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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday night news round up (4.5.11) 1:14 am: Kloppenburg: Get some sleep

AP: Union rights fight looms in Wisconsin high court race Just in case you were wondering, recount rules.

Swing State Project: April 5 Election Results Thread #5

Janesville City Council incumbent - Frank Perrotto - unseated, blames argument between himself and Councilman Yuri Rashkin

AP Wisconsin - County Vote Results

Soglin wins Madison Mayoral race

2011 Spring Elections:  Wisconsin stands up to Scott Walker

Kevin Spacey on importance of arts

Daniel Bice: Walker demotes son of campaign contributor

Scott Walker misses Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day

Isthmus:  Fifty days of Wisconsin labor solidarity have changed my life

Governor Walker Announces Online Brown Bag Lunches

Union bargaining measure could be rolled into budget bill

Christian Science Monitor: It's Election Day in Wisconsin, and collective bargaining is the issue

Capitol Report: Stray rock, not protesters, damaged Kapanke's windshield

Union Cab and Badger Cab Join Forces for Democracy

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