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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


All politics are local! City Government, School Board,County Board, Assembly, Senate, Court and let's not forget Congressional District 1. The local work may seem to be done but there is more work to be done. Some will need help with their RECALL efforts. If you have time or money; there are many seeking help with both or either. Do what you can. If you can't leave home and you don't mind making some calls... Make some calls! I'm sure those in the RECALL EFFORT would enjoy getting some help. We need to learn from them now; so we can protect those who represent us later. We may need their help next.

There is another problem that we really need to look at. Our Congressional 1 representative may not have your interests in mind. His latest new Budget is designed to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and any other safety net program. His name is Paul Ryan.

Paul Krugman describes Paul Ryan's latest plans as a fantasy of unicorns. I have read Paul Ryan's 73 page plan. I expected a whole lot more substance from Paul. After all; I thought he had a rather decent Janesville education. What happened? Don't know for sure; but this bill says to seniors and retirees now and in the future don't count on Paul Ryan to share any of his millions with you. He's got his; go get your own! Oh yeah...Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged are the basis of his life's imagination and his true beliefs.

I encourage you to read his plan! Then start thinking about how we replace Paul Ryan. We can not afford his ideas! His plan is based upon crushing Seniors and the Middle Class at the expense of all future healthcare. His plan's numbers come from the Heritage Foundation (Koch Brother Founded and Funded)! Congressional 1 also goes through alot of Conservative areas. I noticed the Prosser-Kloppenburg Votes by County and they were high on Prosser except for Rock County. The Associated Press showed results that obviously reflect the Gerrymandered District from Walworth to South Milwaukee areas. Sorry couldn't copy the link but you can Google it!


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