don't pay any taxes  U.S. Sen. Kohl and U.S. reps. Baldwin, Kind, and Moore:  Press governor to drop SeniorCare changes from budget

MFD Chief Amesqua responds to attacks on Madison firefighters by WIBA's Vicki McKenna

PolitiScoop:  Walker Fails Lie Detector AGAIN!

The Real Debate Over how To Pick Judges

Daily Kos:  Four Wisconsin recall petitions filed, control of state Senate now a toss-up,-control-of-state-Senate-now-a-toss-up

Recall Glenn (SLOB) Grothman needs your boots on the ground!  - Facebook event

Rock County Clerk Lori Stottler on Kathy Nickolaus, Waukesha County Clerk  - video

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If you've seen Michigan, get ready in Wisconsin....

"The secret plan is being prepared by the state's largest law firm, Foley & Lardner, for the Greater Milwaukee Committee, the Bradley Foundation, the governor, and key legislators. There is speculation that Alberta Darling is the Walker point person on this nutty scheme."

Please share this post on Facebook, tweet this,
call your Senators, sign those petitions and
Get Down to the Capitol!
It's time to take back Madison!

Calling All Townhallistas

Have any readers here been to a recent Paul Ryan town hall meeting? There's one exchange from Milton that's in the press today but I'm wondering if anyone here has eyewitness testimony to share.

Boy howdy, the Republicans sure have picked the Everest of political mountains to try and reduce to rubble (see the most recent poll results Is anyone aware of an actual Republican battle plan, though? There's been a fair amount of advance sniping, particularly on the Op-ed pages of the WaPo and the WSJ. That's mostly just conservative pundits tossing slop buckets of faux-data down from the parapets, to the infotainment media personalities waiting below. Ever thus, doncha know.

But what's the Big Strategy? Where's the Frank Luntz list of talking points? Fear, as always, will play a major roll. Come to think of it, the bigger the challenge, the higher the setting on the ol' Fear Machine (see Iraq Invasion, Selling of). What if they do drive the Debt Ceiling circus over the cliff? (interestingly, the general public is convinced that the ceiling shouldn't be raised, while virtually every business and financial organization is telling Congress to stop misbehaving and do it).

As the risk of seeming like a foil-hatter here, what happens when foreign Treasury note buyers conclude that our government is too frickin' whacked out to be trusted to honor its debt obligations? How about a sudden inflationary leap and another recession, folks? And Voila, there's your Fear and Loathing, lots of it. Perhaps a big enough dose that the citizenry will finally trade away that old safety net for the exhilarating promises of the Free Market Paradise.

Oh boy. It's time for some of daddy's happy medicine.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Demographic Politics and the Ryan Plan

Now that House Republicans have completely bought in to the Ryan Plan, the conservative message machine will have to go full-bore to support it. Here’s a tactic they’re going to try that’s risky, but that could peel younger voters away from the Democratic Party:

Conservatives will tell under-35 voters that Medicare will be bankrupt and gone by the time they hit retirement age. So, they’re now contributing their income, and even their future comfort, to old people, so that those retirees don’t have to spend their own savings on health care. You get the gist.

This message to the under-35 crowd will have to be balanced with assurances to older voters that health care costs will be restrained by this plan, enough that they will be able to afford the costs without penury. Tricky, but if the Republicans can get some insurance companies to claim that they’ll offer comprehensive and affordable policies to seniors, and perhaps if Republicans can even convince some older Americans that it would be patriotic and altruistic for them to spend a few dollars in order that their children may keep a bit more of their own income, there might be political up-sides to the Ryan Plan.

Of course, many grown children of senior parents would end up spending portions of their income and savings on their parents’ health care, which shouldn’t please the 30 to 50 demographic.

