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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How we ended up with Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and Ron Johnson

The alleged Social Conservatives and Religious Right do not believe in Jesus Christ or any other faith. Ben Franklin moved from Massachusetts because during his time they were still burning witches or drowning those they accused of withcraft. Fact....not opinion.

The following links are about Ayn Rand the true god of these three people. Objectivism and Christian Virtue are not mutually inclusive. Paul Ryan, in my opinion, should be excommunicated as a heretic in his Roman Catholic Faith...

Ron Johnson claims to be a Lutheran and the only Lutherans I am aware of that do not believe in Christian Charity are not Lutherans and should likewise not be considered a Christian. Again, this is my opinion.

Scott Walker claims to be a born again Christian and a son of an Evangelical Preacher. I know many Evangelicals that believe in Christian Virtues and his views are obviously not anything I have read in any Bible specifically regarding the poor. This is my opinion.

Take a few minutes and listen to the Ayn Rand interviews with Mike Wallace. He asked questions and got explanations. Keep in Mind that the three named politicians are Ayn Rand believers. After listening to these interviews; consider what she advocates and see if you have an opinion in this matter.

This philosophy of Objectivism is what these three politicans subscribe to and now courtesy of many people who did not understand these men's hearts and mind's selected them freely because they heard Citizen United Attack Ads and believed the lies they were told by these three.

Listen and learn about their true core beliefs....Consider this Part 1 about this philosophy that has now taken over the Republican Party. Share it with your local Republicans in the Assembly and Senate in Wisconsin and ask them to decide if they are who they claim to be or based upon their voting records only about themselves.....

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