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Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear Morons...uh...Birthers

Dear Birthers,

I love you. I really, really do—in that broad and general sense of loving all of human kind and hoping you do not die in a car fire. After all, someone has to love you and you are not all that easy to love. In fact, you are making me bleed from the eyes.

But, you need some words of motherly love right now:


I am a mother and all mothers know that there is nothing worse than having a child who is a moronic village idiot imbecile cretin who is being laughed at—except having a child who is tacky. (And, you are tacky, but this is a serious political blog and I did not want to mention that—more later on the hats and signs.)

You are also quite possibly infected by rabid hatred and delusions. Or, you may be the trifecta:


Get it? “Trifecta” – mean, stupid, and crazy.

There is never any point in reviewing the proof that President Obama is a citizen or yada, yada, yada because morons, deluded, and hate-filled people do not listen to reason.

I am reading that in 2008 and 2009 approxmately 30% of Republicans were “birthers” – people who did not believe the overwhelming evidence that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii.

Now, I am reading that over 50% of Republicans are “birthers” – and that is no laughing matter. Because, that indicates that over 50% of one major political party are incapable of looking at evidence and coming up with a rational conclusion. I find this very hard to believe.

Friends, the Republican leadership are not “birthers.” People who are attorneys, who went to prestigious schools, who are doctors, propagandists, corporate leaders, etc. are not “birthers.” The men and women in positions of political leadership in our country are not “birthers.”

They are much worse: They are shameless lying opportunists manipulating millions of ignorant, crazy, or mean people.

I can forgive Binky Boehner or what’s-his-face with the hair. I can forgive all those who make no higher claim than to be seeking to win the next election no matter what it takes.

But, I cannot forgive Mike Huckabee. He is revolting. Disgusting. Nauseating.

He is a Baptist minister. He professes a faith that admonishes, “That shall not bear false witness.” It’s one of the Ten Commandments. It means do not tell a lie. And, in my home, lying means telling a lie, leaving out some truth (lying by omission), giving the wrong impression, distorting the truth, etc.

If you want to weep for our public life, the Republican Party, and the USA, watch interviews of him.

He knows that President Obama is an American citizen and all round American who has done everything right. Watching a religious leader pander to the most ignorant, hate-filled, and deluded of Americans is so sorrowful.

You may not like his politics, but President Obama is an American citizen, a professed Christian and he has done everything right.

Your very sad friend,



  1. In answer to your question. YES! Amen sister. And thank you for professing the truth as vehemently and passionatley as those who are NOT telling the truth. Deliberately.

  2. I was at the tea party tax rally Saturday and I am glad I am typing this because I can't talk! I believe Palin is a birther and that's rather ironic considering she can see Russia from her house (thank GAW she can't see Madison) but that make me wonder whether or not she was born in Russia and if she has an American birth certificate?

    I was born in Denmark and I have a Danish Birth Certificate but I also have American Naturalization Papers, US Selective Service Card, Social Security Card, Honorable Discharge Papers from the United States Marine Corps, High School and College Graduation Certificates from American Schools (thank GAW for those public teachers), WI Driver's License and least of all I was called a Communist AH for participating in recall canvassing. I am an American so look for me on the protest picket lines! I will be glad to talk to you once I get my voice back. GO HOME PALIN - GO HOME PALIN - GO HOME PALIN - SHAME - SHAME - SHAME - RECALL WALKER - RECALL WALKER ........

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