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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday News Round Up

Protest Page of July - Who Will It Be? Vote now!

Protest Video of the Day: Protesters singing to Walker in Beloit remixed

Protest Page of the Day: Monologues of Dissent

Upcoming Protests & Events Around Wisconsin

Losses to the Working Families of Wisconsin

John Nichols: Shadowy group thinks for Walker, Fitzgerald

Kim Simac - Court House Romance

Poll: Fred Clark Leads Luther Olsen | Defend Wisconsin

Globally speaking...Germany discovers that boosting unions reduces unemployment | Union Review

Economist's View: Is There a Viable Progressive Politics without Unions?

Sen. Cullen: Decries
‎"They can do cynical things that push us around as legislators ... But when they push around unemployed, relatively powerless people, it brings into question in my mind their moral judgment to lead this Legislature.”
State reports a gain of 12,900 private-sector jobs in June - JSOnline

La. State Rep. Noble Ellington, National Chairman Of ALEC, Responds To Report : NPR

Daily Kos: WI Legislature Alters State Constitution To Oust Progressive Chief Justice Abrahamson

Gov. Walker mum on signing the redistricting bills

Cover Story/News :: Will the Real Alberta Darling Please Stand Up?

"Welcome" Rally for Walker and Hopper

Recall Walker ASAP

Biz Beat: GOP goofs in slam on WEA Trust

Since when have heart-shaped balloons been dangerous?

Janet Aeschlimann: Walker’s hits just keep on coming

Biz Beat: Walker's train fiasco proves it was all politics

Rep. Barca: Finish the job for Wisconsin families

Koch And Exxon Pay To Write State Legislation Repealing Climate Change Laws

Walker: Wisconsin reports net gain of 9,500 jobs

Colbert Report: Voter ID Laws

Mineral Processing Plant | Fractured Sand Plant, Silca Sand Plant Facilities | Bulk Material Handling

Make the change - JSOnline

Peter Barca-GOP doesn't care about unemployed people 7.20.11

"Kapanke Strikes Out" Ad -- One Wisconsin Now

Pledge to Recall

God Urges Rick Perry Not To Run For President

Merrill: Wisconsin Truth Tour - a set on Flickr

Green Bay: Wisconsin Truth Tour - a set on Flickr

Tax breaks and budget cuts . . . but where are the jobs?

Connecting the dots: Center for Media and Democracy tracks ALEC’s vast legislative influence

Rock Against Walker II at High Noon Saloon | Defend Wisconsin

Anti Hopper Protests in front of South Hills Country club in Fond du Lac

GOP to Job Seekers: Suffer Now

Campaign for a Mass Party of Labor-Madison

Send Hopper Home

Politics blog: GOP senator works on jobless benefits deal

Biz Beat: Massive layoffs begin at former M&I

Senator Olsen: You've Failed Us

Milwaukee Mayor Makes Friday 'Bon Iver Day'

The Maddow Blog - Shameful, spineless, repugnant, immoral. Also, not nice. (#Wisconsin)

Stephen Colbert - It Gets Better

Sen. Taylor: Republican inaction stops unemployment benefits for Milwaukee

More jobs are created in Wisconsin, but unemployment rate rises - BizTimes

Cory Mason on Payment of Extended Unemployment Benefits 7.20.11

Ralph Reed's Anti-Union Wisconsin Gambit

Voting in the August Recall Elections

Rep. Hintz: Assembly Republicans manipulate boundaries to avoid accountability for extreme agenda

Seriously?..Rush Limbaugh Says The High Temperatures Aren't Real, They're Part Of A Government Conspiracy

Spenditol - brought to you by Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC)

As Wisconsin's Anti-Labor GOP Governor Tanks in the Polls, Democrats Win First Recall Race | 

Tell Congressman Sean Duffy: Don't drive America's economy off a cliff.

REPORT: Alberta Darling Sold Out Wisconsin’s Kids to Help Her Big Tobacco Backers

Cognitive Dissidence: Walker, WISGOP Have A Real (WEA) Trust Issue

Citizen Action of Wisconsin | Statewide Recall Volunteer Canvass Locations, July 23 – 24th |

We Can't Stand Icky Stephanie Leigh

BST Presents: The Lamentable Tragedie Of Scott Walker

We Are Wisconsin Volunteers in Action!

Glenn Grothman: "The Left and the social welfare establishment want children born out of wedlock" |

She's Not My Darling

Wall Photos - Recall Express

Redistricting proposal creates a split in DeForest, Windsor

Wisconsin AFL-CIO says Republican redistricting plans cut Democrat Nancy Nusbaum out of “her state Senate district by a half a block." rated as "True" by PolitiFact

Walker’s statements misrepresent reality, school officials say

A Vicious Abuse of Power

We Are Wisconsin » Milwaukee-Area Voters are Fed Up with Sen. Darling, Energized

Beloit Daily News - Tearing up Beloit’s map

Recall election between Holperin, Simac kicks off | Wausau Daily Herald |

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