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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday morning news round up

WI-Resists & US Uncut presents - GLOBAL AUSTERITY and GLOBAL RESISTANCE - Facebook event

Not all Wisconsin Realtors Support Walker Agenda | Defend Wisconsin

Weather Won't Stop Walkerville - Photo album

Urgent: WiscNet Needs Your Attention and Your Immediate Action!

In the meantime in New Jersey...Chris Christie Anti-Union Bill In New Jersey Would Restrict Collective Bargaining Rights

Welcome to Business Friendly...Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce survey turns optimistic following change in Madison - JSOnline

Meet your first Fake Democrat contestant... Fake 'Democrat' Comes Forward In Wisconsin Recalls | TPMDC

That's why we're here... The Good News in Wisconsin That the Media Isn’t Covering | Common Dreams

Dead People and Dirty Tricks: The Wisconsin GOP's Desperate Plan

Meet your second Fake Democrat contestant...  Octogenarian Former GOP State Rep To Run As Fake 'Democrat' In Wis. Recalls | TPMDC

A timeline of Wisconsin's budget approval process - Isthmus | The Daily Page

GOP want taxpayers to pay fired, lying Milwaukee cops -- Wonder why? | Uppity Wisconsin

Recall primaries could be costly to taxpayers - JSOnline

Protest Walker and Ryan Speeches to Realtor and Bank Association (1) - Facebook event

Russ Feingold Raises More Than $130,000 For Wisconsin Democratic Recall Candidates

Former county GOP leader to challenge Shilling as Democrat

Rain in Walkerville - photos  yfrog Photo : Shared by DefendWisconsin

Wisconsin's recall elections: A primer - Isthmus | The Daily Page


WisPolitics Election Blog: Man interrupts GAB, says "There's the fraud"

Daily Kos: Is WI's GOP Committing Actionable Election Fraud?

GOP Rep: Gov’t. workers need to ‘find a real job’ | Raw Replay

Democrats to face recall elections, board decides - JSOnline

Sly In The Morning: Civil Disobedience Vital Part Of Protests

Renter protections would be ‘wiped out’ by fast-tracked Republican measure | Defend Wisconsin

Rob Zerban Is The First Wisconsin Democrat With A Chance To Beat Paul Ryan

Liberate Fitzwalkerstan - Open the Capitol

Signs of desperation among Wisconsin Republicans? - The Plum Line - The Washington Post

The Sconz believes the Open Meetings argument is legit - The Sconz, an Isthmus|The Daily Page blog

UW, Schools Voice Concerns About Budget Measure Affecting Internet

Get to know the other side: Wis. Union Protesters Disrupt Special Olympics Ceremony - video

In Wisconsin, Legislative Urgency as Recall Threat Looms

Solidarity City in 1977 and Walkerville in 2011 – United by a Common Cause 34 Years Apart | Defend W

Why (W)I Fight

Scott Walker Ditches Symbolic Painting of Homeless, Low-Income Kids

In the meantime Scott Walker answers question about teachers skipping school to protest instead of teaching his children...

Exposing Corporate Power, Empire and the Koch-Funded Radical Right | Tea Party and the Right

Erpenbach - Protect Public Schools

Save WiscNet: Internet for Higher Ed, Libraries & K-12 Schools Under Attack

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