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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Voting, Money, Greed, and Where are the Jobs?

With all of the Recall and Recount talk I thought it was important to ask? WHERE ARE THOSE JOBS? It seemed to me Washington newbies claimed they were going to Washington to create jobs, lower taxes, and make sure government was going to work for us. I heard the same thing with those running for State Offices.

The new class in Washington and the State are running high on something but the high is not a priority on those things they said they would do for us. Is it because "we the people" are no longer WE THE PEOPLE? I think not. WE THE PEOPLE have risen and we are not taking garbage talk about our President and we are no longer going to take things from a Congressional 1 do nothing for his constituents(Thank You Rob Zerban for your announcement to run).

WE THE PEOPLE have demanded RECALLS of non Respondent Republicans who have taken heart with AYN RAND and the most selfish approaches to governing I can remember or have read about in my readings of history. Their vanity and snobbery toward their constituents is totally alarming. And now after attempting to take away First Amendment Rights of most of our government workers and blaming them for every economic woe this State has; they now want to take away more civil rights from the poor and less fortunate. They don't have a solution for multi-generational poverty so they take away the safety nets to allow them any dignity at all. Again...Selfish all about me attitudes.

They are now addressing Civil Rights. It is called Voting. They want to make it harder for those who do not have "credentials" to vote and specifically new voters, college voters, and seniors who may have surrendered their drivers licenses. The assumption is there is too much voter GORE V. BUSH. Yes, the votes in Florida did get counted eventually even though unofficially and guess what...? Gore won.

What really has been happening in Waukesha County for several elections? I hope we find out this time with a close look at the results of this recount. Still, Voting Prevention is the goal of the Republican Party because those who move around allot (renters), Seniors in Medical Facilities, students in college,and those who have found themselves out on the street (and not by choice) are no longer considered voters by Republicans.

I will be specifically reviewing Representative Knilans' vote because he is my current Representative. He went to the State to help Janesville get jobs and make sure we get an equitable share of apportionment. To date he has voted against Janesville every time. He must be a close friend of Paul Ryan's because like Ryan he has done nothing to assist Main Street, Middle Class, or those less fortunate.

WE THE PEOPLE need to stay the fight and make sure that our new representatives revise the tax code and assure an equitable tax code to support those things we value in a Progressive State. We do not want them to take away First Amendment Rights, Civil Rights, or Human Rights. It's time...It's here...And...It is time to GO FORWARD!

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