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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's at Stake---Senator Bernie Sanders

How interested are you in taking in your parents when they take a huge Social Security pay cut and a huge increase in their Medicare premiums. How about your children and grandchildren if your child loses his/her job and they try to keep some sort of healthcare coverage along with unemployment and a foreclosed home. Are you ready to take in these folks and find even more economic burdens that could force your collapse? If so, vote Republican.

Bernie Sanders is an Independent Senator from Vermont and usually caucuses with Democrats but is known as a champion of the poor and middle class. Many see him as an Economic Populist and others as a Socialist. I see him as an idealist and not an idea log. His take on Entitlements and the desire for the Republicans to destroy the safety net for the majority of Americans is spot on.

So---Are you ready for this Entitlement purge or are you ready to fight harder for Economic Populism and a Progressive and not a Regressive Wisconsin and America? Are you really ready to RECALL and ELECT responsible people who do not sell their souls to the money interests at the expense of the majority of constituents?

Fiscally Responsible does not mean stealing from the poor and the middle class to give to the rich. It means making pragmatic decisions of fairness with a tax code that does not penalize the middle class, poor, and seniors. Understand what this debt ceiling is really about...Class Warfare and Speaker Boehner along with Paul Ryan has eyes on putting grandma on an ice float and sending her off to die along with the entire Middle Class!

Just in----Maddow Charts----This relates to what the Republicans do not want you to see!

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