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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday morning news round up

Everyone, in the comments section below, let us know your favorite headline.  Thanks!

Defend Wisconsin news round up: Hunger Strike: Solidarity with Hallis

Defend Wisconsin news round up: Brother, Can you spare a dime?

Defend Wisconsin news round up: Protest Page of the Day: I will get more "Likes" than Scott Walker

Defend Wisconsin news round up: Best Prossergate Sign Contest.

Defend Wisconsin news round up: Vivian's Love Letters

Defend Wisconsin news round up: Poll Results: Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justices Should Be Elected

Poll: 59 Percent Disapprove Of Walker's Performance

Joel Rogers Discusses ALEC - Alec Exposed

Peter Earl from Voces de la Frontera speaks at Joint Public 'Hearing' on Redistricting 7.13.11

ALEC Exposed--How Corporations Are Taking Over Our Democracy

Vanderleest Child Abuse Report Surfaces

Changing state law for redistricting plans

C.J. Terrell tells it like it is at Joint Public 'Hearing' on Redistricting 7.13.11

I am still here; we are still here - from AnonymissBadger

Sheila Harsdorf: Not On Our Side

Lawyer named to investigate Nickolaus complaint - JSOnline

Jeremy Ryan at Joint Public 'Hearing' on Redistricting 7 13 11

Republican recall candidates whine about taxes but pay little to nothing | Breaking News | Wisconsin

The Center for Media and Democracy's PR Watch

And now a special message from ASO's Events & Field Chair C.J. Terrell on the GOP redistricting plan

ALEC and "Tort Reform" | Center for Media and Democracy

"WE THE PEOPLE of WI are NOT TO BE FOOLED! " by We the People -- GazetteXtra

Nation Magazine Writer John Nichols Discusses the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

Wisconsin state Rep. Peter Barca says the Assembly voted to take funding away from public school districts

Giant Breweries Get Laws Passed In Wisconsin To Make Life Hard For Small Breweries [Updated] | 

Port protest leads to trespassing citations for dozens of union longshoremen

Gov. Scott Walker shouted down during college speech | Raw Replay

Redistricting? No, Fitzwalkermandering

Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Planning meeting

Joint Public Hearing on Redistricting - July 13, 2011 | Assembly Committee on State Affairs & Senate

Recall Alberta Darling, State Senator, Wisconsin District 8

Recall Luther Olsen

Simac Lussow Forum

Daily Kos: Winning the Redistricting Battle in Wisconsin

The Fight for WI Workers Is Still On: Activism Is Alive and Well, Now Focused on Recalling Republicans

Arthur Kohl-Riggs Testifying against the Fitzmandered redistricting process 7-13-11

"Breaking news from Kenosha - You are needed on Monday 7/19 from 1-2 at the Shalom Center Food Pantry at 8043 Sheridan Road in Kenosha. None other than Scott Walker thinks he is sneaking in to give a nice, feel-good appearance with no one knowing. A little birdie wasn't supposed to tell me. This is a protest with a twist--bring non-perishable food items to donate."
GOP Denies Jobs Creation Bills, Wastes Taxpayer Money, and An Open Letter To Capitol Police Chief 

Jess King for State Senate

'Manipulation of power' alleged as redistricting hearing puts heat on GOP

Women Leading: How Wisconsin Is Showing Us The Future

Gov. Walker, lawmakers fare poorly in poll - JSOnline

Phony Democrats Vanquished in WI Recall Primary

Paul Ryan: Out of touch, out of control, or both?

Dems claim redistricting tramples fair elections

GOP Redistricting maneuvers will take Wisconsin into Constitutional Crisis « Badger Democracy

UW-Madison School of Education Dean Julie Underwood Discusses ALEC

David VanderLeest is a wife beater

Guess who's next: Eric Cantor - FB Flash Mob Protest 1pm Central

Congress Asks DOJ To Look At Voter ID Laws

The Political Environment: Business Founded By Ryan's Dinner/Wine Party Associate Is Source Of Major Donations

Teamster Nation: WI recall: 2nd election is in 6 days

ASO arrives at Sauk County Fair | Autonomous Solidarity Organization

State shutdown suspends MillerCoors sales - Karma.

Another thing Governor Walker is proud of: Victory for Veterans: Governor Walker Signs Act 36 into Law
Who can answer the question of how it will blow up in his face?

Liberal organization links Wisconsin bills to Koch-funded group - JSOnline

WI GOP pursues campaign of chaos


The Intent to Leave: Impact of Eroding Teacher Salaries « Politics of Decline, Redux

New Law, ‘No Politician Left Behind,’ Would Pay Congressmen Based on Performance

Wis. Dems: GOP must pay costs of recall primaries

Wisconsin Right to Life Calls Warrant Immediate Investigation

Join me! American Dream house meeting in Milton on Sunday, July 17th at 3:00 PM

Mark Your Calendars: Arlo Guthrie in Madison - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog

Meet ALEC. Corporations Writing Laws. | CommonBlog

Rep. Janet Bewley exposes the GOP sham at Joint Public 'Hearing' on Redistricting 7.13.11

Sly In The Morning: Mary Bell - WEAC

Sly In The Morning: Peg Lautenschlager - Fakes Fail

Fitzmandering - JSOnline

Where in the World is Senator Luther Olsen?

State redistricting would force do-over for cities - JSOnline

4 Quarters, 10 Dimes: Wisconsin Recall Elections, Round 1

Surprise, surprise...Prosser rejects calls for him to take leave - WXOW News 19 La Crosse, WI Video Player - Rachel Maddow coverage of WI recall efforts

Redistricting legal challenges face tough road

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