Strategically this is risky for Republicans, but they’ve embraced a potentially destructive policy and they now have to sell it. They’ve shown themselves tactically to be up to selling just about anything, so Democrats have to be prepared. By that I mean the polar opposite of the terribly weak and reactive Democratic retreat the last time health care reform was a national issue. Complacency in the face of what seems to be a self-destructive policy is not an option.
UPDATE: In his NYT column today, Ross Douthat suggests a target for a Republican "peel" procedure: darker-skinned people whom he writes are comprising more of the young workforce, as rich white people bask in their retirement wealth, soaking off those young workers.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

CBC Sunday Edition radio documentary on Wisconsin protests

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Canadian reporter Ira Basin who was in Janesville doing a documentary on Wisconsin protests.  Ira's documentary aired this morning on CBC Sunday Edition.  Here is the link to the documentary:  Scroll up to find "Listen to Hour Three: (Pop-up).  By the way, the band you hear in the piece, playing at "Sneakers",  is the Ritual ( featuring yours truly on bass guitar and keys. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear Morons...uh...Birthers

Dear Birthers,

I love you. I really, really do—in that broad and general sense of loving all of human kind and hoping you do not die in a car fire. After all, someone has to love you and you are not all that easy to love. In fact, you are making me bleed from the eyes.

But, you need some words of motherly love right now:


I am a mother and all mothers know that there is nothing worse than having a child who is a moronic village idiot imbecile cretin who is being laughed at—except having a child who is tacky. (And, you are tacky, but this is a serious political blog and I did not want to mention that—more later on the hats and signs.)

You are also quite possibly infected by rabid hatred and delusions. Or, you may be the trifecta:


Get it? “Trifecta” – mean, stupid, and crazy.

There is never any point in reviewing the proof that President Obama is a citizen or yada, yada, yada because morons, deluded, and hate-filled people do not listen to reason.

I am reading that in 2008 and 2009 approxmately 30% of Republicans were “birthers” – people who did not believe the overwhelming evidence that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii.

Now, I am reading that over 50% of Republicans are “birthers” – and that is no laughing matter. Because, that indicates that over 50% of one major political party are incapable of looking at evidence and coming up with a rational conclusion. I find this very hard to believe.

Friends, the Republican leadership are not “birthers.” People who are attorneys, who went to prestigious schools, who are doctors, propagandists, corporate leaders, etc. are not “birthers.” The men and women in positions of political leadership in our country are not “birthers.”

They are much worse: They are shameless lying opportunists manipulating millions of ignorant, crazy, or mean people.

I can forgive Binky Boehner or what’s-his-face with the hair. I can forgive all those who make no higher claim than to be seeking to win the next election no matter what it takes.

But, I cannot forgive Mike Huckabee. He is revolting. Disgusting. Nauseating.

He is a Baptist minister. He professes a faith that admonishes, “That shall not bear false witness.” It’s one of the Ten Commandments. It means do not tell a lie. And, in my home, lying means telling a lie, leaving out some truth (lying by omission), giving the wrong impression, distorting the truth, etc.

If you want to weep for our public life, the Republican Party, and the USA, watch interviews of him.

He knows that President Obama is an American citizen and all round American who has done everything right. Watching a religious leader pander to the most ignorant, hate-filled, and deluded of Americans is so sorrowful.

You may not like his politics, but President Obama is an American citizen, a professed Christian and he has done everything right.

Your very sad friend,


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday night news round up (4.14.11)

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Admits that his decision to strip the rights of public workers to bargain collectively "doesn't save any" money for the Wisconsin taxpayers.

Save Janesville Schools - Facebook community group

Get to know the other side:  MacIver Institute to Fight for Access to Public Documents Launches Fundraising Drive to Pay Costs / Legal Fees

Daily Kos:  100 days of GOP rule.  Still no jobs bills.

Jim Wallis:  Woe to You, Legislators!

