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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday night news round up (4.13.11)

Hundreds speak at budget hearing at State Fair Park - video

Chandler McKelvey: Walker's actions undermine state job growth

Budget Hearing with Senator Cullen

Rally Supporting Labor Over Billionaires (SLOBs) and to Recall Grothman

Top Wisconsin Recall Target Thinks Police, Firefighters Should Lose Collective Bargaining Rights,_firefighters_should_lose_collective_bargaining_rights/

United States Senator Johnson (R) wants to tax corporations that send jobs to China less - video

WisDems:  Alberta Darling:  I don't listen to people at hearings on Walker budget

Prosser camp's "validator" validates skepticism about "found" ballots|met:300|cat:0|order:4

Joint Finance Co-Chairs announce public hearing schedule for budget bill


Huffington Post:  Tammy Baldwin asks Eric Holder to investigate Wisconsin Supreme Court election

Republicans and Tea Party on the attack

Mayor, Council members arrested in Budget Protest in Washington DC

Prosser:  Idea of Federal probe "preposterous"

Vicky Selkowe for Assembly

Last Joint Finance Committee public hearing tomorrow in Neenah, sign up now for a seat on the bus from Madison

Defending Wisconsin PAC asks JB Van Hollen to resign

Daily Kos:  Waukesha voting irregularities go back to 2004... (updated)

PolitiScoop:  Republicans Now Hiring out of State Felons - Canvasser Arrested in Crime Spree

TPM:  Wisconsin Officials Still Examining Waukesha Procedures; Local Dem Canvasser Casts Doubt On Process

Mike Johnson:  Blog post prompts asterisk on Nickolaus website

Daily Kos:  20,000 more votes than ballots (Waukesha, 2006) updated,000-more-votes-than-ballots-(Waukesha-county,-2006)

Still in protesting mood?  Alternative brat fest is in the works

SlysOffice: Forward Janesville Rally - photos

TPM: Walker: State Layoffs Could Happen If Anti-Union Bill Remains Delayed By Courts

TPM: US Senator Johnson (R) Supreme Court Race "took the Wind Out" Of Union Sails

Bill voiding sick leave law sent to Walker

Ted Rulseh:  Walker's polarization of public deliberate|mostpopular|text|FRONTPAGE

Download pledge to recall Fitzgerald With a Media-covered Rap Sheet of Shenanigans, Kathy nickolaus might Have Incriminating E-mails on Her Hard Drive

Governor Walker Says First 100 Days Was B+ Effort

Walker responds to promotion, demotion of supporter's son

The Rachel Maddow Show: remember that Democratic official in Waukesha County, WI who vouched for the late find of those 14k votes?

Where's Walker?  Not in Wisconsin.

Democrats are fighting back in Ohio

The Exiled: A People's History of Koch Industries, Part II

Guy Benson:  So, how's the Left's Wisconsin Recall Crusade Coming Along?,_hows_the_lefts_wisconsin_recall_crusade_coming_along

AlterNet:  Found Votes in WI Supreme Court Election Results Still Extremely Fishy

US Congressman Issa (R) calls Governor Scott Walker to testify

Letter to Attorney General Van Hollen

Capitol Chaos: Budget Hearing Frustration

TPM: Business Breaking With Kasich Over Union Busting Bill

More than 1,000 protest state budget in West Allis - video

State needs more Tim Cullens

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