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Thursday, June 16, 2011

AYN RAND Philosophies and the New Wisconsin Republicans Part 2

There is alot about Objectivism on the internet. It is my opinion that this "ism" is best described through her interviews. I believe it is necessary to understand what you are fighting against and it is not just the New Republican Culture. It is about Selfishness as a Virtue versus the teachings of Jesus Christ these very same Republicans claim as their Spiritual Guide.

One does not need to profess a religious faith to hold a political office. My objection to the Extreme Right Cultural Christian Conservatives is their homage to Ayn Rand and their simultaneously claim to an adherence to Christian Virtues. You can not have it both ways. Ayn Rand declares her beliefs and they are not Christian in any way, shape, or form.

The New Republicans lie about their true beliefs. Their cover is a claim to be "Christian". The laws that are being passed by the likes of Knilans and Loudenbeck as well as many other thoughtless Republicans links itself to Mises, Rand, Koch Brothers, and ALEC. This Koch sponsored terrorist organization is using Christian Fundamentalists to obtain a new "Spiritual Government" and not based upon Christrian Ethics! It is not limited government but a direct move toward the Authoritarian Corporatist Model. That is why there can be no Christian Charity and there must be scapegoats....Unions, Teachers, other Government Workers.

This experiment was used before. A basic requirement is to seek a scapegoat for the ills of the world and in this case our State is creating a model to threaten and coerce it's public. To be effective one must stifle all that disagree with you. So...that means limiting local governments sovereignty. The exact same thing they claim President Obama is doing when in reality he is doing the opposite. If you understand Objectivism and what Rand advocates you can better understand why there is a specific hatred by these "Evangelical-Types". It is what it is...
The new Joe McCarthy from New York (Congressman King) is fostering hatred toward Muslims and the Republicans keep saying Obama is "not one of us". Listen to Rand regarding her views of Racism and the Middle East especially about oil.

If your local school board and city government is relegated to puppets of the State because they no longer have power to raise or distribute revenues without the approval of the Governor of this State and his Cronies; you no longer have Democracy or even a Republican form of government. I don't want this Republican Bunch in our bedrooms either...Their sense of ethics and values are not what they proclaim...Their Objectivist views do not represent Wisconsin's Forward Thinking and Progressive Tradition ( my opinion).

This next series of interviews discusses religion, love, and democracy to name a few. Compare and contrast these with the Wallace Interviews. Know the enemies strategy and you can defeat him. Listen carefully and observe Ayn Rand...Does she endear you? Does she appear to be sane, convicted, or something completely different. Let us not forget Paul Ryan who requires her work to be read by his staff (not any Bible) Atlas Shrugged! And, of course, Ron Johnson who was totally exhumed by Atlas Shrugged which influenced his decision to run against Russ Feingold.
Was it his politics or was it something else? I believe it was something else. After all Russ Feingold is not one of them...He is not a Christian and Russ is most certainly not "one of them".

The Phil Donohue Interiew in 5 parts:

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