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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Three Card Monte and Ice Float Solutions

Three Card Monte from Paul Ryan. Although he claims his plan will not change anything for people 55 and over(or over age 55...The news media and his budget doesn't make the age completely clear.)His real solution is once your age 55 take Grandma out into the Atlantic and put her on an ice float.

He claims it will not change for this group but anyone with basic math skills and a basic understanding of how the Theory of Large Numbers works...Fewer people contributing into the plan will ultimately destroy Medicare for Seniors currently on the plan because there will be no funding for it. That's the same math Ryan has used with every program he is voted for spending on. Create the program but don't fund it.

The real joke on everyone is the vouchers...Anyone 65 or older today should get on the phone and call insurance companies or agents to get a rate for their situation. Be specific and ask for a non-medicare plan. If you do not get other than medicare supplement plans as for a rate for you and your spouse for say age 63. Remember the rate quoted may or may not apply because he is also excited about discontinuing pre-existing conditions exclusions that the Affordable Healthcare Act provides. Don't be surprised if you get rates from $1000-$2000 per month and if issued with exclusions for your pre-exiting conditions. His vouchers will amount to $5000-$7500 per year.

If you have pension and Social Security of $2000 per month start planning on a move back in with your kids. Oh wait...They have moved back in with you? Welcome to the new world of Re publican's America. Don't whine! Your choice to re-elect Ryan year after year has allowed the richest 2% to take advantage of loopholes made by him for them. So...perhaps it is time to consider a RECALL for him, too! We can't afford him and live in the United States.

Paul Ryan is the reason why Congressional 1 is hurting so badly. His love of Ayn Rand and his hero Atlas Shrugged is now about to be dumped on all of us along with Walker's plan to take away Medicaid and Senior Care, too. Aren't Republicans the greatest, ever?|met:102|cat:3165555|order:3

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