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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday morning news round up

Defend Wisconsin news round up: The Wisconsin Idea: Charles McCarthy 1912

Defend Wisconsin news round up: News Round Up Special: Voter Suppression

GOP Denies Jobs Creation Bills, Wastes Taxpayer Money, and An Open Letter To Capitol Police Chief Ch

Plain Talk: State must make it easier for voters to get IDs

Wisconsin women's rights groups holding Capitol rally to pressure Prosser - Isthmus | The Daily Page

St. Croix County Republican Party in Wisconsin campaigning for fake Democrat | The Raw Story

Soon and Very Soon (They Will All Be Recalled)

Corporate Take Over in Wisconsin

News Broadcast Error...but so fitting!

ALERT - Wisconsin voters are getting lies about the recalls by robocall from a Virginia pro life front group.

WI Voices | Just another AreaVoices site

Important Information for Tomorrow's Wisconsin Recall Primaries

Wisconsin's Recall Elections: The Teacher Who Could Tip the Scales

We Are Wisconsin SOUNDS THE ALARM on Kim Simac

Ballot Guide for the July 12 Wisconsin Election

Public hearing on redistricting plan, July 13 | Defend Wisconsin

Dem leader Barca urges Walker to reject redistricting maps

Was senator threatened on budget vote? - JSOnline

Legislators OK bill extending some jobless benefits - JSOnline

We need to stick together.

Wisconsin Democrats Virtual Phone Bank | Welcome to the DPW's Virtual Phone Bank

Republicans run as Democrats in Wisconsin primaries - Minnesota Public Radio report

Where's Walker?  Protest Walker @ Gateway Tech tomorrow (July 12)

'Swinging' Kim Simac signed shockingly strict marriage declaration - One Wisconsin Now

What's inside Michele Bachmann's head?  See for yourself:
What ‘constitutional conservatism’ means to me - by Michele Bachmann

We Need to More Effectively Publicize Wisconsin Struggle

Sly In The Morning: Cory Mason - Redistricting & Vicky Selkowe

The GOP redistricting plan protects key Republican lawmakers and means fewer competitive Wisconsin State Senate districts

Fond du Lac teachers expected to protest longer work day at today's school board meeting | Fond du Lac

Ann Coulter To Bill Maher: I Don’t Know Why Anyone But A Govt. Worker Would Vote Democrat

Packing pistols: Is Texas safer with more licensed to carry?

The Truth About Who's Responsible For The Explosion In Government Spending

Republicans For Millionaires Rights Bumper Sticker

Madison Mayor Asks Agencies For Budget Cuts

Audio message of the Republicans calling to get out the vote for fake Democrats | Defend Wisconsin

Gerrymandering Democracy: As Wisconsin Recall Elections Approach, GOP Creates New Senate Districts 

Gerrymandering FitzWalkerstan

Planned Parenthood braces for cut in funds | Appleton Post Crescent |

Wealth Rules in Wisconsin Recall Races

A message from Jess King | Jessica King for Senate

Interesting...President Obama's Father: A 'Bold And Reckless Life'

Walker is Wisconsin’s tweeter-in-chief

Wisconsin recall election voters must sign poll lists to get ballots | Green Bay Press Gazette | 

Sly In The Morning: Peter Barca - Gerrymandering Comes To Wisconsin

Sly In The Morning: Nancy Nusbaum - Recall Candidate!

Sly In The Morning: John Nichols - Redistricting Is Fate

Sly In The Morning: Andy Heidt - Election Tomorrow

Casey Garhart: Walker likes Koch, not federal, money

Recall information | Support Our Union | Legislative Resources | Issues & Advocacy | Wisconsin Educa

Sandy Pasch For State Senate


A Month In Madison: Eye Witness Reports From The Wisconsin Protests

Our view: We deserve an open Legislature

Democrats cry foul over Republican redistricting maps

Footnote: Does a photo ID need to have the current address on it to be valid for voting?

Capitol Report: Democrats exclude partisan caucuses from open meetings proposal

Ian Murphy | The Progressive

News Governor Walker finds encouraging...Some union members pleased with Walker's changes

Primary to be soft test for new voter ID law

Paul Weyrich - "I don't want everybody to vote" (Goo Goo)

The candidates on the primary ballot Tuesday are:

Daily Kos: HELL YES! Joe Biden tells Union Members who vote GOP they are screwing themselves

Michele Bachmann FB Protest 7/9/11 - video

We support the teachers of Kaukauna! An injury to one is an injury to all!

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