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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Capitulate or Resist?

America will never move forward and never work together for mutual betterment until we trust one another again; until justice is served to the scoundrels who have been deceiving and robbing it blind for decades. As the saying goes, justice delayed is justice denied and today the peril of delay is more dangerous than ever.

U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder has said we should all "move on" and let the past be the past.

What about the myriad of seeds of destruction that were planted so surreptitiously deep in America's heart by Karl Rove, Frank Luntz, the Koch brothers, and thousands more Republican operatives who are already now very busy trying to corrupt not just state governments but the 2012 elections as well?

Why do far too many Democratic leaders refuse to speak out - refuse to investigate and prosecute so much obvious fraud, war crimes, and corruption that is on a massive scale. Why implement the guise of "moving on" to somehow appease the Right in continual futility trying to "bring sides together" toward a "consensus" to get things done rather than expose continuing transgressions?

Has trying to work with villains ever brought about a good result? They'll smile to your face and then stab you in the back before accomplishing anything that would remotely be for the betterment of the general community good. Wolves in sheeps clothing are about themselves and no one else. Ever. So, for our progressive leaders representing the general good to ever consider compromise with the proven untrustworthy leaders of corruption is sheer lunacy.

The rise of the Right to unbridled power finally unleashed comes from revolutionary conservatives who invested huge amounts of money in a number of think tanks over the past thirty or more years. They were masterminds to brilliantly frame their mantras in simplistic ways that would reverberate with those who wouldn't question their motives.

Two decades ago, Paul Weyerich publicly and proudly proclaimed that the way they would succeed would be to disenfranchise traditional Democratic voters ( G. Gordon Liddy was just a precursor and amateur compared to the miscreants of today. Decades ago the GOP groomed a generation of young people brainwashed with the promise of unlimited wealth and power when university campus' fostered the Young Republicans during the early '70s.

Karl Rove admittedly orchestrated the plan last year to elect Republican governors in numerous states. How could anyone not realize he is still at work behind the scenes now also orchestrating the shredding of workers rights, education, the environment, and so much more? Now add the filthy money of the Koch brothers and those of dubious pasts are once again prevailing.

Thus, Wisconsin and Scott Walker, the Fitzgerald brothers, Prosser, and others.

Thus the governors of Michigan, Maine, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, and 25 more states.

Many no longer even try to hide their distain for the citizenry anymore; the goals they aspire to of forcing laws to ban unions, write legislation to restrict voting rights, make laws to take over municipalities and county governments by corporate profiteers, tax the poor, slash education, consolidate media, cut taxes for the rich, sell off state utilities to corporate pals that put Republicans in office (no-bid contracts, of course), and create such havoc that Obama would have no prayer for returning to the White House in 2012 and, even if he would legitimately win, arrange a special surprise so he wouldn't.

Thieves are about stealing to benefit themselves, not serving. Killers are about destroying, not kindness. Do most Americans have a completely naive misconception of our adversaries? Does it leave us all at the risk of being overwhelmed by malevolence? You can't leave the doors unlocked at night and not expect things missing the next day...

Remember how Karl Rove left the Democratic governor of Alabama hanging? Don Siegelman went to prison unjustly because of Rove's sly trickery and his case is still in the courts now over a decade later. (;photovideo)

The story behind almost all these stories? Karl Rove. Rove's still free to do the same dirty tricks all across the nation. It's rather evident that Scott Walker anticipated being one of Rove's trophies.

If Rove was prosecuted and brought to justice (like he should have been many times over), would we be facing these disasters that will take even more decades to reverse?

Who's at fault? Those who would literally do anything to "get along" rather than do what's necessary for the common good?

We should all be Americans first and it's long past due the time when all Americans must wake up to those who would literally steal our nations power, resources, will, and more importantly, integrity and honor.

While the challenges we have now been presented with are seemingly insurmountable we must take action and be ready when the public opinion once again realizes the folly and returns to our direction. In the first few short months of 2011, we are watching Americans come forward on their own behalf and wake up.

We cannot be caught unprepared and in our all too familiar reactive mode lacking the energy, will, and information necessary to move forward. The Right planned for an on-going war that would last decades and they believed any means justified the ends. Their schemes and proteges were in place and assembled in lock-step for the political reversals of the 2010 elections.

As more and more Americans everyday realize the crimes of the past 30 years - as they realize how they have been so personally and adversely harmed - the tide will once again turn. Until then, it IS within our ability to get to work and hold those who would shred our nation and our very Constitution responsible for the corruption and devastation they have wrought and still aim to provoke.

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