Alternative Brat Fest Planned

Where's Paul?  Ryan Comes Back To District To Talk About Federal Budget

New WMC head vows strong advocacy role

TPM: Rep. Cummings, Vermont Governor Shumlin Rip Into Scott Walker At Hearing

ASO: Wisconsin Citizens Show Up to Protest Tea Party's Anti-Worker, Anti-American Agenda

FDL: Walker Stumbles Repeatedly During House Hearing

Rally Supporting Labor Over Billionaires (SLOBs) and to Recall Grothman - Facebook event

Think Progress:  Scott Walker Admits Union-Busting Provision "Doesn't Save Any" Money For The State of Wisconsin

The Washington Post Greg Sargent:  Scott Walker admits he didn't campaign on rollback of bargaining rights

Russ Feingold honored in D.C.

Palin scheduled to appear at Madison rally on Saturday

Walker proves a lightning rod for House committee

State won't appeal restraining order on collective bargaining limits

United States Congressman Braley Calls for investigation of Cronyism in Scott Walker Administration

Ed Schultz Town Hall Meeting - Madison, WI - April 13, 2011

Judge Dismisses Lawsuits Challenging Union Law

PoliticusUSA:  America's Hatred of Sarah Palin Reaches Historic Heights

The Walker Effect:  What has our new governor done to Wisconsin?

Politics Report:  Walker posts "Support" Letter from an "Almost 9 Year-Old"

Protesters rail against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's budget plan in Neenah|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Petitions circulate to "Save SeniorCare"

James P. Hoffa:  Walker's Political Theater, Brought to You By the Koch Brothers

Capitol Chaos:  Board Punishes Sick-Out Teachers

Think Progress:  Walker And Prosser Crushed Regulations On Koch industry's Phosphorus Pollution in Wisconsin

AlterNet:  Our Public Schools Are Churning Out Drones for the Corporate State

Dirty tricks and power grabs in FitzWalkerstan

John Eyster: What about HEARING WE THE PEOPLE of WI?!

Bill Wineke:  Someone Has Got To Be Making All This Up

Democratic Party CD 1 Convention - Facebook event

Links to Proposed Budget Information (Feel Free to Share)

Tuesdays with Yuri is now on Facebook

Join us and learn about area newsmakers.  Tuesdays with Yuri - Talk Show You Can Actually Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rock County Coroner Jenifer Keach interview

In her appearance on Tuesdays with Yuri, Jenifer and I discussed what makes someone want to become a coroner, reasons for the doubling in the rate of suicides in Rock County and what Jenifer has learned from her years in the public office.

Tuesday night news round up (4.13.11)

Hundreds speak at budget hearing at State Fair Park - video

Chandler McKelvey: Walker's actions undermine state job growth

Budget Hearing with Senator Cullen

Rally Supporting Labor Over Billionaires (SLOBs) and to Recall Grothman

Top Wisconsin Recall Target Thinks Police, Firefighters Should Lose Collective Bargaining Rights,_firefighters_should_lose_collective_bargaining_rights/

United States Senator Johnson (R) wants to tax corporations that send jobs to China less - video

WisDems:  Alberta Darling:  I don't listen to people at hearings on Walker budget

Prosser camp's "validator" validates skepticism about "found" ballots|met:300|cat:0|order:4

Joint Finance Co-Chairs announce public hearing schedule for budget bill


Huffington Post:  Tammy Baldwin asks Eric Holder to investigate Wisconsin Supreme Court election

Republicans and Tea Party on the attack

Mayor, Council members arrested in Budget Protest in Washington DC

Prosser:  Idea of Federal probe "preposterous"

Vicky Selkowe for Assembly

Last Joint Finance Committee public hearing tomorrow in Neenah, sign up now for a seat on the bus from Madison

Defending Wisconsin PAC asks JB Van Hollen to resign

Daily Kos:  Waukesha voting irregularities go back to 2004... (updated)

PolitiScoop:  Republicans Now Hiring out of State Felons - Canvasser Arrested in Crime Spree

TPM:  Wisconsin Officials Still Examining Waukesha Procedures; Local Dem Canvasser Casts Doubt On Process

