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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tea Party Posturing, Fussing, and Fighting over the Constitution

The rise of the Tea Party along with religious fundamentalism shows why Wisconsin is not moving Forward and why the incredible incompetence in Washington Politics requires an Economic Populism movement.

Everything about this most recent "Crisis of the Debt Ceiling" is linked to what people claim the Constitution is and is not. This claim to go back to what the Constitution instructed us to do is meaningless and nonsensical. The Tea Party is advocating a return to the Articles of Confederation and not the US Constitution.

This short opinion in Ethics Daily states it clearly and wisely. Read it and comment on it as we enjoy watching Dave Hansen being re-elected to the State Senate today in this latest RECALL. Dave used the quorum rule (State Constitutional rule) to enable WE THE PEOPLE to figure out what FitzWalker-ProsserStan was cooking up. Anyone in Dave Hansen's district keep working to get that vote out and re-elect Dave! We need those who know how to move government forward and not seek ways to disregard First Amendment Rights....Go Dave!

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