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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Protest Video of the Day: Sam Frederick "Shame"

Congratulations, Wisconsin Protest movement now has a music star and his name is Sam Frederick.  13-year old kid, Sam broke on the scene on February 18, only four days after the protests began with a rough but driven "Walk".  In it, Sam showed incredible potential derived from combination of gifted voice and passionate performance.  These, coupled with substantial talent as a songwriter of powerful lyrics and catchy tune, made an instant statement.

Recorded seemingly almost on a moment's notice, it was clear that "Walk" was a slice of an ongoing creative process not a carefully rehearsed number.  And that makes Sam Frederick even more interesting.

‪Scott Walker Protest Song- Walk‬‏ - YouTube

In early March, Sam Frederick performed "Walk" at a huge rally in front of the Capitol.  Right away his poise, drive and enthusiasm charged up the crowd.  A showman performing rock Wisconsin-style - in the snow - Sam spoke to the crowd of tenths of thousands and then he began to sing.

‪Walk- Scott Walker Protest Song, Madison- Sam Frederick‬‏ - YouTube

While it is a challenge to rock on an acoustic guitar while it is snowing, the effect of Sam's performance was so electrifying, that in the end the crowd chanted "Thank you, Sam!"

And now we get to the Protest Video of the Day, which is a video of Sam Frederick performing on July 30, 2011 at Save Our Schools Rally in Madison.  Since February, Sam's voice and songwriting have both matured and his new song "Shame" just about signals the arrival of the Wisconsin Protests' first pop star.  All things considered, we were due.

This kid is going places.  Sam Frederick looks the part of a teen heartthrob, sounds great and writes tunes that pop so hard, Justin Bieber would love to have "Shame" if he was allowed to do this kind of material.  And that's just the music.  You got to hear the song but without giving anything away, at the end of "Shame", Sam delivers an unmistakable Michael Jackson reference, which is oh, so funny and appropriate.

And for that, Sam Frederick is Defend Wisconsin News Round Up Protest Video of the Day.

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