Mike Johnson:  Blog post prompts asterisk on Nickolaus website

Daily Kos:  20,000 more votes than ballots (Waukesha, 2006) updated,000-more-votes-than-ballots-(Waukesha-county,-2006)

Still in protesting mood?  Alternative brat fest is in the works

SlysOffice: Forward Janesville Rally - photos

TPM: Walker: State Layoffs Could Happen If Anti-Union Bill Remains Delayed By Courts

TPM: US Senator Johnson (R) Supreme Court Race "took the Wind Out" Of Union Sails

Bill voiding sick leave law sent to Walker

Ted Rulseh:  Walker's polarization of public deliberate|mostpopular|text|FRONTPAGE

Download pledge to recall Fitzgerald With a Media-covered Rap Sheet of Shenanigans, Kathy nickolaus might Have Incriminating E-mails on Her Hard Drive

Governor Walker Says First 100 Days Was B+ Effort

Walker responds to promotion, demotion of supporter's son

The Rachel Maddow Show: remember that Democratic official in Waukesha County, WI who vouched for the late find of those 14k votes?

Where's Walker?  Not in Wisconsin.

Democrats are fighting back in Ohio

The Exiled: A People's History of Koch Industries, Part II

Guy Benson:  So, how's the Left's Wisconsin Recall Crusade Coming Along?,_hows_the_lefts_wisconsin_recall_crusade_coming_along

AlterNet:  Found Votes in WI Supreme Court Election Results Still Extremely Fishy

US Congressman Issa (R) calls Governor Scott Walker to testify

Letter to Attorney General Van Hollen

Capitol Chaos: Budget Hearing Frustration

TPM: Business Breaking With Kasich Over Union Busting Bill

More than 1,000 protest state budget in West Allis - video

State needs more Tim Cullens

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday afternoon news round up (4.11.11)

The Onion Store presents tees such as "I support My Parents' Political Beliefs" and "I just love corporations",66/

Democrat on Waukesha County vote panel speaks out

Waukesha County Democratic Party:  Statement & Account of Ramon Kitzinger, Waukesha Board of Canvassers member since 2004

Rail Exec Charged With Illegal Donations

Huffington Post:  Fervor Of Wisconsin Debate Shifts To Recall Elections

PolitiScoop:  Government Accountability Board Cover Up?

WisDems:  Disturbin Scott Walker revelations Require Answers

PortWashington-SaukvillePatch: State Budget Hearing Gets Under Way After Opponents Make Their Point

Joint Finance hearing - video

The Oshkosh Northwestern:  We don't need license plate stickers|head

Most Ohio big city mayors do not like collective bargaining law Gov. John Kasich says was intended to help them

DeForest Times-Tribune: Preserve funding for the arts by Fred Bergmann

Harvard University Press:  The William Cronon Affair

PoliticusUSA: Wisconsin Titanice:  Criminal Probe Heading Scott Walker's Way

State Senator Sheila Harsdorf (R):  Loud minority opposition won't stop vital reform Call for help, 2:00 today:  The Uptake.Org is looking for citizen journalists to help at Government Accountability Board press conference

LaCrosseTribune: Shilling:  We need leaders to stand up to the governor

Cognitive Dissidence:  Is Scott Walker About To Have A Very Bad Monday?

Paul Krugman on Paul Ryan's budget:  A Word From Those Who

Andrew Breitbart Presents:  Big Government.  No Conspiracy In Wisconsin Supreme Court Election, brookfield Vote Totals Posted On Election Night By AOL/Huffington Post Reporter Walker: Unions Won't Steal Prosser Election Win

Daily Union:  Fitzgerald listens to packed house

Wisconsin Group Launches Campaign To Reform Government

PolitiFact rates Charlie Sykes stating JoAnne Kloppenburg had a 3-to-1 advantage in spending over Justice David Prosser as "Pants On Fire".

Daniel Bice:  Parties already sparring before local hearing starts