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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's About Walker, Stupid! Now what?

In "Recalls: It's About Walker, Stupid!" it was established that Republican State Senators up for recall, should not be contested as if this was a regular election.  It's not.  These Senators were popular enough in their home districts, yet are considered to be now in trouble because they support Scott Walker agenda and therefore should be recalled.  It is not about their individual records but about the fact that they march in lock step to the Governor's tune and therefore deserve to essentially be fired.

Now, what's next?

The elections on August 9 are around the corner.  Considering that the Democratic base is more fired up than ever, any efforts to persuade Democrats to vote against the Senators up for recall is basically preaching to the choir.  The Dems have voted against all these Senators in the past and they are likely to turn out in even greater numbers.  Wait!  Are they?  August 9 is in the middle of the summer so many teachers who have suffered so substantially from Scott Walker War on Public Employees are as likely to be out of town as at any time during the year.

Those of us who are frustrated and angry with Scott Walker and his tactics want the recalls to happen yesterday but seriously, who holds an election in the middle of summer?  Only someone who wants as few people voting as possible.  Even the spring elections are constantly in danger of being uprooted in Wisconsin because frequently they fall on Spring Break and many voters say "Good bye democracy, hello Florida!"

Therefore, making sure that all the people protesting in February and March, are at their polling stations on August 9.  That is not going to be easy because Walker and his bunch do not want it to be easy.  The new Voter ID law, called by Senator Cullen  "voter confusion bill" will undoubtedly result in people making a conscious choice to not go and vote or being turned away at polling stations.  That means that its crucial to get the message out that voter IDs are not required for voting on August 9 no matter what poll workers say.

So let's say for the sake of argument that every Democrat who voted in the last election turned out again this time and cast their vote.  Will that be enough?  No.  Alberta Darling, Rob Cowles and the rest won their last elections but are in danger now because of their own supporters turning on them.  That's the key. This means that between now and August 9, reaching out to disillusioned Republicans and Independents, and making sure that they vote on August 9 is crucial.

The importance of Listening cannot be overemphasized.  When reaching out to people, it is plain ineffective to recite facts and repeat opinions.  Ask questions.  Listen.  Given enough time, people will see themselves that Walker is bad for Wisconsin (problem is we do not have much time) but once the propaganda falls away after the first few seconds, the reality which has a clearly liberal bias sets in.  Everyone has a kid in college, grandma in a nursing home or spouse who is a teacher.  Given an opportunity to express opinion, most will admit that Walker is making things worse.

Now as far as Randy Hopper, Dan Kapanke (all right, it may be too late for him) and the rest go, the best thing they can do is to scream as loud as they can that they are not Scott Walker, but reality is, for all intents and purposes they are Scott Walker.  The record shows that they did not stop this train running down their constituents and the rest of the State, but let the Governor take away people's rights and in fact, were it not for Sheila Harsdorf and Luther Olsen, Walker's agenda would not had a chance!  Remember the sign at the Capitol in February saying that we were looking for "3 courageous Senators"?  That was their time to shine!  Did they?  Well, we know the answer to that question.

Based on everything said above, here are
Defend Wisconsin News Round Up 3 Keys to Victory on August 9:

1. Making sure that every Democrat who voted in 2010 election votes.  Even that is not an easy task in today's Wisconsin.
2. Making sure that every Democrat who did not come out to vote in 2010, votes on August 9.
3. Making sure that Republicans and Independents who supported or even gave Walker a chance in November 2010, remember that if they do not like Walker (and so many do not), they support the recall.

Few days ago, Defend Wisconsin News Round Up released 6 advertisements, one for each Republican Senator up for recall on August 9.  Watch them, share them.

Here is the advertisement for Senator Sheila Harsdorf

And here are the links to the rest of the ads:

‪Randy Hopper = Scott Walker‬‏ - YouTube

‪Luther Olsen = Scott Walker‬‏ - YouTube

‪Rob Cowles = Scott Walker‬‏ - YouTube

‪Dan Kapanke = Scott Walker‬‏ - YouTube

‪Alberta Darling = Scott Walker‬‏ - YouTube

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