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Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday night news round up

Meanwhile in New York...Gay Marriage Bill Passes In New York: Senate Passes Bill Allowing Same Sex Marriage

The Scene Near Stonewall Inn

While back in Wisconsin...Solidarity Sing Along still going strong - WKOW 27

And guess what...Let's Welcome Scott Walker to New York!

Support Russ Feingold for WI Governor

Walker to sign budget bill at firm run by convicted felon - JSOnline

Walker to veto budget provision on pay for disciplined cops - JSOnline

Two Hunger Strikers, Madison, Wisconsin, first day of summer, 2011

In the meantime US Senator Ron Johnson Defers Himself Enough Compensation To Cover Costly Senate Campaign

And just like that... Budget signing moves to different Green Bay business | Defend Wisconsin

2 Army Vets jailed after setting up camp near the Veterans Museum | Defend Wisconsin

Sen. Larson, Fellow Legislators Request Floor Vote to Extend Unemployment Benefits

Business as usual in Fitzwalkerstan: Republicans draw remap lines in secret

Sly In The Morning: The Walkers Remodel

Koch BOYCOTT Action! – A Pictorial of YOUR $$ Power!

6/24 Teamster Nation: WI solidarity with NJ

Citizen Action of Wisconsin | Statewide List of Volunteer Opportunities for Recall Elections

Crazy supports funny...Glenn Beck, TV and Radio Host supports an #OnionPulitzer

Citizen Action of Wisconsin | Battleground Wisconsin Podcast | Press Room

Teacher contract stirs emotions | Superior Telegram | Superior, Wisconsin

9 States Where Awful GOP Policies Will Actually Drive Up the Abortion Rate |  Yes, Wisconsin is on the list.

Stand With Wisconsin > OPEIU

Biz Beat: Budget serves up tax break for wealthiest Wisconsinites

Can the Union Bill Be Rolled Back?

The Story Of The Wisconsin 14: Behind The Scenes

Challenges filed against GOP recall candidates' nomination papers - JSOnline

Vote for your favorite protest sign...ISTHMUS | The Daily Page | 2011 Madison's Favorites Poll

GOP Tries To Remove For Filming Then Gives Corporations More Power!! Please SHARE!!

Recall Scott Walker Planned Recall Committee

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