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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Prossergate: Week 3

The main Prossergate story this week was the rally held by groups demanding Justice David Prosser to resign.  Not surprisingly, Prosser rejected calls for him to take leave.  He must think that if he waits this out, it will all go away.  Is he right?

Groups Rally For Prosser To Resign

Althouse: Video of today's anti-Prosser rally. Prosser rally

Ruling on bias has Supreme Court judges bickering again

Group urges Wis. Supreme Court Justice Prosser to take leave of absence

Prosser rejects calls for him to take leave

Capitol Report: Groups say Prosser should be treated like anyone else accused ...

Rally urges Prosser leave of absence

Wisconsin high court mired in division

This cartoon was drawn in reference to Prosser/Kloppenburg race but it seems quite relevant to the issue at hand (pun intended).  From:  It's Ok, I only misplaced an entire city's worth of ballots

Wisconsin progressive groups rally, call for a Prosser leave of absence

State Supreme Court justices rule not to force recusals

Women's rally to call for Prosser's retirement

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