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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday evening news round up - NEW FORMAT

Editorial: Legislators little more than mules for special interest groups | The Oshkosh Northwestern |

Northwestern editorial: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the business lobby Wisconsin manufacturers and Commerce is airing radio ads in support of mining legislation that overlooks one critical piece of information: the mining legislation hasn't yet been introduced. Don't worry. WMC and the mining company, Gogebic Taconite, will supply the details and the Republican leadership will designate a legislator to mule the bill in the Assembly or Senate.

Morality Crisis: Republicans Have to Choose Ayn Rand or Jesus

PoliticusUSA Sarah Jones: It’s old school to talk of ethics these days — makes me long for characters like Atticus Finch as role models for our children. Stemming from the modern morality of reality TV narratives like survival-of-the-fittest and he-who-consumes-the-most-wins, Americans are considered weak if they don’t attack first and steal all of the food for themselves, stepping over the less privileged to get more than their share. It’s social Darwinism meets Any Rand religion and it’s not pretty.

Wisconsin Wants to Repeal Child Labor Laws, Too

Care2 Robin Marty: To show how happy the Republican majorities are to make the state "business friendly" the legislature asked key business leaders what could be done to help them grow.  The response?  Repeal laws blocking teens from working more hours.

Washington for Wisconsin – Live Music from Seattle | Defend Wisconsin

Tonight at 11PM the people of the great State of Washington stand in solidarity with Wisconsin with an incredible live-streamed music event supporting the working people of Wisconsin. All proceeds go to the Senate recall election campaign.

Wisconsin, Inc.: New Republican Politics in the Age of the Recall | The Awl

Abe Sauer: Fake Democrat John Buckstaff hates Wisconsin so much he took out a $3,600 ad in the Wall Street Journal in 1986, complaining about the business climate and advocating people "escape" the state. That came a year after his business was sued by the Department of Natural Resources for air pollution.

“Recall delay really about redistricting” – Stan Milam" by We the People -- GazetteXtra

Stan Milam “It’s true that not much trumps a majority in the state Senate, but defining new legislative boundaries every 10 years based on the census tops everything. If your political party is in power, you can draw the lines ensuring a much greater chance of success at the polls for the next 10 years. If your party is in the minority, you will be shut out of the redistricting process and forced to get used to being in the minority for the next decade.
“Redistricting—or reapportionment, as it is often referred to—is the least sexy but most important priority for partisan political zealots. They pore over census figures, voter lists and existing boundary lines hours on end trying to ensure power in 10-year chunks.” 
Mayor proposes new restrictions on gun carrying in Madison

Wisconsin State Journal: The bill would allow local governments to create their own laws regarding concealed carry in public buildings, but it remains unclear as to whether they can enact ordinances that supersede a state law regarding concealed carry on private property.
The bill has left room for local governments to enact their own policies on concealed carry in government buildings.

Democrats see no need for placeholders in recall primaries - JSOnline

 "The main reason is so there's not voter confusion," party spokeswoman Gillian Morris said earlier this week, adding that "it also has to do with allocation of resources, and how both sides handle it." If just a couple of races were general elections, for example, Republicans could presumably have spent heavily and perhaps beat back the recall challenge in those districts while Democrats focused on their primaries.

Fighting Jon Erpenbach - Isthmus | The Daily Page

After about a decade in radio, he was looking for something a little more stable. Ironically, even politics seemed more stable than radio; he started work at the legislative caucus in communications, then later as an aide for Joe Wineke, then representing the 27th Senate District.
A recurring theme on signs held by anti-Walker demonstrators is to note the governor's lack of a college degree. Since that's also true of Erpenbach, does that ever rankle? No, Erpenbach says. "It's no secret that I don't have a degree."
But Erpenbach is perhaps kinder than some toward this aspect of Walker's résumé: "There are certain experiences you get along the way that do help you do your job that you'd never get in college."

Wrath of Walker's Privatized Government 

A Southeast Wisconsin County Sheriff’s office appears to be preparing for the moment the stripping of collective bargaining becomes law whether it is illegal or not. A reliable source has informed Politiscoop they are wasting no time imposing the wrath of Walker on the county employees. In the works for the department is the elimination of a work day every two weeks as they play around with the schedules. Additionally, there will only be a guarantee of two 15 minute breaks per shift, since federal law mandates that minimum. A lunch break of 20 minutes is “as assigned and at the discretion of the Sheriff”. Holidays will be no more and all that will be left is a skeleton amounting to the federal minimum standards the law requires.

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