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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday night news round up (4.14.11)

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Admits that his decision to strip the rights of public workers to bargain collectively "doesn't save any" money for the Wisconsin taxpayers.

Save Janesville Schools - Facebook community group

Get to know the other side:  MacIver Institute to Fight for Access to Public Documents Launches Fundraising Drive to Pay Costs / Legal Fees

Daily Kos:  100 days of GOP rule.  Still no jobs bills.

Jim Wallis:  Woe to You, Legislators!

Alternative Brat Fest Planned

Where's Paul?  Ryan Comes Back To District To Talk About Federal Budget

New WMC head vows strong advocacy role

TPM: Rep. Cummings, Vermont Governor Shumlin Rip Into Scott Walker At Hearing

ASO: Wisconsin Citizens Show Up to Protest Tea Party's Anti-Worker, Anti-American Agenda

FDL: Walker Stumbles Repeatedly During House Hearing

Rally Supporting Labor Over Billionaires (SLOBs) and to Recall Grothman - Facebook event

Think Progress:  Scott Walker Admits Union-Busting Provision "Doesn't Save Any" Money For The State of Wisconsin

The Washington Post Greg Sargent:  Scott Walker admits he didn't campaign on rollback of bargaining rights

Russ Feingold honored in D.C.

Palin scheduled to appear at Madison rally on Saturday

Walker proves a lightning rod for House committee

State won't appeal restraining order on collective bargaining limits

United States Congressman Braley Calls for investigation of Cronyism in Scott Walker Administration

Ed Schultz Town Hall Meeting - Madison, WI - April 13, 2011

Judge Dismisses Lawsuits Challenging Union Law

PoliticusUSA:  America's Hatred of Sarah Palin Reaches Historic Heights

The Walker Effect:  What has our new governor done to Wisconsin?

Politics Report:  Walker posts "Support" Letter from an "Almost 9 Year-Old"

Protesters rail against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's budget plan in Neenah|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Petitions circulate to "Save SeniorCare"

James P. Hoffa:  Walker's Political Theater, Brought to You By the Koch Brothers

Capitol Chaos:  Board Punishes Sick-Out Teachers

Think Progress:  Walker And Prosser Crushed Regulations On Koch industry's Phosphorus Pollution in Wisconsin

AlterNet:  Our Public Schools Are Churning Out Drones for the Corporate State

Dirty tricks and power grabs in FitzWalkerstan

John Eyster: What about HEARING WE THE PEOPLE of WI?!

Bill Wineke:  Someone Has Got To Be Making All This Up

Democratic Party CD 1 Convention - Facebook event

Links to Proposed Budget Information (Feel Free to Share)

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