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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Protest Page of the Day: I will get more "Likes" than Scott Walker

Today we start a new feature here at Defend Wisconsin News Round Up called Protest Page of the Day.

The first page we want to share with you is "I will get more "Likes" than Scott Walker".  With over 4800 people who like the page, it has become a powerful megaphone (or a sounding board) for spreading all sorts of anti-Walker information.  According to the page itself, it was started by Stephanie who is a "normal tax-paying, working-class mom, born and raised here in Wisconsin".  Stephanie states that her reason for starting the page was because she was "sickened by what is taking place in our state since Scott Walker became governor" and because she "drove crazy" some of her friends with her anti Walker updates.

Check out and "Like" "I will get more "Likes" than Scott Walker" if you're looking for the most recent information on Wisconsin Protests.  You should also "Like" this page because with the Governor's Facebook page currently boasting over 64,000 people who claim to like it, Stephanie needs your help in getting her "Likes" to an even higher number!

Check out this page at I will get more"Likes"than Scott Walker


  1. A hard working and tenacious young lady. An inspiration to us all!

  2. i love her page, she works hard to get the message out there. i've been sharing her links and 'liking' her page since i first saw it. keep up the good work, stephanie. we need more people like you, brave souls.

    (Vertigo V.)

  3. J A R E T S I E R R AJuly 23, 2011 at 3:13 PM

    … a MERCILESS Warrior in the war on stupidity ‼

  4. This is one of my favorite pages! She tells it like it really is and supplies much-needed up to date information!

  5. This woman should run against Walker and show the voters of WI what solidarity really means. When Scottie gets the boot, I will look heavenward and thank the universe for putting Stephanie right where she is.

  6. I no longer live in Wisconsin. She's been a big help to us who want Wisconsin back, pre Scatt Walker. I'm so glad I don't live there anymore. Tea-Bagging Republicans can kis my ass with your backwards crazy '50s mentality!

  7. I have been fallowing her and also, posting on her site for some time. That, was when she only had about less than 500 likes, on Facebook.

    The idea is to get the message out. That is what are doing on her site! Work with Steph and our crusade to have a better life for all!

    "The needs of the many, Out way, The needs of the few!"

    Lets rock!!

    The media is for the rich. In small towns, and in the big cities; the message is for people whom and whom do not care about us! Stehp and the rest of us is what to put out the message to all of us that we are the majority, the news is for us and not the rich. We keep the news about government and the wrong they are doing to us!!

  8. I applaud her..But like her I am a Wisconsin mom who also posts from my own page. that was a mistake. I have now come under fire from facebook and been given a 15 day ban.I was told a second incident will result in a permanent ban. I have no way to get this out except through here.Please feel free to inbox or advise on my facebook page.I will not stop, They can't take my voice!!!