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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday night news round up (4.7.11)

"It's not the people who vote that count.  It's the people who count the votes."  Josef Stalin

Daily Kos:  Why Prosser needed EXACTLY + 7500 votes...

Accusations of Elections Fraud Explained and Capitol Coverage!  Revolution time!  - video

Huffington Post Amanda Terkel:  Wisconsin Election Surprise:  David Prosser Gains 7,500 Votes After "Human Error" in Waukesha County - video
Don't you wish...

Lobbyist's son resigns from Walker administration job

Clark County Politics:  Here's the Prosser story in Wisconsin from Big Government

Tense Crowd as Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald holds Open Office Hours

Citizen Action Calls for Federal Investigation into Vote Count Irregularities in Waukesha County

Government Accountability Board:  Considerations for your County Canvass and preparation for potential recount

Officials dispute reliability of Waukesha County clerk's election data system

The Kloppenburg for Justice Committee is accepting contributions for recount effort

Waukesha County clerk, board clash over audit

Waukesha County to audit election equipment

ThinkProgress:  Prosser Hires Bush v. Gore Recount Lawyer Who Claims GOP Opposes Equal Protection

Tea Party Counter Rally - It's our house!  - Facebook event

Swing State Project:  Analysis of the newly added Waukesha ballots

OneWisconsinNow: Election Returns:  What Went On in Waukesha?

Daily Kos:  84% in Madison Vote against Citizens United!  First City in the Nation to Do So!-First-City-in-the-Nation-to-Do-So

Janesville School District to Cut 130 Positions

Department of Justice files original action in the state supreme court to challenge judge Sumi's injunction ruling

Statement from JoAnne Kloppenburg campaign manager Melissa Mulliken

Jon Erpenbach - ATTACK ON PUBLIC SCHOOLS - video

Daily Kos:  Wisconsin Supreme Court:  Local clerk "finds" over 7,000 votes for Prosser,000-votes-for-Prosser

Washington Post Greg Sargent:  Recall momentum continues:  Dems collect huge number of signatures to recall Randy Hopper

ActBlue:  "Wisconsin 14" T-shirts

Office of the District Attorney Sheboygan County accuses Governor Walker of intimidation

LGBT Break the Silence Wisconsin March - Facebook event

Uppity Wisconsin:  Pssst...Gov: Kloppenburg Won About Half of the Counties and 84% of Her Support Came from Outside of Madison

Dane101: Analyzing Tuesdays' Election Results

Oshkosh - State Budget Public Hearing - Facebook event

Boycott WMC (Wisconsin Commerce and Manufacturers) Board Members page

Defend Wisconsin: Data entry Volunteers Needed

4 Quarters, 10 Dimes David McKay:  Let the Predictable Begin.

High turnout for court race shows voters engaged, partisan

The big chill?  UW's Cronon sees "intimidation" in GOP records request

PRWatch: Court Race Throws a Spanner in the Works of Wisconsin Wingnuts

Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz;  Assault on Social Spending, Pro-Rich Tax Cuts Turning U.S. into Nation "Of the 1 Percent, by the 1 Percent, for the Percent"

How can Wisconsin protesters remain active in protecting workers' rights?  - video

PolitiScoop:  GOP Bait and Switch?  Trust the Lies not Their Truth

Kevin Spacey on President Lincoln and the Arts - video

It's academic:  Kloppenburg/Prosser Supreme court election results

John Boutelle:  Lack of respect for dedicated public workers troubling

The Capitol is Coming to Milwaukee!  Testify and Rally!  - Facebook event

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